vortex strikefire 2 vs opmod

In 2009, he gravitated towards the exhilarating sport of 3 Gun, quickly rising to the top of the ranks. Unlimited Eye Relief: Non-critical eye relief for rapid target acquisition. The Vortex Spitfire 1x is also a very durable optic. Hard Anodized Finish: Highly durable low-glare matte finish. First of all, because it’s a 1x scope, the Spitfire has critical eye relief and an eye box. You see, a red dot sight requires battery power just to be able to see your reticle when looking through the optic…. They can be found on the front lines with our military units, on top of an LEO’s patrol rifle, mounted to a turkey hunter’s shotgun, and of course, they are prevalent in the world of competition shooting. Unfortunately it’s not that durable. The battery life of the StrikeFire II is advertized at 6 months, which is significantly above that of many similar optics. This reticle is unique to the Spitfire, and it has a 3 MOA dot in the center, which is surrounded by a small inner ring and then a very large outer ring. Right, I need to stick to the ~$300 price range. $99 bucks delivered for brand new just couldn't be passed up. I guess that some people would not be that impresses by the features included with this scope. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links. …and  because it’s a large red dot sight as opposed to a micro red dot you have a pretty large field of view through the optic AND you can shoot with both eyes open. The mount that comes with the Spitfire, however, is perfect for an AR-15 but includes a removable riser that makes it more suitable for other firearms platforms as well. Compared to its smaller red dot cousins like the SPARC AR or Crossfire, the Strikefire II’s larger objective and 30mm tube design provide a larger field of view, and allow it to be mounted at just about any height using most common 30mm rings. The Strikefire 2 is a red dot sight and needs battery power for you to even see the reticle. If you’re not ok with a 1x scope and you want a true red dot sight with unlimited eye relief, then go with the Vortex Strikefire because it’s still a great optic! For a professional shooter like myself, this is absolutely huge! (If You Have A Red Dot) The HARD-HITTING 50 Yard Zero! Since 2001, we have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information. In the race for companies to design ever more advanced optics, simple functionality like this is often forgotten about. ], Sig Romeo 5 Review [Budget Sight That Delivers Or Not? It is a 4 moa dot with 10 illumination settings that gives the user the ability to change the brightness of the dot as their environment changes. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 CZ SP 01 Review (A Heavyweight In The Full-Size Pistol Class!). I have two Strike Eagles, one on an AR-15 and one on an AR-10. The truly unique Flat Dark Earth colorway blends in perfectly in arid environments and pairs well with a variety of AR-15 furniture colors. What makes the Primary Arms $100 better? It’s really easy to set up and use – more on that in a minute – and the fact that there are no complicated optical systems involved means that this scope will go out of alignment a lot less frequently than the competition. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. [Revealed] Top 10 Best EDC Knives – My All Time Favorites! Also included is a CR2 battery, and some of the best designed Flip-Up caps I’ve seen. Policy. However, we need to make a … You’ll be able to see clearly through it…. Dale: Now, with the Spitfire you get 10 daylight brightness settings for your illumination and the 2 night vision settings. Their warranty, though I haven't used it, is awesome too. Instead, you are just adjusting one. The Survivalists Boards Montana Homestead Thread, http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-...le-advanced-combined-sighting-system-paps1-6x, https://www.survivalistboards.com/picture.php?albumid=6569&pictureid=103368, Primary Arms 1 6x ACSS Reticle Scope Review - YouTube, Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Illuminated Reticle Scope Review - YouTube, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. ), Primary Arms 1-6 Gen 3 Review [The Best AR Scope Under 300 Dollars? Our first thoughts, when the scope arrived, were to do with its size. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Review [Best Red Dot Sight On The Market? As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Review – Best Pistol Caliber Carbine (Or Braced Pistol) For The Money? Editor’s Note: Kalani went on to win the 2014 Walking Dead Multi-Gun Match with the OPMOD StrikeFire II on his rifle. Beyond this, scope operated really well. It’s waterproof, but only to a point – don’t think that you can drop it in the lake and it will keep going. Get your questions about Vortex OPMOD StrikeFire II 4 MOA Red/Green Dot with Cantilever AR-15 Mount answered by Expert staff and verified buyers including aesthetics, compatibility, durability & more! The scope comes in two configurations, and you can choose which you would like at the time of ordering. Single-Piece Chassis: Compact and lightweight. The OPMOD StrikeFire II is only available from OpticsPlanet.com. Conclusion. We’ll save all of your questions and answers in your account, provide you easy access to them, so you can see how the community has responded. The included cantilever mount pushes the optic forward allowing for the use of back up iron sights. …but when you need to shoot at large targets up close, you simply aim by putting the large rings (which your eye picks up very fast) over your target. The StrikeFire II is definitely the best mid-range scope we have tested, for the simple reason that it does the basics well, even if it’s not quite as popular as a few other options such has the Aimpoint Pro. If you are used to a more fully-featured scope, the StrikeFire II may feel like a step down, but on the other hand if you are an experienced hunter you are likely to be able to shoot well without fancy optics. The scope comes particularly recommended for beginner shooters, because the lightweight and simple design allows them to focus on what really matters – improving their technique – rather than messing around with a load of fancy optics. I like the Spitfire because I think the DRT Reticle is very cool. OpticsPlanet.com has teamed with Vortex Optics to release another excellent red dot optic, the OPMOD StrikeFire II. Stay tuned for a progess report as I continue to spend more time behind the OPMOD StrikeFire II. The Vortex Strikefire 2 offers exactly what this kind of mid-range scope should. A larger problem, but not necessarily a deal-breaker, is the poor light transmission, and the fact that the front lens is quite reflective. Overall, I was impressed. All in all, I think it’s a very tough red dot sight. OPMOD and Vortex have teamed up for the first time to offer this exclusive collaboration. OPMOD Vortex StrikeFire II – Kalani Laker . It is a full sized optic that is designed for rifles and shotguns. It is a 4 moa dot with 10 illumination settings that gives the user the ability to change the brightness of the dot as their environment changes. Given this, the red dot is surprisingly bright on the higher settings. The color of the dot on the OPMOD StrikeFire II can be changed from red to green and back again. I've tried talking my wife's family into providing a moving target but no takers so far. reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 A bona fide "self-taught" shooter, Kalani enjoys donating his time to junior shooters, introducing them to the enjoyment of the shooting sports, with a high emphasis placed on safe firearm handling. The first is a red and green reticle, the second a single red dot. Like I said before, I prefer red on my sights, but if you’re someone who prefers green, it’s good to know that it’s included in this optic. The problem here is that the light transmission through this scope is less than ideal. Shockproof: Rugged construction withstands recoil and impact. That super long battery life makes me a lot happier because it means you can leave your sight turned on all the time, which will be important if you ever need to grab your rifle in an emergency situation. Both of these sights are from Vortex Optics, so they both come with removable flip up lens covers, but the included mounts are very different. I just got me a Ruger Gunsight Scout and was looking at the Crossfire II. OPMOD Vortex StrikeFire II – Kalani Laker. I would recommend this scope for quite a variety of users. Frank Proctor Sling Review [Is The Way Of The Gun Sling The Best AR 15 Sling For The Money? Available exclusively through OpticsPlanet.com, the OPMOD StrikeFire II has a tan hard-anodized matte finish that is simply sick looking! Email Only Sat If for any The best feature of the OPMOD Strikefire II is the dot. Once again the daylight brightness settings are very bright, and I like that the night vision settings are included at no extra cost. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.... After some of the most intense voting we've ever seen on Gear Expert, we've tallied your ballots for the various... Vortex OPMOD StrikeFire II : A Versatile Red Dot Optic, 7 Shooters Take On The OPMOD Vortex StrikeFire II. The OPMOD is a tan finish whereas the standard is only available in black. Just like with the Strikefire, the body of the optic is made from a tough aluminum alloy. That means it doesn’t matter how close or far your eye is in relation to the optic. ), AR-15 Field Strip: A Helpful Illustrated Guide, Four Gun Safety Rules – How to Safely Handle Any Gun…, HOW TO Improve Your Shooting With A Rifle (3 EASY Ways To Gain PRACTICAL Speed and Accuracy), HOW TO Mount A Red Dot Sight (3 EASY Tips Revealed), How To Set Up An AR 15 (Without Wasting Your Money!) In addition to that, it has a hard anodized finish that helps protect it from the elements, and it’s fog proof and waterproof, so even if you get caught in rainy, snowy, or wet conditions, your sight will keep working. One of the advantages of the simple optical design used here is that you don’t have to line up numerous lenses and reticles. The lens clarity on the Vortex Strikefire 2 is very good. It's a pretty good piece of glass, though a little more magnification would be ok. Taking my eye from the scope, and then looking through it again, looking through it almost felt like I was wearing sunglasses it was so dim. The Sparc offers a total of 300 hours of battery life when the optic is set to its maximum brightness setting and a total of 5,000 hours of battery life on the minimum setting. From my reading, not rated quite as high as the Strike Eagle. This red dot is ready to mount right to your rifle and get out to the range. You don’t get any of the annoying greenish or bluish tint that you get with some other red dot sights on the market…. The scope is sold as ideal for shooters needing the maximum field of view, and as being easy to adjust for both day and nigh-time shooting.

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