who did tenchi finally choose

He is also a Peeping Tom and tries to encourage Tenchi to be more active and not as shy towards women. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Tarant Shank (タラント・シャンク, Taranto Shanku) is a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! During the climax of the battle when Tenchi is thought to be dead, both Ayeka and Ryoko reveal their true love for Tenchi. Though blasted by Ryo-Ohki, a transmitter placed on the ship leads them to an uncharted planet shielded from outside tampering and discovery. Since it is known that Tsunami's current image was the same before Sasami was even born, this is either an amazing coincidence or Tsunami and Sasami were connected before Sasami was even born – which is entirely possible due to Tsunami's 11D nature. Angered by this, Seina fought Shank and his allies. OVA)Achika Masaki (mother, deceased, Universe & Tokyo)Mayuka Masaki (genetic daughter, Darkness)Noike Jurai (guardian and adoptive great-great aunt, OVA)Rea Masaki (step-mother, OVA)Tennyo Masaki (sister, OVA)Kazumi the Older (grandmother, deceased, OVA)Airi Masaki (grandmother, OVA)Minaho Masaki (aunt, OVA)Azusa Masaki Jurai (great-grandfather, OVA)Funaho Jurai (great-grandmother, OVA)Misaki Jurai (second great-grandmother, OVA)Sasami Masaki Jurai (great aunt, OVA; distant relative, Universe)Ayeka Masaki Jurai (great aunt, OVA; distant relative, Universe)Seto Kamiki Jurai (great-great-step-grandmother, OVA)Kenshi Masaki (half-brother, OVA/Geminar)Sasami series:Sasami Kawai (sister, Sammy)Chihiro Kawai (mother, Sammy), Sasami series:Sasami Kawai (sister, Sammy)Chihiro Kawai (mother, Sammy). Dark Washu (闇の鷲羽, Yami-no-Washū) is a fictional character in Tenchi Muyo!, a recurring character in Hitoshi Okuda's The All-New Tenchi Muyō! As a result, Mihoshi stays with the Masaki family. Tenchi also has the innate ability to create kou-ou-yoku ("Light Hawk Wings") (believed to be the only non-ship entity able to do so until encountering Z in OAV 3), and the ill-defined ability of Material-Energy Conversion. She was kicked out a month later for developing a weapon capable of destroying the entire universe (though as Tenchi narrates, no one was surprised). This short, originally part of the Tenchi Muyo! Clay told Washū that he would continue attacking the entire Masaki household unless she would erase their memories and confront Dark Washū alone on Europa. During the time Seina commanded the Kamidake and Kamidake II, he was earning an equivalent to a fleet commander's salary. When she saved Seina from drowning, she had erroneously assumed that Tenchi was training Seina, and gave the boy an application to the Academy as well, forgetting a regulation that prohibits citizens of underdeveloped planets from entering (however, Tenchi was considered because of his blood connection with the Jurai Royal Family).

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