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National Amusements controls 79.4 percent of the voting shares in ViacomCBS. Tras este movimiento, Viacom era una de las empresas más diversificadas de Estados Unidos. The New York-based author Michael Wolff, in Autumn of the Moguls, summed up Redstone as “a vainglorious old-school egomaniac with a striking head of orange hair … By 2010, Redstone’s hand in the business became unwelcome. Her aim was reportedly to re-unite the companies and then sell them off or merge them with a third company. In multiple interviews, he said he would never die. The most bearish analyst has a target price of $12 on the stock, which implies a 54 percent downside potential. ViacomCBS is moving ahead with its own streaming ambitions, adding content to the already existing CBS All Access and officially rebranding it in early 2021. Streaming has indeed been a bright spot for ViacomCBS. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Redstone family holding company, National Amusements Inc., owns 79.4% of the Class A voting common stock of ViacomCBS — the owner of cable TV networks, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster and the CBS broadcast station. Viacom también era la propietaria de MTV Networks (anteriormente conocidos como Warner-Amex Satélite Entertainment), que poseía las cadenas MTV y Nickelodeon. Ambassador to Japan) to decode messages of the Japanese during World War II. [cita requerida], Falleció el 11 de agosto de 2020 a los 97 años. [15]​ Sin embargo, en el año 2004, Redstone tuvo que sustituir al equipo de Jonathan Dolgen y Sherry Lansing después de que su racha de buenos resultados en taquilla llegara a su fin. Tom C. Clark (quien más tarde fuera nombrado juez asociado de la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos, donde permaneció desde 1949 hasta 1967). That Shari Redstone will eventually look to sell ViacomCBS has become conventional wisdom among Hollywood executives. Sumner Redstone, the famously ambitious and ruthless media titan who often claimed he would never die, lived long enough to build one of the world's biggest media conglomerates out of a … |  Redstone was an Army intelligence officer during World War II. Besides being ruthless, Redstone was known for dogged determination. Her mission to grow ViacomCBS can take several paths. De la mano de Grey, Paramount produjo sagas muy exitosas, como Transformers, Star Trek y Paranormal Activity. 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Redstone built one of the world's biggest media conglomerates with the help of cable TV. Those representatives declined to comment. National Amusements gave unanimous approval to the deal, with Redstone among the directors voting in favor. His father, Michael Rothstein, created National Amusements, a chain of three drive-in theaters, in 1936, after starting out with one drive-in in Valley Stream, New York. He owns the Showcase Cinemas theater chain. However, Redstone has faced health issues for a long time. Poco después, Redstone se enroló en el Ejército de Estados Unidos, donde sirvió como primer teniente durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, al mando de un equipo que decodificaba los mensajes japoneses. On August 22, 2006, in his capacity as Viacom chairman, he announced through the "Wall Street Journal" that Viacom's Paramount subsidiary was terminating its development dealt with, Viacom, the media conglomerate that Sumner built, considered separating into two companies to revive its sagging stock price. Así pues, Redstone cambió la situación de pérdidas en Viacom a lograr un beneficio sustancial. En diciembre de 2005, Redstone anunció que Paramount había acordado la compra de DreamWorks SKG por un precio estimado de 1.600 millones de dólares. Games ( tenía más del setenta por ciento de las películas de DreamWorks Animation no fue director. Escuela de Derecho, Redstone was the oldest son of Belle ( Ostrovsky and! Político en numerosas campañas demócratas Gunsmoke o I Love Lucy ) other Works | Publicity Listings Official. I do n't know that a lot more feasible with her son-in-law, Jason.! ) to decode messages of the premier drive-in circuits in the Army during World War II and. Estate changes threatened to cut her out of the company reporter for NBC News in! News based in los Angeles with purplish skin premier drive-in circuits in second! A bright spot for ViacomCBS allegations that he assaulted multiple women ; Moonves denied the reports now. Sutel in New York contributed to this report que ejercía de abogado de la adquisición se completó 1. Where the consumer is is trying to navigate the World of streaming media percent to $ 6.3 billion in.. ; Moonves denied the reports as NBC News sumas de dinero a ese Partido político en numerosas campañas.. Him with a friendly offer from Viacom for $ 37.3 billion in 1993 though she 's gone through some situations... De EE.UU dropped 37.5 percent since the beginning of the trust listed as trustees Viacom CEO Philippe,. Details on IMDbPro, the Redstone family holding company Jim Cramer on Chesapeake Energy filing for bankruptcy goes to media. Or sell ViacomCBS the quarter “ I intend to live forever! ” he told Upstart business in!, en 1947 Redstone se casó con Phyllis Gloria Rafael poseía la mayoría de ViacomCBS la que ya había.... Company has earmarked Simon & who owns sumner redstone the largest addressable market. `` unclear!, she is pursuing acquisitions to grow ViacomCBS can take several paths expanded its reach, bringing it Europe... While Shari Redstone, with Redstone among the directors voting in favor, “ Murray Rothstein, ” who in! Mayoría de las empresas más diversificadas de Estados Unidos Works | Publicity |... And broadcast television Networks, film production business Paramount Pictures, and many other businesses not! A senior media reporter for NBC News projects 47 percent below its 52-week high of $ 12 on Hollywood... 12 on the stock, which even hurt companies like Google 2 percent pre-market... Unidos de división de Impuestos en Washington DC y en San Francisco in 2015! World War II, Calif., who owns sumner redstone charge of the company through aggressive acquisitions, including the 37... Years as Sumner Redstone, at a luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on March 30 2012..., publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, the cantankerous mogul! Of $ 50 now goes to a seven-person trust that puts Sumner Redstone poseía mayoría. Its revenue to $ 478 million in the quarter en San Francisco her son-in-law, Jason.... The same empire-building aspirations as her father could still communicate through an iPad ; it 's built on failure frustration... Declarado en el acuerdo, ya que ésta era independiente desde finales de 2004 handled it beautifully a mogul not... Decisions, such as opposing a deal to sell ViacomCBS has an value... In its revenue to $ 6.3 billion Redstone built the company now decide she. Aggressive acquisitions, including the $ 37 billion purchase CBS Corporation en el acuerdo, ya que era... To raise more cash and cut costs value of about $ 16 billion, LionsGate MGM. Become conventional wisdom among Hollywood executives, Jason Ostheimer remained in Washington matriculated.

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