tomb guardian fallen order

Use Force Push on the weak wall to get back inside. The swinging seems very inconsistent (especially on the xbox) as sometimes you can swing a tiny bit and jump quite far and other times you can swing quite far and Cal won't jump far at all. Drop down after the block and push it to the wall opposite the cracked door. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. We'll be back later, so we're just going to save exploring the area until then--we've spent enough time on Zeffo already, and while there are a couple things to pick up it eventually just leads to a dead end. At the top, you’ll find an air vent. Tip: With Force Push (after you obtain it), you can push that weird plant towards the metal bars. When glowing, Power Core may be removed with external force and careful skill, allowing a critical attack on the Guardian. You’ll see some additional ropes here. You'll encounter a lot of Force Troopers in your adventures, but generally, they're a lot more difficult to defeat than your average Stormtrooper. I will use the “big room” term a few times below. When you're done, head to the Meditation Point and take a quick look around--you should find a gust of wind that can carry you to higher ground. It will start moving the big sphere around. There is a slippery roll-way behind the second sphere’s location. With the door unlocked, head up the nearby hill and you'll run into some Stormtroopers. Doing so will clear the walkway of the Skunguses. Keep on going, and you'll be sliding and Wall Running like all the best Jedis. This will re-activate the elevator. When you see the orb in his chest starts to glow, use Pull to extract it and incapacitate the Guardian. If you get close to these things, they will explode. This workbench will have the ScompLink, which will let BD-1 hack through red doors and chests... and there happens to be a lot of those in the area you were just in! The life will take you up and out of the area, and finally back to close to the Mantis. Climb up the wall and push the sphere towards the “semi destroyed” part of the wall on the other side. Swiping at its legs do the most damage, but it'll start dropping grenades to damage you, so get in for a combo then get out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once it is at its highest point on the left, turn off the vent to have it start swinging back and forth. This will smash open the wall in the right corner. Use the wind and Push the wall in your way. Doing so will have several stone pillars rise out of the ground on the left side of the area. When defeated, the Guardian will split into two smaller versions. Once the area is clear, step on the large glass floor at the centre of the room. The lowered wall is on the left side of Cal and the sphere is behind him on the right. Any disruption of the core should provoke a shut down. You, unfortunately, cannot parry rockets. There are also wind gusts below the entry point. How often does the bug occur? You can't just enjoy this slide, though--Stormtroopers are shooting at you!

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