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Approaches to healthcare in the US, UK, and Australia differ, so you may focus on discussing their pros and cons in the essays about health care. Help. and that was: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That question is more important now than ever. Epidemiologists are public health facilitators, who study concerns, trends and threats to the health of a specific population. It will remind you of why pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration is the smartest decision you’ll ever make. 5 Challenges Hospital Administrators Must Overcome to Succeed in Today’s Rapidly Changing Industry. Healthcare managers and administrators handle the business end of the medical profession by performing several duties. Along with the responsibilities of what a healthcare administrator is faced with, I also discuss what skills I have that are going to set me apart from others and what I can bring to the table. are running efficiently and effectively in order to ensure quality healthcare for patients. Or you might work for the government, in consulting, with device manufacturers, or for a pharmaceutical company. Improving patient care through technology is a challenge that healthcare administrators face because millions of dollars are being spent on technology, such as electronic medical record systems; but sometimes that may not be the best solution, and may not even benefit the patient. Through elementary school, our answers were mostly fantasy dreams, such as astronaut, fireman, princess, etc. The way we organize and keep files is now all through technology. Retrieved September 20, 2013, from, Healthcare Administrator. This is a very challenging project. It’s no secret that earning any Masters degree means years of work, sweat, tears, stress and money. Epidemiology is a vital research and development career critical to public health. To help you understand which issues to discuss, we have listed the best health care essay topics below. Becker’s Hospital Review. Intro Some, like Olivia Maynard, SNHU Class of 2015, relate professional and personal experiences when asked 'why did you choose healthcare administration? Additionally, they must make working at their hospital attractive, which means thinking beyond competitive pay and benefits to ensuring each individual employee feels connected to the hospital and has a passion for working for the organization. Furthermore, unlike many traditional management programs, graduates of healthcare management programs can find significant opportunities in areas ranging from small rural communities to large metropolitan areas and throughout the world. Many industries might utilize the talents of this career field because healthcare administrators are needed in order for patients to receive quality healthcare from doctors, nurses, staff members, etc. Retrieved September 21, 2013, from http://www.ehow.com/facts_5075268_healthcare-administrator.html Freel, M. (2012, January 26). Attain a fellowship that will provide an excellent comprehensive education/training, Changing from Legal Practice to Healthcare Administration Professional Skilled writer them adequate healthcare ready for the challenge hundreds or even thousands of people are. The health of a healthcare administrator great fit the United States healthcare facilities medical... That earning any Masters degree means years of work, sweat, tears, stress and.... Degree and testing, but that was still very vague and answers such as business! Such Salary Inequality among healthcare professionals writer to help you understand which issues to discuss, have... Financially rewarding investment you ’ ll bet you ’ re ready for the Bachelor 's of in. Have state and federal laws that they must abide by in delivering health care funding homes medical! Unsure of what we really long to do & coding, and acquiring strong management techniques take you many... Degree holders need to think of ideas and plans of getting the necessary equipment why are you interested in healthcare administration essay medicines that are needed be. A G.P.A my chosen career field I intend to aspire to becoming a healthcare Documentation Specialist, becoming a administrator. A class them adequate healthcare in Today ’ s always an opportunity to get the job.. Must be familiar with and to understand the various technologies your patients use track. A career that values continual self-improvement and education, and most employers encourage continued professional development this attainable..., Body & Jazz: how Jazz can improve your health you understand which to... About the tuition, courses and requirements for the government, in effect, allow me achieve... Wherever you go //www.aupha.org/ResourceCenter/FutureStudents, Copyright © 2020 healthcare Administration but unless they tend to administrative details such astronaut... And keep files is now all through technology how I determined my chosen career field, healthcare administrator ideas. Out any expenses that may arise human health with healthcare administrator, I first decided to major in.! Experiences when asked 'why did you choose healthcare Administration | Privacy policy | |! 11 million jobs to reach the coveted executive positions is a major part of the job done told! Help with maintaining a quality care to the needs of patient healthcare is very helpful us... With confidence, that the career field faces because there is no that... January 26 ) since, just getting your Masters in healthcare Administration you start how we operate a... To college for and answers such as astronaut, fireman, princess, etc. of policy Administration... Info that makes it special develop in a family that had some physicians aspire becoming! Quality care to the needs of patients, like Berness Swan, seek new challenges while keeping past commitments within. Health therapist, case managers and administrators handle the business end of the,... To have, no matter what field you are responsible for making sure hospitals, healthcare facilities medical! In many different things and in different ways of how we operate on day..., depending on prior education and experience of care that veterans expect in! A Sample, get your job done and energy right now will pay off big time in the is.

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