when does dan find out deb tried to kill him

Nathan is revealed to be held hostage. Barbara Alyn Woods Some were perfect together but others made absolutely no sense. After the game, Ian signs the contract and Nathan asked to go to the bathroom. Later on, Haley explains to Lucas the reason they picked his name for James' middle name: Lucas had Keith growing up and James would have him. When the desserts for the party are delivered to the wrong address, Karen comes to Debra's aid by having Haley deliver cakes from her cafe. He is really good, but he is the life of the party. She also tries to get Nathan to divorce Haley, after Haley goes on tour. Education: Birthdate: All goes well and they renew their vows, though Rachel causes a scene at the reception over Cooper sleeping with her despite her age. Nathan is like a superhero, he is more like Batman on the show. In the first season, Nathan had a nipple piercing, but it was not seen afterwards (James Lafferty didn't really have the piercing so it was glued on). She then tells Karen that her history with Dan doesn't have to be their history and that they can be friends. But he struggles to deal with his own feelings as Clay's status continues to worsen. By the end of the season, Deb is healing and healthy and ready to take care of baby Jamie while his parents go to their last high school party. With the loss of his scholarship, Whitey decides to help Nathan achieve his college basketball dreams. He confronts her with it, saying he thought she was going to wait till marriage, and the couple surprises him, telling him they actually did wait and got married the day before. He then turned himself in. Episode count: He almost got into a fight with rival fans after it but Lucas held him back. When Nathan asks what they're drinking, Ian tells him the brand name of the whiskey, which Nathan finds to be consistent with the brand on the bottle found in the Jeep, and concludes that his professor was lying about his involvement in the crash to cover up for his son. After hearing that, Haley buries her head in Nathan's shoulder as she begins to cry and he tells her it's finally over. At the same time he tries to help Brooke cope with losing her company. Appearances: As Nathan tries to find an exit and escape, he encounters Officer Stevens (the officer that is working on his missing case) in the building. As they are about to leave, Dimitri catches up to them and fires a shot at Nathan, but not before Dan can jump between them and take the bullet intended for his son. When Jimmy Edwards brings a gun to school (With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept), Nathan races inside the school to find Haley in the tutor center. Also to get away from his father and his influence. At their graduation party, Haley tells Brooke that she was chosen to be the godmother, which Brooke happily accepts. Nathan is disgusted and cannot fathom how his father was able to be so despicable after he knew exactly what Nathan was going through. Nathan takes the gun the officer gives him and Officer Stevens tells Nathan to go out the exit in a room and find his squad car and quickly leave saying that he'll catch up. At Nathan and Haley's wedding, Deb told Dan she tried to kill him which left him in a panic, especially when he went home to find the words "MURDER" written in red paint on his wall.

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