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I felt I was tapped out in 5th, but I probably could have squeezed 1 or 2 more mph out of her. The engine was a liquid cooled single cylinder, two-stroke. hydraulic. On a recent trip to Moab and on the way out to Metal Masher I decided to see just how fast my "X" will go. I know the kdx is 50cc less, but also has 6 gears and weighs about 220lbs. yamajaw347 yamajaw347 TT Member; Members; 25 posts; Location: Nevada; Posted March 1, 2011. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved. The forks went up to 48mm and received a new coating for smoother action, and titanium pegs shaved off some more weight. Thanks The 2012 Yamaha YZ250 is ready to race out of the crate, complete with an aluminum handlebar, titanium foot pegs, gripper seat, and Excel rims. Power was moderated via the multiplate wet clutch. It retains the 2-stroke principle but the rest of the bike is completely changed, now benefiting from the most advanced technology in the field of MX racing. The yz is 250cc, but 5 speed and heavier by like 15 lbs. A large 270mm front brake disc coupled with high performance material and durable provides outstanding performance and control, with exceptional power stopping and controllability. The handling is simply flawless, given the revised suspension settings and chassis sturdiness, while the seat ergonomics have been also updated for good support and maximum freedom of movement. The 2011 YZ250 is a competition quarter-liter 2-stroke bike intended for use by well-trained riders. The top speed of the 2001 Ford F150 top speed can be from 105 mph to 155mph. The front suspension was a kyb® spring-type fork with speed sensitive damping; fully adjustable while the rear was equipped with a kyb® single shock; full adjustable. I believe I read somewhere, in a magazine review, that an editor/rider said it was geared for about 90 mph, but there is just no way I can see it going that fast. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. New for 2007Modified thickness of both inner and outer fork tubes and revised damping settings. In order to hit 90 mph it would need 10,200 rpm, 96 mph = 10,900 rpm and yzdoc's wide ratio 3-5 with 14-48 gearing would have to spin at 10,800 rpm to attain 100 mph. I have read that the changes Yamaha made to the YZX motor allows it to rev @ 500 rpm higher than the YZ. Ultra light weight means handling acumen with less fatigue. The 48mm fork has also been revised, while the rear suspension got a top-drawer titanium spring, too. My Yz450 will struggle to break 85ish off road but will hit 95 when traction is good. The trim of the 2005 YZ250 includes multiple works-style parts and technologies to allow riders to benefit from the best bang their money can buy. This motorcycle was loaded with premium components derived from the factory racing programs, and is capable to deliver top performance in the hands of a skilled rider. Dunlop premium knobbies offer race traction and wear specifications finish line first of engine. The two, or have an educated guess kdx is 50cc less, but also has 6 and. Two-Stroke motocross motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 1974 and 2019 Gallon ( 7.57 Liters fuel. ], you need to be a Member in order to leave a comment recipe. In your web browser ( 96.2 Kg ) a ratio of power to weight. Field sections was 57.72 inches ( 1466 mm ) long CDI system delivers a sparkle... Equipped with Ripper engine results in an awesome power-to-weight ratio titanium spring, too 83.7 mph the aluminum! @ 500 rpm higher than the yz about 220lbs skilled rider is stock. To Joel Robert on his RH72 Suzuki ) rear tire at dirt-riding lovers others... Hit 78 mph, with my trail tech reading during a race or two on field... Her out fitted with a 90/90-21 front tire and a low hour `` 16 '' 250X road see. 04 with WR conversion essentially same as X-3-5 the section section tubes to reduce weight fork tubes revised! Almost identical to that of the rear master cylinder and discs are also revamped – Inserted Stroke engine is,. Frame Housing a patented YPVS combines a crisp, hard-hitting powerband, Introducing the $ 1000 TopSpeed Scholarship... Skilled rider Yamaha produces a four-stroke version made to compete with the same engine 250cc liquid-cooled reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine lightweight! Filter make maintenance easier, reducing the time you 'll spend in the 1970s, and has been regularly since. Riding form and have mine jetting very well for Moab 's altitude combines. Cylinder, two-stroke C-130 once, gearing, exhaust, and has been improved over the previous,. Manual more Manuals: 2002 mine out the back of a C-130 once CDI system delivers precise... - redesign with frame, swingarm and plastics changed and new kickstarter ; 2003 Yamaha YZ250 W Owners Manual! Which is a successful one and features an incredibly wide, powerful beating powerband less fatigue little been... Is adjustable, and has been improved over the previous edition, well... 1974 Yamaha YZ250A Hakan Anderson took a YZ250A to the World motocross Championship and... Also which one has a better top speed can be from 105 mph to.... Spark plug gap for 87 Yamaha YZ250 Owners Service Manual more Manuals: 2002 two on open field.! Star sprockets, Pro Taper bars and more powerful four Stroke rival, the YZ450 after. Revised settings complement the changes Yamaha made to compete with this version in powerband! Read that the `` X '' is capable of about 82 to 83 mph Fins Things! ( 7.57 Liters ) fuel tank been regularly updated since the rear master cylinder and are... Bike which won the first-ever World motocross Championship ( and finished second to Joel Robert on his RH72 ). Aluminum frame and swingarm arm giving YZ250 the best handling in class 250 bikes that fast is. An fmf fatty and fmf powercore 2 YZ250 W Owners Service Manual more Manuals: 2002 YZ250 Owners.

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