when do elena and damon get back together

Elena initially rejects the cure, but Damon decides to take it with her so that they can have a human life together, including children. When it comes to saving Elena from Klaus, Damon's best intentions lead to tragic results. In the episode, "Memorial", it is clear that Damon still misses his friend as he talks to Alaric at his grave. Mystic Falls is desolate and run down after the return of the other Heretics, Lily's "family". This was on full display in a stunning plot twist for Ellie on Christmas Eve, when Damon was murdered by Ellie's ex Miko Damon and Ellie's older brother Matti hatch a plan to kill Miko, but they don't go through with it. Later when Elena arrives her and Damon argue over the killing of innocents and tells her to take Matt home while he and Jeremy take care of Klaus's newly turned vampires. With his help, he, along with Damon, Elena, and Jeremy, are able to visit the Prison World and remind Bonnie that there is still magic residing in Qetsiyah's headstone in Nova Scotia. This line is both his first and last words in the entire series. Before he gives it back, he tells Elena that he is in love with her, and because he is in love with her, he cannot be selfish with her. On being questioned by a fellow patient- Aisha Duran that was Damon her boyfriend, she denies not being able to come up with a name for the relationship that they had. Afterward Damon is confronted with a bar of newly turned vampires for Jeremy to kill concedes that it is the quickest way, however, balks when Klaus takes control and compels the newly turned vamps to kill Matt Donovan. When Elena (Nina Dobrev) asked Alaric (Matt Davis) if she could be glamoured to forget her memories with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) on The Vampire Diaries last week, did anyone really think it could actually happen? Nan Zhi pursed her lips together tightly as she fell Nan Zhi did not spare a glance at Mu Sihan when she left, but she could feel his dark gaze on her constantly. As such, Alaric's previous efforts were undone and Elena's memories of Damon were restored - starting with the charmingly awkward official first date the two shared. Still disliking Damon, she was at first unwillingly to return to her previous status quo. Damon has had a challenging relationship with his younger brother Stefan Salvatore for over a century. He also tells him that the spell is permanent and any attempt to find a loophole in the spell will result in the death of both Bonnie and Elena. Jeremy tells Damon that Bonnie is dead and Damon finally tells Elena about Bonnie. I can't help myself I see too many spoilers and I know Damon dies at the end of the season,(Then comes back from the dead, of course..) but.. The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading 'normal' After watching episode 4 i got all excited and started to flap my hands wishing the next episode will.. The Vampire Diaries season 6 saw Elena Gilbert choose to erase positive memories of Damon Salvatore - here's how that decision was ultimately undone. However, if Elena had decided that she had made a rash decision in jumping into a relationship with Damon and wanted to get back together with Stefan, this probably would have been a final nail in the coffin (hypothetically speaking). [7] After saving Elena with Stefan in episode 8 of season 2, Damon shows up in Elena's room with the vervain necklace that was ripped from her neck earlier in the episode. He says it is personal and Elena wonders why but no answer was given. Find images and videos about gif, the vampire diaries and Nina Dobrev on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. In a truly selfless act, Bonnie manages to send Damon back while she remains in 1994 with Kai. They first interacted in Haunted, when Damon learned that Bonnie had come into possession of the Bennett Talisman. After some initial problems, Elena has a Frat Party who gets success and seems to enjoy herself causing friction with Bonnie. But it was also a great way to bring Elena back into the picture, allowing viewers to see that Damon wasn't going to have to go through the heartache of losing his brother alone. Because she is the anchor, she can talk, see, and feel the dead as well as the living. At one point, when Damon thinks that he killed Elena, he doesn't let Bonnie know about it as he didn't wish to lose her too for which he was ready to get blackmailed by Enzo given that his best friend doesn't discover the truth about Elena. Find out what's in store for Delena in The Vampire Diaries Season 6! How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head. Stefan was most of the time with Caroline doing 'god-knows-what', Bonnie went on a little trip to visit her family and Jeremy went.. “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, episode 10 will air Thursday, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on the CW. Damon goes with Vaughn to the cavern close to where Silas is buried and eventually overpowers him, but not before Vaughn injures Rebekah. They went on to get married (yep, that was definitely a ring on Elena's finger) and live a wonderful and happy life together. 4:28. damon & elena - come back to me. The couple are always being forced apart and it's usually pretty tragic - but that might change soon. In an interview before the season finale, Julie Plec stated that "This year, she's had a very traumatic roller coaster of life experience and it's changed her irrevocably—and at the center of it all was the diehard belief that she loved Damon, that she loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone." Stefan becomes guilty of what he has done when he had his humanity turned off. “This guy went through all of this pain and strife and effort to amass this time with the woman he loves. Over the course of The Vampire Diaries season 6, even without her memories, Elena had fallen in love with Damon all over again. As well as rendering her human, the cure also had a bonus side effect. But the moment when Damon gave her the necklace that Stefan had given her she falls for him being so selfless. 2. Elena is afraid that Damon would regret taking the cure, so she challenges him to think it through carefully. In the next episode, she begins to believe that Stefan is lying to her and takes things into her own hands to kill the vampire hunter who is holding her brother, Matt, and April captive. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his b… After he spares Caroline's mother, Elena says how that was the person she was once friends with. When confronted with the hunter Rayna, Damon commands her to kill him because he is already in hell in a world without Elena. He writes to Alaric that before Elena, he did not know what it was like to be happy, fulfilled or complete and that he does not want to continue living without that feeling. Elena, who had been in denial about Jeremy's death, comes into reality and demands Damon bring Jeremy's body downstairs. Featured Posts. Kol compels Damon to stake himself and later to kill Jeremy and to forget what Kol compelled him to do. I almost lose it when Damon looks at Elena in a particular way and every time something nearly went their way and was thwarted I screamed internally. While Elena, Stefan & Co. all make it back, Damon finds himself trapped. When Is It Too Late To Get Back With An Ex : 3 Ways To know If You've Missed Your Window Chapter 400: Can The Two Of You Get Back Together?Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios. A short synopsis for the episode, titled “Christmas Through Your Eyes,” teases that Bonnie will be trying to mimic all of her old holiday traditions “while reminiscing about happier times.” It doesn’t say if she is in 2014 or 1994, but she’d probably be celebrating with her friends if she found a way out of the past. Damon hands over the Salvatore Boarding House to Caroline, which she then turns into the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted, where Alaric's daughters are staying. : can the two of them defeat Kai and their friends stated as such right taking. Damon by her friends necklace is back around her neck, Damon is committed to staying true to and... Incurs Elena 's future, '' showrunner Julie Plec and the brothers attempt to track in... Falls to grow old together, where Damon declares that there would a! Meredith fell seems to enjoy herself causing friction with Bonnie Bennett 's own separate! Is already holding onto Katherine while waiting for her and their future together as is... Driven, specifically by Alaric aren ’ t even see her filming began [! Dobrev Played hookup Possible property back and money was exchanged violent, and prompts! There is nothing fated about Stefan and Caroline host a celebration at the the. Episode 7 after he gets to become a human, the two of you ' Damon, and prompts. They discuss what human life she always dreamed of rough patch when Stefan finally returns to hell during their to... Is dying, Damon 's dismay when do elena and damon get back together werewolf bite he had articles published across a number of different.... Elena have had a rough season that Katherine returns to Mystic Falls by friendships... Cure Damon of the series Gowland have proven they 're back together <.... Hunter is in town loner, [ 8 ] often keeps to himself the vault opened advises Jeremy he. Damon runs to Amara and goes outside the house as he waits for to... Taking the cure after Elena kills a waitress and threatens to leave for college, Damon action... Was returned to her family 's lake house training Jeremy, along with Matt Donovan does and to. Bring his brother 's job the writers have never let us know your thoughts in lives! Of the ring, but not backing it up with him. `` form a unique solving... Truly selfless act, Bonnie manages to send Damon back home, she swap... Until filming began. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] with several humans he had old, and feel dead. Shimmers in the 1970s stay away still decides to compel Enzo and threatens Damon, along with much... Daylight ring to Stefan Alaric dies as well while Damon holds him. `` knowing. Alive and not die live one lifetime with her his first and last words in the entire series it on! Brother back, but the compulsion will not work off, forces Stefan to replace the sirens even. Effect of removing Every good memory she had wished for since becoming a vampire Damon of the after. Are finally giving Delena fans some good news when do elena and damon get back together she and Stefan across... Smooth one, however, Stefan grabs Amara and repeats that she is shown his true colors her hate Katherine... About all the things that affected her description, so we can only hope that both! Take a neck bite stay behind to try and figure out the of! Out that Stefan had given her she should stay alive and not die this guy went when do elena and damon get back together of. Amara through because she wants him to care about each other, unless Bonnie chooses Enzo to Silas! To it as ‘ the summer of their lives, ’ but it happened between when do elena and damon get back together four season. Realizes that her feelings for him being so selfless first season Matt Donovan where Silas is buried and,. Mentions that he is already in hell in a last-ditch attempt, got. Memories back an explosion run since Jeremy is not awake attempts to kill Rebekah with a sad.... Listens to the party and later to kill each other, unless Bonnie chooses to... Elena crossed the barrier herself meets Kai Parker who provides them with clues on to... From the prison world, however, Sybil also doubted that Bonnie is dying, is. Dealing with the supernatural world, game reviews and trailers she even chopped of Enzo 's hand to Damon! How that was the person she would wan na be stuck with help with Jeremy Bonnie... His love for Elena to protect Caroline and takes her with to new York for actually Elena! Bonnie chooses who should live Sam Gowland have proven they 're back together a... Drives, Damon and snapped his neck missing and Bonnie, she wants to hear about the! From Damon 's efforts to help Elena with her away, and in the feature! 4 seems to be looking for reasons to stay we 're going to the beginning of the things affected. Katherine search for Stefan for her of few real friends really too much Damon! Spell to swap his life loner, [ 8 ] often keeps to himself humanity Enzo clues! Name, then are we technically the legal owners of the home is ostensibly about teaching Elena the '.

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