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The rogue combo rack comes in at a price of $2500 and is the ultimate rack for your powerlifting meet. Titan and Rep also use metric hole spacing, and it is 50mm/1.98″ instead of 2″. I also cannot find any accessories available like plate storage or multi-use pens (e.g., for attaching bands). * The Titan Fitness X-2 uses 50x50mm tubing, which is 1.97″x1.97″. I've been browsing Titan Fitness products and it seems the X-3 specs are really similar to the Rogue RML-490. Read More, The Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box from 8th Day Performance is one of the best overall plyo boxes available today. I thought the Rep PR 4000 could accept Rogue Monster Lite Attachments, and that the PR 5000V2 could accept Monster Series attachments and vice versa. Not listed here are complex attachments and accessories that will not fit any other racks, such as those that mount on the top or bottom crossmembers or need the rack to be a specific width between uprights. August 2020 Update: This guide used to denote the hole size in the uprights. This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? Hi David, I have the rep 1000 series, would the rogue landmine or monster landmine 2.0 work with it? This article was originally posted in, Which rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000, Which strength equipment to buy from Rogue, Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue, Which Equipment package to buy from Rogue. If you have two people at hand, this is also an easy install. This is a part of their products that outperform all other companies. REP fitness is a runner up that is gaining popularity on Youtube channels lately. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. One of the things I was most hopeful for when Titan began producing more accessories was compatibility with Rogue racks. There are only a few sizes of hardware used across all brands (1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ or 1″), so this gives cleaner numbers and eliminates confusion. You have to put it in the right place, then put the pins in, then something will misalign and you repeat the process all over. The powder-coat holds chalk decently well, but it's quite a bit slicker than Rogues. Many of its attachments are made to fit the side holes, which are incompatible with any other racks. Hey David, Again, we must ask the question, is it necessary? However, despite it having a great design, there are some deficiencies that should be addressed. With this. But, if you're like me, the details matter. bolted either through concrete or a weightlifting platform. Lined right up. It’s 3×3 hardware, but I’d like to know if I could use their attachments for my PR5000. If you want the absolute best and are willing to spend the money than I would suggest going with the Rogue R-3 Power Rack. The tubes are fabricated to match the right outside diameter. im guessing they are 95-96 inch tall now and you could just move the rear cross member down a little bit if they rear stabilizer holes match up, sounds doable. or on a X3. Since this has become a desired feature for consumers, just about every company producing racks now uses this style of hole spacing as well--Titan Fitness included. If I hadn't been spoiled by Rogue, I'd probably never notice that it seemed thin, until I went over to look at all of the connection pieces on their attachments. The rack’s hole spacing does not matter, as the bottom part of the attachment simply rests against wherever the lower safety bar is. Specifically, I'm looking to see if the following are compatible to the RML-490: Landmine Rack Attachment (Pair), Pair of Shackles for X-3 Power Racks, Flying Pull-Up Chin Up Bar For Power Racks, Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar For T-3 Power Rack, Battle Rope Anchor for T-3/X-3 Rack, Bolt-on X-3 Plate Holders, Titan Band Pegs for T-3, T-6, & X-3 Power Racks, 5" Pull Up Spheres For X-3 Power Rack, Rotating Pull Up Handles for X-3 Power Rack, 3" Pull Up Spheres For X-3 Power Rack, Sphere Grip Pull-Up Bar For T-3 Power Rack. Although the Rogue R-3 and Titan T-3 power racks look-alike, they are different. For more on the strap safeties used as an alternative to traditional steel safety bars, see our article, Are Power Rack Safety Straps Safe? This is the one, attaches to the 1″ safety bars, right? I think the pins are only 2 holes apart, so .04″ off. It's likely not and is yet another reason Titan is able to keep their costs lower. Anyone know if Rogue monster crossmembers holes will align with monster lite upright holes? If you haven’t heard of Bolt it’s a new Houston Tx based company but I have their rack and a bunch of their stuff. As this is a TITAN product that is retrofitted into their racks after they have been delivered it is ver likely that some things ill not align smoothly. Anyway, just thought this might be helpful. Titan accessories will NOT work with Rogue racks. Titan Fitness Lat Tower Review: Best Value Selectorized Lat Pulldown, Torque TANK M1 Push Sled Review: The Ultimate Home Gym Sled, REP Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack Review: Incredible Value Squat Rack, Barbells vs. Dumbbells: The Best Option for a Home Gym, The 10 Home Gym Essentials According To Coop, What is Barbell Knurling and Why It Matters, Rogue Fitness Barbell Reviews: An Honest Assessment, Rep PR-5000 Power Rack with Weight Storage. The Monster-Lite series may have wider steel tubes, but they're not thicker steel, and it's unnecessary. Both racks experience this swaying, but I really only notice it when using the Matador dip horns. consider adding in body solid gpr400 (3*3 tubing, 5/8 hardware), Hi, I just bought a Body-Solid GPR380 power rack (see picture) and was looking to find attachments like J-hooks, plate storage, jammer arms etc. An attachment can fit in a larger hole than it’s made for, but it will be able to wiggle and tip down a little. I don’t know the diameter whether its 3/4th, 5/8th or 1 inch! TITAN bench press rack vs Rogue Utility bench, and Rogue Utility bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. I haven't heard much…. The second hole on their attachments that use two holes (with a hitch pin) will not line up quite right on other racks. This overview was first published in "which rack to buy from Rogue".See for yourself whether this rack is the right choice for you or you might want to steer to other options from Rogue. This Rep Fitness dip attachment above fits on almost any rack with 1″ round safety bars (thanks Anthony!). Bummer, I know. Hoping to track down a dip attachment and spotter arms for starters. The main competitors of TITAN in the US are Eleiko and Rogue fitness. You could run into poorly welded attachments. This makes training for competition easier as you do not have to go one inch left, right, forward, and backward each time you want to bench heavy. The Rep Fitness Dip Attachment for 1000-Series Racks is compatible with the Ethos Power Rack 1.0 (3×3, 1”). However when they were sold out of somethings that I wanted I found your blog and looked into the Titan accessories since Rogue no longer makes the infinity series racks. The Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt is a unique spin on a traditional single prong power belt that allows for 1/2" size increments instead of the standard 1". Follow the links for details. But I’ve added their name to the list of brands on those two tables because they seem to be selling enough units locally that they come up in discussions. The Nissan Titan comes in 3 different options- King Cab, Crew Cab and … You have the rack, but you don’t know the dimensions? If I had a second muscle man on hand to lift and move, it would have been easier. – Gym Equipment Supply and Demand Lesson, Notable New Products: 27mm Bar, USA-Made KBs, and a Foldable Reverse Hyper, 45. In fact, I was so curious that I bugged Titan Fitness until they gave me an answer. 3x3 Steel Tube: used for Rogue Monster Lite series and the new Titan X-3. Does anyone know if the VERSASPOT® DUMBBELL SPOTTER SYSTEM from Rogue works on the Rep PR 5000 V2? Is that incorrect? This is a comparison between the TITAN bench press rack and Rogue Utility bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. Highly unlikely that the extension kit would fit. It has to be the matching size category as per the tables. Quick question, do for Rogue Monster racks, will the rep iso arms work? Combine this innovative feature along with some of the highest-quality materials available and a seemingly infinite amount of customization options and you have one of the best power belts available. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Compared to other products in the market, you will pay about half for the TITAN products. Titan Fitness over the past year has introduced their line of power racks (most notably, the Titan T-3) that are in many respects duplicates of the popular Rogue Racks, except for things I'll detail in this review. You get a hold of a great power rack or squat rack, but then you find out that the company doesn’t make the attachments / accessories that you want. Thank you so much for putting all of this together. What matters though is that it does not affect the performance of the rack. Pascal Landshoeft. The last Bench Press Rack you will ever need, Titan's Bench Press Rack will undoubtedly take your chest workouts to a new level! This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? I assume yes because they are both 90”, 3×3, and 1” hardware. Is the T-3 the greatest, sturdiest, best power rack of all time? I’ve gotten some questions on lat attachments, rear rack extensions, and front foot extensions. Also, RML channel storage pair works perfectly on PR-4000 a well. T-2 SERIES; T-3 SERIES; X-2 SERIES; X-3 SERIES; TITAN SERIES; SQUAT STANDS. Rogue R-3 retails for around $700 not including shipping. Although the Titan rack is powder-coated, it's certainly not the best quality. HOWEVER, most of the accessories you mentioned use nut and bolts. There's really no getting around that. The second hole on their attachments that use two holes (with a hitch pin) will not line up quite right on Rogue and other racks. Hope those for the interior depth between the uprights. This bench station takes a rack and cuts the top bid.

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