waterfowl hunting club memberships

This membership option is for larger groups of people and based on the number of hunting days during the  seasons. Everyone else is considered a guest. Complete deer memberships are available. Here is a taste for what our WATERFOWL members enjoy at the Heritage Club. Heritage Sporting Club Members enjoy custom fabricated floating blinds. These blinds are built to our own specifications and are designed to comfortably accommodate multiple hunters. The individual membership comes with  two guest passes and additional day passes are available at $350 per day  depending on availability. But the hunting does not end there!! …We invite you to explore the various links to learn more about the Mudhole Duck Club and what it has to offer. No individual guest may hunt the property with you more than 3X during the course of a season free of charge. The unique property at Milton Reservoir provides some of the best waterfowl hunting in the state of Colorado. Heritage Sporting Club offers year-round opportunities to train your dog in preparation for the hunting season. HMS Hunting Club is strictly a private club consisting of owners and members only. WATERFOWL CLUB. This is one of many things that makes our club special! Complete duck memberships are available. Memberships are offered at a cost of $2500. We maintain this area as a sanctuary and do not hunt it, but take advantage of decoying birds from the shore blinds as they move around every day. The individual membership comes with two guest passes and additional day passes are available at $350 per day depending on availability. We position these blinds around seven miles of shoreline, providing many locations to choose from. For World Class Waterfowl hunting, it just doesn’t get much better than this. This is actual footage of thousands of ducks at the Heritage Club! With limited memberships you will almost never be asked to share a blind with other members- unless you want to. Heritage Sporting Club members enjoy a variety of blind locations on the property. New Memberships. For decades, this property has been well-known as a duck hunter’s favorite with large numbers of migrating waterfowl  returning year after year. Email* Name. Whether you want the protection of a quiet cove, the exposure of a prominent point or the magic of the flooded timer - we have options for you. We have made a significant investment in an aeration system that keeps a large open water area on the property throughout the coldest winter months. What are you looking for in a hunting club?

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