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Arthur Fleck: Thanks, Murray. Joker : Because you are also a joker.Come and join my club.. I’m awful? [Arthur manages to snatch the file and runs off], [we see flashback of young Penny at Arkham as Arthur reads through her file]Dr. Stoner: We went over this, Penny. Good, good. It’s the revolution of those who had been told “NO” repeatedly. [Arthur looks at Sophie, he mimics shooting is head using his finger as a gun, just as she had done earlier when they met, we then see their previous encounters were all in Arthur’s head and never happened]. This will be quick. All of you, the system that knows so much, you decide what’s right or wrong. Two policemen are in critical condition. Yeah, we heard, that’s why we came by. What kind of coward would do something that coldblooded? Thomas and I made him, so it stayed our secret.Dr. Give it back! And it’s those kind of people that change for the better, those of us who’ve made something of our lives, will always look at those who haven’t, as nothing but clowns. Surely they must be doing something.Arthur Fleck: I just don’t want to feel so bad anymore. I mean, part of your act?Arthur Fleck: What do you think? One day you’ll have to work for a living.” No, I won’t, ma. [Arthur sees in his head young Bruce standing by his dead parents; he laughs again]Arkham Psychiatrist: Do you want to tell it to me? [continuing to prep Arthur for his segment on the show]Murray Franklin: Couple of rules though. I’ve just been working on my material. From the cinematography, pacing , to the smooth transition between each scene I felt like I was watching an A24 independent film. Let go! Estelle and Murray's 47th wedding anniversary was coming up, and Estelle wanted to make it extra special for Murray. Someone was k*lled today because of what you did.Arthur Fleck: I know. Is your mother home? Feel sorry for the person they hit cause you know they're injured bad. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. She used to work here years ago. It’s horrible.Detective Garrity: Right. She says I was put here to spread joy and laughter. This joke may contain profanity. [the audience laughs, as Arthur just sits down staring at the audience]Murray Franklin: You okay?Arthur Fleck: Yeah. I mean, I would but my synopsis would probably not be as eloquent as yours was just now. Is this Arthur?Arthur Fleck: Yes.Shirley Woods: Hi, Arthur. Did you do this?Detective Garrity: What? My only issue with the film and this is the only issue I had, Its a slow burn movie. I think it would be other way around Since for first half he cant catch a bream but hen later he kills stuff and has fun. The last thing my old trusty f-150 with 278,000 miles on it did was give me safe deliverance from a possibly tragic accident. That’s not the kind of humor we do on this show.Arthur Fleck: Okay. It’s just, you know, it’s been a rough few weeks, Murray. I mean, there’s so much self-pity, Arthur, you sound like you’re making excuses for k*lling those young men. No, instead they started laughing! Social Worker: How does it feel to have to come here? i don’t care how many times this gets posted, this shits hilarious lmao. Did you bring it with you? Are you having any negative thoughts?” All I have are negative thoughts. Starting in October 2019, the GIF gained popularity in … You’re crazy. Joker is such a well grounded and gritty film it is definitely a horse of a different color for comic book films. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved | All images are copyright of their respective owners, [Arthur gets his journal and gives it to her], [to Arthur, who’s playing peekaboo with a young boy on the bus], [Arthur shakes his head as he continues to laugh uncontrollably], [he hands her a card that explains that he has a condition that causes him to laugh], “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”, [as Arthur is imagining himself being on Murray’s show and getting his attention], [Arthur joyfully joins him on the stage as the audience claps for him], [as Arthur is continues his fantasy of meeting Murray on his show], [after Sophie, Arthur’s neighbor, knocks on his front door], [Arthur’s on the phone to Vaughn, after the gun that Randall had given for protection falls out of his pocket while he was entertaining at a children’s hospital], [on the subway Arthur, still wearing his clown makeup, notices three drunken businessmen harassing a woman and starts to laugh uncontrollably], [Arthur continues to laugh hysterically and one of the men starts singing the lyrics to “Send in the Clowns”], [as Arthur tries to find the card that explains his condition, the three men start beating him up], [Arthur is packing up his locker at the clown company], [Arthur and Penny are watching the news about the three Wayne Enterprises businessmen that Arthur shot and k*lled on the subway], [Arthur laughs uncontrollably as he begins his standup routine at a club], [he laughs awkwardly, the audience is quiet, and we see Sophie in the audience smiling], [we see Arthur on a date with Sophie, when he spots a newspaper headline about the k*llings of the three businessmen by the clown], [Arthur goes to Wayne Manor where he sees young Bruce and does a clown routing for him before talking to him through the gates], [he sticks his hands through the gate, puts his fingers on Bruce’s face, lifting the corners of his mouth as if to make Bruce smile], [giving back the fake flowers Arthur gave Bruce], [Alfred laughing, in anger, Arthur puts his hand through the gates around Alfred’s neck and starts to choke him], [Arthur looks at Bruce watching with fear, he turns and runs off], [after Penny is taken to hospital, two detectives come to visit Arthur], [Arthur turns and starts walking towards the hospital doors, but walks into the glass door], [Arthur is watching Murray Franklin’s show on TV in Penny’s hospital room], [the footage shows Arthur, at the comedy club earlier, as he was laughing uncontrollably], [Arthur watches the footage of his standup joke], [as he watches himself, Arthur laughs at his own joke], [Arthur watches as Murray’s show continues], [Arthur watches the news report on TV demonstrations against the rich with protestors in clown masks], [Arthur confronts Thomas at one of his public events], [Thomas suddenly punches Arthur in the face], [after Arthur gets a call from a rep for Murray’s show], [Arthur visits Arkham State Hospital to look at Penny’s case file], [Arthur suddenly grabs the file and tries to take it off Carl], [Arthur manages to snatch the file and runs off], [we see flashback of young Penny at Arkham as Arthur reads through her file], [Arthur starts to laugh as he reads the articles about his abuse], [we see Arthur laugh uncontrollably and cry after he finishes reading Penny’s file], [after Arthur breaks into Sophie’s apartment], [Arthur looks at Sophie, he mimics shooting is head using his finger as a gun, just as she had done earlier when they met, we then see their previous encounters were all in Arthur’s head and never happened], [Arthur is visiting Penny at the hospital], [he takes Penny’s pillow and uses it to smother her to death], [as Arthur is preparing himself for Murray’s show, he’s visited by Gary and Randall], [we see Arthur take out a knife from his pocket], [suddenly Arthur stabs Randall and k*lls him], [after Arthur’s k*lls Randall; Gary cries out in fear], [Gary looks terrified; Arthur speaks in mock cockney accent], [Gary cries out in horror as he sees Randall’s body], [as Gary slowly tries to leave, Arthur jumps out at him in jest, and Gary runs to door], [Gary is unable to open the apartment door as Arthur had put the chain on the door earlier], [Arthur goes to open the door, but closes it again], [he kisses the top of Gary’s head and opens the door], [Arthur is dancing on the steps in his full Joker costume], [Murray and Gene enter Arthur’s dressing room as he waits to go the show], [continuing to prep Arthur for his segment on the show], [as Murray and Gene are about to leave the dressing room], [practicing his pose backstage, Arthur walks out, doing a dance, to a warm reception by the audience], [the audience laughs, as Arthur just sits down staring at the audience], [the audience laughs, and Arthur does his crazy laughter], [Arthur takes out his notebook from his back pocket], [Arthur opens his notebook and looks at a page], [Arthur laughs, as the audience sounds aghast], [suddenly Arthur shoots Murray in the head and the audience start running off in terror], [after k*lling Murray, Arthur goes to a camera and points it at himself], [Arthur is arrested and handcuffed in the back of a police car; he laughs to himself as he sees the riots in the streets], [after Arthur murders Murray live on TV, as riots break out across Gotham, the Waynes leave a movie theater and a clown rioter follows them down an alley], [he shoots both Thomas and his wife, Martha, in front of young Bruce], [last lines; we see Arthur locked up in Arkham laughing to himself], [Arthur sees in his head young Bruce standing by his dead parents; he laughs again], [he starts singing the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life”; we then see him walking down the corridor leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind before being chased by orderlies], 'All I have are negative thoughts.'

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