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[12] Nagatoro is rarely seen without a sadistic, cocky, smirk that often displays her very prominent canines[13] and has the tendency to widen the pupil of just an eye whenever she grins.[14]. Embarrassed the boy told her that she don't need to feel responsible for his ankle, to which she replied that they'll go faster that way stating that she would be able to carry him with ease, eventually managing to convince him. PLEASE DON’T BULLY ME, NAGATORO, CHAPTER 44: DON’T UNDERESTIMATE TORO CAT; PLEASE DON’T BULLY ME, NAGATORO, CHAPTER 44: DON’T UNDERESTIMATE TORO CAT ... Nagatoro is a Japanese web manga series written and illustrated by Nanashi, also known as 774. Later, she formally introduced to Senpai in, On the other hand, Nagatoro's friends constantly called her "Hayacchi" in front of Senpai, with the first time being. Competitive as always, Nagatoro accepted the challenge but not without insisting that she didn't care for Senpai at all. After seeing the latter, Senpai deemed it as the one on which she was "more natural" and asked her to pose in that stance, which the girl eventually accept blushing a little. Nagatoro went as far as to proposing Hachioji that if he allowed her to use his butt as a sandbag for practicing kicks she would have go to the ocean with him. Nagatoro seems to have a liking for cooking. The cat-version of Nagatoro, originally dubbed Nekotoro, was then drawn by Senpai in Chapter 14 and on said basis a costume was made on Chapter 36 during the "Culture Festival Arc", being officially re-named Toro Cat in Chapter 44. The Cultural Festival finally began and, while the President has no problem in talking smoothly in front of the cameras when the school journal interview her, Senpai on the other hand felt uneasy and stammered, however right before the troupe finished their service, Gamo-chan entered presenting them "Toro Cat" (Nagatoro in a cat costume) which has became the talk of the school after they choreographed a dance featuring her together with Yoshi and Sakura wearing mascot costumes, the "I'll Bully You Dance" and uploaded it on YouTube. [145] The following morning, when Senpai and Nagatoro meet on their way to school there was a moment of mutual embarassement, then the boy thanked her for what she did and Nagatoro replied it was nothing since he did the same for her, right before starting to kick him as a "punishment" for "having been so cocky", referencing having called her by her given name.[146]. [9] Nagatoro has a lean, athletic, slender and very flexible[10] physique with a modest bust size which she is often ashamed about despite being - considering her size and built - pretty average sized;[11] also she seemingly gained a bra cup as the story progressed. Nagatoro is jealous of Senpai and her friends at the festival together. While the President is escorted away due to her painting being deemed as "too immoral for a school" by the student council, Nagatoro and Gamo-chan forced her to admit they have won the match as she lose due to disqualification and, after exulting with Yoshi and Sakura, in order to further humiliate her the girls forced the President to wear a skimpy bunny suit and sell their straps all over the school. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thinking about all the time he drew her, Nagatoro smile. [44][45] Although, whether or not it's to train him to draw the female body, get him to draw her specifically, or is just an excuse to spend time and tease him more, is unknown. At some point she also started to study martial arts, winning several kid championships.[68]. Nagatoro cheers up Senpai after having offended him. The collision made both bottles fall but Senpai was quick to getting them back, however he couldn't recognize anymore which one was his and which Nagatoro's. Senpai replied that he wasn't confident enough to being able to match the President's talent, while Gamo-chan pointed out he was actually already losing a lot in term of "material of work", referring the President's massive boobs compared with Nagatoro's petite chest.[114]. He gave her back her handkerchief and told her to go away but, instead she proposed model for him as an apology for having bullied him the previous day, sexily told him that if he made a good paint of her she would give him a "reward".

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