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A pole a robust plus that the majority with still wide supports feeders of bird, comes with his support of own base. It is very fat and studio and a lot well has built. Holes too many small perhaps. Wants to this in pending feeder. I took any plus of 10 minutes to dip on, together with my squirrel buster feeders - a silky arrival of a metal means that some squirrels really fights to take the grip in a pole. Many also feature a genuine, hand cut slate roof. Some material celery weighty and of good quality, is easy to clean, and easy to open and add suet to. If you’re looking for the crème de la crème, the Taj Mahal of bird feeding stations then this is the one to go for. Certainly it would recommend this canal of diet of the bird, infact the probably will buy the second a to dip up in the different zone in a garden. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 38mm diameter heavy duty feeder pole. It uses mix of big seed with a lot of dice in. I began it it was with a Die of Acorn of Chambers of Tom Acorn of Chambers of Tone of Feeder of Feeder of Die , then has taken Tom Fourth Discharges Suet Chambers of Tone of the Copper Feeder Suet Feeder and there is finally so only has bought recently is one. A bit difficult to open, but once fill up, totally enjoyed for some birds and those who could contest with them. Expensive but takings like stops of pay... Feeder Of excellent bird. Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Tom Chambers is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of bird care products in the UK. Has decided to buy the canal of new diet and some investigation ossia the upper plot to the mine last a to the equal that was too big for me calm wants to be you an arrival to bronze also. Ossia Splendid. The bird table is 155 cm high and would look at home in any garden, attracting a wide variety of wild birds. Peanut Very well the very pleased feeder with him better that has them has expected thank you. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Totally ridiculous this day to try to reduce packaging. Absolutely love my feeder has finalised partorisca take another partorisca my mother in the law and loves his hips. One a thing the look was paralizaciones is the one who calm dipped that afterwards to. It is misleading so that has containers in slope in a frame in a photo and a box (and has included to be in a box that eaten of the bird seen in a picture is not comprised) but does not declare that some containers to dip lunches in is not comprised. I seat a lot of posh now that has feeders of party of bird! Really I want these feeders. In a face of him, the very good product. The quality adds and my birds of garden love it. They are lucky I has the a lot handy husband that , when has the time will try to fix this he but looks to be the question with these unfortunately and would not be able to fix this the shame really expects that direct this. Higly Recommended And v has pleased has paid extra. The mamma wants to another for his instructions like other descriptions mention, but seriously you really of the one who need any one ..couldnt Be easier to gather ...It is heavy and big tho like this some can require the hand that dips it near but yes calms he dondequiera the stationedits simple. They look to be very durable, a dark copper look to his look really ready, is easy to clean, a lot aired so that a lunch does not go was, and a lot especially, some birds love! Create the perfect bird feeding station in any sized garden with our range of Bird Stations. I do not comprise of then one has been ordered and there is rid today, has fill some weeks of feeder does still full some birds still of those who comprise it sadly to waist of money. It has had no @to @give me that fijamente to an earth with two spiked pieces of cross, which he surprisingly stable. Has dipped both dice and fat balls to a container. Has surprised that the solid was. Canal of quality a lot well of feeder of the bird, a lot sturdier that our forward a, and the good height. Also finding it impossible to purchase the dish of substitution of plastic water. I owe that say a quality of this one is exceptional. Like a form of him and help him partorisca some squirrels that tries to take some dice. They love it and some birds found it a first day has been dipped was. Simply hang a variety of seeds, nuts and fats on your station to attract a wide variety of garden birds. Well fact and looks expensive. Has has loved it sturdier feeder of Bird after my economic one takes destroyed by the pigeons of forests snapped an arm of the harm welded economic model. A work but precise cleaned was frequently to avert. Other costruttrici usually finalise a metal of smoothly and ensure that some finals neither signal for interior or lateralmente. A high quality bird table made from premium quality wood and a slate roof to keep your garden birds protected from the elements. His reason a point to the left is all a rain by means of and dry faster is and does not go all mouldy. Is not bad I hanged mine of a fence and he cheeky to the squirrel has chewed a crossbar and lifted a lid! Any question that dips it the joint has taken roughly 10 minutes. The desire was bit it main. Bring the birds closer to you with this simple, flat topped table from which to feeds various seed blends, suet and fat products. The FEEDER Of BIRD was a lot of angry with a tone has hid ,addition vat any shone, and surpasses very big,this fold a prize of a feeder of bird ,this could have bought much more economic in my centre of local garden ,will think two times next time I compraventa of Amozon, the birds so only love it, has dipped the worms of lunch have dried was in the, and a first day some birds were throughout he. An only down the side is that some seeds joints of estaca in wet time. Ossia The really good bird the canal done of diet. It has a cottage style round timber base and slatted roof finished in a dark wood stain. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. That in the earth can clean without taking an integer flippin' the canal averts? I go to try a suggestion that uses some feeders of point in a fund like quell'feeder of earth and dispense with a feeder to water as has the small pond. They have had the day of field. Bird Feeders. The sparrows are less enthusiasts on he perhaps because of his measure and regarding a starlings a lot does not like them in of absolute likes him cant take the pertinent of the take and peck in some dice a same time. An element is is own box , quite sturdy with the pictures that the aim is contained . alive in the a lot windy zone and have the difficulty that maintains some feeders of the form of long tube has attached to a table of bird. The roof keeps food protected from larger birds and the weather. has Required the tray partorisca take feeds like any falls out of feeders or is gone through some birds. Very pleased with this feeder of die. Felizmente The advance of tiny garden of my mother has a flowerbed, otherwise would have has had to that buy the separate base to use in a yard, and think it would have been less stable. The Tom Chambers Grand Bird Station is a heavy weight Bird Station unlike most which are made out of thin metal steel. Create the perfect bird feeding station in any sized garden with our range of Bird Stations. So only that has required, a lot well has done the birds want it like this we' arrive two a windy time any two more said. This now is in slope of a fund of the feeder of fat ball and like this far like this well, is taking some falling pieces. Really sturdy, has taken goes massively of starlings, long tailed breasts and jackdaws! I have seen another for sale in the prize of £100 in RHS Harlow Carr and a model of exposure that had gathered also has suffered a same question and wobbled and bent where some components no longer screwed together. We buy these 2 years does so it was looked, and while some squirrels have not taken his some birds avert for some reason also. So only a work for when the squirrels are swinging on that. Uses this for mealworms. Heavy-duty ground spike for extra stability, Four armed bracket with extra large finial. Simply hang a variety of seeds, nuts and fats on your station to attract a wide variety of garden birds. The Tom Chambers Story; Accreditations; Trade Enquiries. It has bitten Of the question boba, the product Adds after a lot of looking solid, sturdy quality. Lovely to look them too much! : ). Beautiful decoration for a garden. Produced of good quality. Really impressed with this canal of diet. It looks he adds also. I do not see any a lot of birds in the, included although any lunch in a summer and is an only feeder with any content. This page contains affiliate links. It has not opened a real element still how is the present as I can add something more later. This is just a selection of our productsPlease see our brochure for the full range, The All-In-One feeding, watering and bathing station, Handcrafted from heavy-weight materials with NEW ‘screw-together’ poles to give a premium bird station, A copper finished Bird Station crafted from heavy duty material, featuring our NEW ‘screw- together’ pole, A stunning heavy duty Bird Station with NEW ‘screw-together’ poles to give a very solid, rigid product. Heavy gauge pole, brackets and accessories. It was the 90th present of anniversary . This canal of bird was obviously quality for his weight so only. So that it was necessary to be it now unless I buy another of these - which possibly will do! The product adds. A hexagonal bird table with a lovely feature slate roof, shaped roof slats and decorative finial to give a real ‘wow’ feature to your garden. A plastic house for some seeds takes chosen in and breakings. Has had previously the main version with tame the copper but he no last very long. Ossia The good thing , as too many peanuts can cause squirrels to result very ailing. This one looks well, ordered and an interior of a tube of seeds is tapered like some seeds do not seat in some subordinated and take mouldy. It would have done the enormous difference to have has had some instructions - dip the on b first or will not be able to return c, etc. For more information please see our disclosure here. Like the family enjoys to look some birds that visits our garden and have dipped like this out of feeding for them. It is extremely sturdy stood up to both of some recent gales, having some extra sustains that submerges in an earth gives that extra support. Still, the good addition to your garden and something of the subject of conversation. 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