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Troy Kinne used to make videos at high school borrowing the library camera. “I used to show them to just my parents and next door neighbours. “Nervous” he shot back quick as a flash. a unit shot in the back will fall on their face), Fixed situations where Danaan chariots used horses with improper textures, Fixed a UI discrepancy and inconsistency with Axe Chargers and Coastal Club Warriors attributes, Fixed a UI discrepancy for Sarpedon’s unit roster to better represent the units’ strengths and weaknesses, Fixed a bug in Menelaus’ unit roster for consistency with its traits, Updated visual style of Battle Calls panel, Fixed a bug where the balance of power bar remains visible in battle realism mode, Fixed an issue with similar colour coding of both player and enemy selection markers in Deuteranopia and Protanopia colour blindness mode, The Large Skirmisher Chariot of the defender now uses the proper icon, All Heroes on chariots should now have the shield stat on their unit cards, Antagonist aggressiveness across the board has been increased, Fighting rebel armies now provides 20% of the normal experience, Increased the wood recruitment cost of chariots, Increased the bronze upkeep cost of chariots, Replaced food recruitment cost with gold on higher-tier chariots, Reduced the effect of Blessed in Failure from 5 to 3 happiness after completing a Ritual, Reduced the effect of Soothsayer from 3 to 2 happiness after completing a Ritual, Besieging armies now cause -8 happiness in the besieged settlement, Before the Story/Sandbox dilemma is spawned, factions now should act more in line with their initial starting setup (they honour their initial treaties), Choosing Story on the Story/Sandbox dilemma should enable Pillar boosts not only to the player Alliance but to the enemy Alliance as well, All factions will try and facilitate the Danaan/Trojan conflict slightly earlier, The AI prioritises recruitment for garrisoned AI armies instead of armies on the field, Increased the AI’s priority on garrisoning armies that are recruiting or about to recruit, instead of recruiting next to a region that already has a garrisoned army, The priority of some tier 2 units for AI recruitment has been slightly increased, The priority of some tier 1 units in the early game has been slightly decreased, The priority of tier 1 units post turn 70 has been significantly decreased, The priestess agent’s Ritual of Ruination action grants you favour when used against a foreign settlement in the same way as when you use the action on your own settlement. He played several shows in the UK last year. Having finished some episodes I think it’s half decent and I want some people to see it.”. Share on Facebook Share. Bio: Troy Kinne is an actor and writer, known for H8 O'Clock (2010), Kinne (2014) and Have You Been Paying Attention? TV ratings November 2: The Block, SAS Australia, HYBPA? Share on Google Plus. He is also getting into merchandise and has also published a book about one of his characters. An episode of Kinne Tonight moves so quickly the audience never has a chance to get bored. She got in touch with my manager about making a pilot.

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