we charity scandal

Really, really stupid. Marc Kielburger: [15] This was later proven to be a fabrication as on July 9, 2020, it was discovered both the mother and brother of Justin Trudeau had been directly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by WE Charity Social Enterprises, a company affiliated with WE Charity, through a third-party speaking agency. Now? WE Charity retroactively disclosed in the federal lobbying registry that it had communicated with government officials from various departments 38 times over the previous six months. Peter Ruhiu: Had created hundreds of volunteer positions with WE Charity itself as part of the program, doing work generally conducted by paid employees, representing a conflict of interests. Oh gosh. This is exactly the scenario that you know [inaudible]. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it’s not gone beyond [inaudible]. The prime minister didn't recuse himself from Cabinet discussions related to the decision to grant WE the contract. I don’t know what to say. The prorogation ends all parliamentary business including committees looking into the WE affair, which caused an outcry from opposition parties. WE said in a statement that, while the trips were complimentary, the minister has reimbursed the organisation for the amount his family would have been charged if they had paid at the time. Okay. The charity's WE Day motivational conferences have become rites of passage for many Canadian youths, who are drawn to its message they can change the world and to its roster of celebrity speakers and performers. Well, I don’t, Peter I don’t know what to say. WE Charity was “the best and only organization” capable of administering $912 million in youth volunteer grants, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Yeah. He made us drive all over Nairobi. Peter Ruhiu: You know, you saw the way he spoke to–he spoke to them like you know like little boys when they came to the office? But then their relationship with the government’s compliance team became jeopardized by the actions of one of his FTC colleagues, a man named Santai. So, I get it. Yeah. We Charity pulls out of $664m Canada student grant contract, Coronavirus and schools: Where are the risks? "[30] This claim was refuted by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, a union representing government employees, who said in a written statement: "Finally—and let me conclude—if the government had either used existing programs or asked the public service to set up a new student work and payment plan, it would have avoided the conflict of interest issues that have come to light since the WE Charity announcement, and it would have been able to deliver both pay and work experience to students. The question is why didn’t the government see this before handing them over a contract worth millions?”. You’re basically trying to show us, me and my team, that you know, you’re gonna call the cops on us. So basically, they shut down — [Nairobi Governor Evans] Kidero and the other politicians and the NGO, the USAID NGO — they freeze accounts. VideoWhat does developing a Covid-19 vaccine look like? Badly, badly. It is likely it will remain in the headlines for a while. Shugart stated: With respect to how we made decisions and so on, a lot it was virtually, as committees are experiencing. Because Santai has used, you know, it’s a ruse, Santai has used a ruse to get the name of Steven and to get his telephone number. While it may be too early to pen Trudeau's political obituary — the opposition Conservative Party is in the midst of a leadership race and none of the candidates exude star power — a weary Liberal caucus, sensing their leader has become a liability and fearing the prospect of defeat in a future election, could pressure their leader to step aside, at least temporarily. The organization will establish an endowment to be overseen by a new board of governors. Marc Kielburger: But unlike a $10 doughnut, there was a $900-million contract at stake this time — and allegations against WE Charity keep piling up. Honestly, I could call my guys tonight and take care of this guy. [118], On August 30, 2020 WE Charity, through its lawyer William McDowell, refused the opposition's requests for documents; the disclosure of which had been promised by the Kielburgers during their July 28 testimony.

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