yi cheng the untamed

Back in the Library Pavilion, Wei WuXian finally finishes the punishment and gives Lan WangJi a drawing of his portrait as a farewell gift from supervising him. Therefore, I have no expectations of what it could be like. With her efforts to save them being known to Wen Chao, Jiang Cheng worries for her safety, but Wei WuXian says that they will all meet each other again eventually. Having said that, I have not watched one before until The Untamed (陈情令). He lived among his clan members together with Wuxian for some time. After asking Lan JingYi, Jin Ling goes to look for him but Jiang Cheng stops him. Wei WuXian continues to speculate about Jin GuangYao's schemes but Lan XiChen finds it hard to reconcile with the man he knows. (Source: MyDramaList) The latter uses his whip to tie and hit Wei WuXian, even injuring Lan WangJi's leg further when he tries to stop Wen Chao. Thus, he doesn’t have a lot of respect from the others due to his inferior skills compared to Wangji. Lastly, in Jin GuangYao's treasure room, he locks Nie MingJue up and instructs Xue Yang to behead him. At the entrance of Lotus Pier, Wen Ning is denied entry and Lan SiZhui opts to keep him company. Jiang Cheng is the son of Jiang Fengmian. Afterwards, Lan WangJi comes to bring them in. He wields the Suibian sword and also a flute. Concurrently at the Lotus Pier, Jiang YanLi wishes Jiang Cheng well as he sets off to find Wei WuXian. Unless you have read the novel, you probably won’t even get the love message behind some of these conversations and scenes featuring Wuxian and Wangji. Yanli’s love interest is Jin Zixuan whom she later marries and bore him a son, Jin Ling. The Untamed, Chen Qing ling is without a question the most popular Chinese web drama in summer 2019. Xue Yang's arm gets sliced off and the masked man appears again to take the halved Stygian Tiger Seal from him before disappearing. Wei WuXian collapses from overusing his power. And the songs that pair with them! sword: Jiàngzāi 降灾. Seeing that the other disciples outnumber Jin Ling, Wei WuXian lends a hand by teaching him a few moves. This Chinese fantasy drama starts with the resurrection of Wei Wuxian who has been dead for 16 years. When the latter finds them, he gets mad at Lan WangJi for telling his sister about his demonic cultivation but it was a misunderstanding. Lan WangJi fights him but the masked man uses a teleportation talisman to escape. After finishing her story about the Yin Iron, Wei Wu Xian asks Lan Yi about the whereabouts about Baoshan San Ren and tells her that he is the son of her disciple, Cangse San Ren. Wuxian died by dropping himself backward off a cliff. Angered, Wei WuXian almost strikes before Lan WangJi and Jiang YanLi calm him down. Wei WuXian returns to the Lotus Pier with Jiang Cheng and reunites with the family again. Before Jiang Cheng leaves, Wen Qing returns the comb to him. This angers Nie MingJue and he appoints Jin GuangYao to be his deputy. They then decide to investigate the sword further and arrives at QingHe. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian play their instruments to calm it down. That night, Wei WuXian asks Wen Qing for sleeping powder. Guangyao knew Jin Jixun would be laying an ambush on Wuxian while on the way to celebrate the birth of Yanli’s son. Wei WuXian then parts with them and Wen Ning brings the bowl of soup back to Wen Yuan. Then, Jiang YanLi is knocked out long enough for Song Lan to bring her to LanLing and regroup with Lan WangJi. The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese web series loosely based on the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. The answer is no. The next day, Wei WuXian starts growing lotus as he desires so. Lan WangJi then returns with Emperor's Smile and lets Wei WuXian enjoy wine in the room. The final scene in the last episode of The Untamed shows Wuxian and Wangji bidding each other goodbye. However, he is fair and just in all his dealings. The next day, he goes around the Cloud Recesses to reminisce about his past. The two order the exact same dishes, turning it into a competition and Jiang Cheng gets annoyed. Wei WuXian plays Jin GuangYao's "Cleansing" as evidence. Wei WuXian then lies about what is inside, keeping the piece a secret. Su She appears with an unconscious Nie HuaiSang who passed out from fright after Su She tried to capture him. After Mingjue’s death, Huaisang inherited the leader’s post. The three live together for 3 years, until Song Lan meets A-Qing while on his search for Xiao XingChen. Jiang Cheng then breaks down crying and Wei WuXian apologises. Wei WuXian is angry and wants justice for breaking Jiang YanLi's heart. The lotus crops are not doing well and Wen Yuan's playfulness causes him to pull out the only seedling. He then tests the other disciples to observe the blind girl outside. The latter arrives to stop Jin Ling from teasing him further and Jin Ling leaves with his dog. Xiao Zhan is a joy to watch as he managed to bring the Wuxian character to life. However, he then doubts himself and his choices made during the past year. Many people have asked about the extent of the BL factor in The Untamed. The YunMeng siblings then sit down together and Jiang YanLi give Wei WuXian the chance to name her unborn son. Lan WangJi disobeys Lan QiRen and continues to stand by Wei WuXian's side. Dàozhăng 道长. Wei WuXian and Wen Ning then pass by QiongQi Way to reach the Carp Tower, but are stopped by Jin ZiXun. Jin ZiXuan comes to the Lotus Pier to personally invite the YunMeng siblings to the hunting event in Phoenix Mountain. At night in Tan Zhou, the disciples walk around the night market and a toy paper butterfly reminds Lan SiZhui of his childhood. Back in XuanWu Cave, Lan WangJi heals Wei WuXian while humming a song that he has named 'Wu Ji', however Wei WuXian doesn't hear the name before he passes out. Lan WangJi then reluctantly lets Wei WuXian and the Wen remnants go. However, Nie HuaiSang continues to deny it. Lan WangJi warns him of the consequences of practicing demonic cultivation and fears that he will not be able to control it. To prove that he and Lan WangJi have no malicious intent, he lets Wen Ning use his sword to set them free from the ropes. His wife is also an illegitimate secret child of Jin Guangshan. Lan XiChen also enters the room to discuss the matter at hand. Not long after, flute sounds come and Wei WuXian shows himself to try and kill Wen Chao. At the same time, the disciples of the Lan and Jin sects go to a temple to investigate a Heavenly Lady statue. In the town, Wei WuXian meets a merchant selling portraits of the YiLing Patriarch. In rage and anguish, he then goes to the Nightless City where all the prestigious sects are holding a ceremony. That night, Lan WangJi leaves for GuSu while he bids goodbye to the oblivious and drunk Wei WuXian sleeping on the roof. His parents died while he was still a baby. DramaSlot.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites While they discover that the blind girl is also mute, she runs away and a mysterious figure comes up to their front door with injuries. He. As Wen Qing transmits a message to Wen Chao on Wen RuoHan's behalf, Wen Chao accuses her of protecting Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi. The Wen sect's sudden assassination on the Pinyang Yao sect causes Jiang FengMian and Jiang YanLi to hurry to LanLing for help. Jin GuangYao belittles Wei WuXian, and Jiang Cheng calls Jin GuangYao the son of a prostitute. Jin GuangYao walks in with his wife, Qin Su, to officiate the three-day banquet. When Wei WuXian offers to come along, Wen Ning refuses, wishing to walk his own path and make his own decisions from then on. Wei WuXian then meets up with Lan WangJi, who is concerned about the curse marks on Wei WuXian. Hearing this, Yu ZiYuan turns to slap her instead. When she confronts him, Wei WuXian lies that it was the wind. When Jin ZiXun challenges the other disciples, Wei WuXian steps out to hit all of the targets while blindfolded. As such, he is constantly being looked down upon by others and rejected by his own father in the initial stages. He gets flustered as Wen Yuan starts crying and onlookers crowd around. Jiang FengMian and Jiang YanLi arrive home in time to see the two sons tied up on the boat. In Wei WuXian and Jiang Cheng's room, Wei WuXian fails to leave and find Lan WangJi as their freedom is taken away. While fighting, Jin ZiXuan arrive to stop them. She asks for the name of Wei WuXian's new flute and the latter names it "Chen Qing". His favored son is Jin Zixuan whom he preferred to be his successor. Wen Chao then threatens that QingHe will undergo the same catastrophe as the Cloud Recesses if they continue to resist. The two YunMeng siblings and Nie HuaiSang share a heartfelt reunion with Wei WuXian. Cautious, Wei WuXian hides from him to avoid meeting again after such a long time. Wei WuXian then uses himself to lure the puppets away and allow the others to escape. On the way, Lan WangJi passes spiritual energy to Wei WuXian and the latter thinks about how Lan WangJi is the only person who stands by him. In the Lotus Pier, the fight commences and Yu ZiYuan is overpowered by the Wen sect. When Wei WuXian and Nie HuaiSang are catching fish in the back mountains, Wei WuXian finds Wen Qing lurking around and finds it suspicious. Back in the Lotus Pier, Jiang Cheng is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being the sect leader and Wei WuXian has disappeared again. 1:44 PREVIEW War. All of Jin GuangYao's deeds are just for him to climb higher up the social ladder and Su She also blames all of them for making him feel inferior. Huaisang probably learned of Guangyao’s dirty deeds through Mo Xuanyu although I didn’t see this being revealed in the drama. When his lover Wang LingJiao suggests MianMian, Jin ZiXuan and Lan WangJi step in to protect her. He spends many days without food and sleep, worrying both Wen Qing and Jiang YanLi, to the point where Wen Qing also joins to find a cure. Qin Su’s mother then told Guangyao the secret but he went ahead to secure his own safety and position. The Wen sect escapes, cuts off the escape ropes, and blocks the cave entrance with rocks. Three days later, Wei WuXian awakes and learns from Jiang YanLi that Lan WangJi has been playing his guqin to calm his soul. Wei WuXian recognises him as Xiao XingChen and brings him inside. He brings them into the main hall so they can share their stories with everyone present. However, I wouldn’t say that the whole drama and its ending are disappointing. His aim was to use the powerful Yin metal, which has been broken into pieces and sealed off at different places, to rule over all the other sects. But he is an upright man who is very straightforward and his reputation precedes him. While walking, they discuss who might be the person helping them behind-the-scenes. After they defeat them, Lan WangJi hands SuiBian to Wei WuXian to defend himself but the latter refuses. However, Wei WuXian declines as he is determined to save these people and Wen Ning. There is also a lack of explanation on certain important aspects such as the flute that Wuxian wields and the Stygian Tiger Seal. Some are great such as Paul Yu Bin who played Wen Ning while others are passable. Just then, Lan WangJi and some Lan sect disciples come back carrying a corpse.

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