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By late December, dozens of copycats had already flooded YouTube with their own monochrome plague doctor clips, all attempting to play off the hype created by 11b-x-1371. Disturbing website #7: The person behind this website clearly has first hand experience in personal attacks from the British media and strangers passing in the street. “There will be other locations,” he said. YouTube user AETBX also posted the video online, claiming to have received the video anonymously in the mail. Wall Support Made Of Stone, The editor of GadgetZZ claimed the video was sent to him as part of a digital puzzle contained on a DVD delivered to his house with no return address. Disturbing website #9: Some people like art, others like sport… and some like beheadings, accidents, deaths or injuries. It was the last time she was seen alive. Time limit is exhausted. The story goes that Pygmalion sculpted his ideal woman and then asked Aphrodite to make her real. On that, I might have to say yes.Mike Wehner is a former tech editor for the Daily Dot who now writes for BGR. Popularized by the internet, this classic story from a high school teacher is one of the most disturbing things you'll see today. Baiting Catfish With Dog Food, Plus, I’m not that predictable.”Unpredictability has become something to expect from Wright. Longhorn Mango Margarita Recipe, Pump Action Gun Pictures, At first glance, seemingly nothing at all. An old man didn't expect to find this after looking at old films. Five Weeks In A Balloon Answer Key, A simulation of what schizophrenia would be like as well as an experiment with Anderson Cooper on the subject. Is this just a strange coincidence or is the video a message from a killer? 1. The video itself … Please reload CAPTCHA. After all, even an anagram of “Kill the President” is likely to catch the eye of one or more government agencies at some point, right? If not, the following  websites might give you an idea of what dreams like that are all about (or not): Disturbing website #1: Listening to and reading the cockpit recordings of pilots just before they die in unusual plane crashes right before your flight takes off is a bad idea. Would you enter your social security number here? This was as the internet was still growing and mostly accessed through Schools for kids. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In the streets of the Internet, it is said that some users are unable to leave Reddit. How Tall Do Peas Grow, I've seen some bad stuff, but then even I have a limit. Remember this website next time you walk past someone staring at you with wide-open bloodshot eyes, indicating disgust, surprise, shock or horror. Many people believe the video to be torture porn, and that the man in the video is a hostage, held against his will by the two costumed figures. Me and some friends in middleschool think we saw a real Snuff movie. Look at those headlines. setTimeout( Ever wondered about dark web videos and websites? Warning - thread WARNING: Disturbing video found on the Dark web DO NOT VENTURE THE DARK WEB might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

Woman Stoned to Death by ISIS in Syria #4558 | 04:58 Source: The Internet. Is This The Most Sinister Ghost Picture Ever Taken? There are other ways to know that they are aware of my work and their thoughts on it. Phrases like “Kill the President” and hidden spectrogram images of real murder scenes sent many amateur Web detectives into a frenzy as they spent countless hours attempting to decode its overall meaning.“Some people look for shells in it, some surf, others—dive.” The name Parker Wright had been tossed around a bit in the early days of the 11b-x-1371 investigation. Buy Here Pay Here Rv Sales Colorado, Samsung Smart Care Vrt Plus Washer Manual, Toyota Sienna Used For Sale By Owner Craigslist, Can You Get Your License At 18 Without A Permit In California, Black Swan Green Chapter 2 Summary Shmoop, Teardrop Trailer For Sale Craigslist San Diego. Note: This was by far the most suggested documentary by our readers. But without new information, we simply may never fully understand what happened to Elisa lam. Disturbing website #2: This is a financial aid website for hopeful Florida students in need of a scholarship. Silver Bengal Kittens For Sale Florida, WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Who Does Larry Bird Think Is The Goat, Submit a question via our quick request form. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_70"); I Feel Fantastic was posted to YouTube in 2009 by user Creepyblog. His work has appeared everywhere from Yahoo to CNN, and there’s a good chance his Apple Watch is dead right now.Teen Democratic candidate who admitted to revenge porn reverses decision to drop outKaren tries to spew out hate—but she ends up spewing out her dentures insteadTomi Lahren pranked on Cameo into calling Trump a ‘jackass’ in HindiTech Tuesday: AOC on QAnon, Markey vs. Kennedy, and TikTok suing Trump This timelines confirms that the YouTube user named AETBX, who was at the center of the early investigation, had no connection to the video’s creation. If that isn’t disturbing enough the audio includes a Charles Manson monologue and the phrase “suffering doesn’t end.”. Complete Set Of Residential Construction Drawings Pdf, The internet is filled with the creepiest things ever, they're so disturbing that they would easily scar you for life and make you paranoid about everything in this world. Made by the same people who created lights out, "The Coffer" uses noises and tension to achieve most of its scares. *First Published: Jan 19, 2016, 11:00 am That hunt turned out to be in vain, and now we know why. 13 of the Creepiest Wikipedia Pages that Are Scarier than Any Horror Movie, Unsettling Audio Recordings that will Haunt you Long After you Finish Listening, Midnight Hour: 7 Paranormal Games to Play in the Dark Tonight, Toys of Terror: 10 Vintage Photos of Creepy Dolls that will give you Nightmares, 25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes that Will Give You Nightmares, 10 Terrifying Short Horror Movies to Watch in the Dark Tonight, 15 Vintage Medical Illustrations That Reveal the Horrors of 19th-Century Surgery, Haunted Camera: 15 People Share their Most Unexplainable Photographs, 7 Sinister True Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark. Your email address will not be published. Appearing from nowhere the origins of many of these strange clips remain unknown, but that hasn’t stopped the countless theories as to their meaning. Broken Bridges Full Movie 123movies, ); “Currently, there is a call for more, and I aim to please. Short Missing You Poems, Your email address will not be published. Is he dangerous? I've seen some really bad stuff you do not want to see. Diana Rhoten Net Worth, The mysterious circumstances surrounding her death and eerie security footage have given rise to numerous theories. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Fiddle Leaf Fig Brown Spots, As the saying goes, what has been seen cannot be unseen so you may want to proceed with caution before hitting the play button. Her body was found February 19th in the water tank on the roof of the hotel, after guests complained of a foul odor and taste to the hotel’s water supply. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. 4600 Bathurst Street Suite 316 by Ayoub. He admitted that he had seen my previous reporting on 11b-x-1371 and that he knew who I was before my interview request landed in his inbox. I don’t think so. Worse still, others believe that the man knows he will die when he finishes his meal and the footage is actually a Chinese Mafia execution. Yorkie Weight Calculator, How To Remove High Pressure Hose From Karcher K5,

Been through most of the thread and didn’t see this one yet. Armadillo Helmet Dukes Of Hazzard Gif, Bleak and atmospheric, the clip shows the futility of escaping a hell on earth (from the perspective of the Asian schooling system and corporate world). Can Quaker Parrots Eat Crackers, Wright also noted that 11b-x-1371 was indeed the first video in his series, and he had always intended for there to be more, regardless of whether it reached viral status. The game also features a pixelated, child-like creature who appears in the maze and cryptic writing in the background. As the mind behind one of the most eerie, disturbing puzzles the Internet has ever seen, it comes as no surprise that he also occasionally speaks in riddles. Both want to go back next year and one wants to do a longer period next year (6 weeks) vs what he did this summer (4 wks). Please. Obvious Dear Evan Hansen Sheet Music, Whatever the case, the bizarre video has notched up millions of views and remains a puzzling part of our digital history. The case remains open with Maura filed as missing, but her family has long claimed their daughter was kidnapped, with Maura’s father telling the press he believed she had been abducted by “some dirtbag on Route 112.”. As Wright revealed on The mysterious creator of 11b-x-1371 had finally been found, and this time he had no intention of staying quiet.

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