tenaya iati vs solution

For all the basics—edging, smearing on slab, and moderately overhung climbing—the IATI performed very well. Whats not to love. Being the shoe used in the first 9a onsight you will expect big things from the Tenaya Oasi, and you wont be disappointed. To achieve a greater ability to adapt to the different forms of the rock and a better response to the infinite positions of the foot, Iati incorporates RBRX, a technology developed by Tenaya compatible with SXR Dynamics, which has allowed us to further improve the adjustment in movement and achieve a wider range of response giving you greater connection with the rock. The downturn in the toe box, while less exaggerated than other shoes in the test group, is effective without sacrificing comfort. They haven’t been available for very long but they are clearly steep sport climbing machines, just like Megos. The Velcro straps on the IATI are a little more complicated than those found on standard Velcro climbing shoes. enquiries@bananafingers.co.uk, We use cookie on this site to enhance your user experience. Climbers that have used the La Sportiva Solution shoe might find the design a little more familiar. The adjustable closure system is quick and secure, but cams down on itself, thus requiring an extra step to pull out slack before tightening. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. One piece soles will offer more support and are generally better for face climbing while two piece soles are generally better for climbing really steep terrain. To find out more about our privacy policy, including use of cookies, please visit our. Leather shoes tend to stretch more than synthetic shoes. Can I buy the 2 UK size? When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Extremely precise and aggressive, highly adjustable, very comfortable, great heel, Tight fit, thin straps could wear out faster than thick straps. It has an amazingly comfortable yet aggressive fit, perfect when climbing casually or for long periods of time. Tenaya Iati - £100. My current ones are Lasportiva Mythos Eco. The inner of the shoe is a cotton material that is given a “TXT treatment,” which essentially just aids in moisture control and comfort. But the Iati is not intended to be a specialized shoe that does just one thing really well. There’s enough flexibility in the foot, and enough downturn, to really dig into edges at the extent of your foot’s reach. So the inner of the shoe is actually really comfortable and breathable once you get into it. It hit the shelves in the fall of 2015 which gave us just enough time to get them out on the rock and see how they stack up against Tenaya’s other high-performance models: the Oasi and the Tarifa. Brilliant for indoor use with the thin sole, giving you great feel underfoot. Since the IATI has a slightly less aggressive design than other comparable shoes (e.g., the La Sportiva Solution and Testarossa, or the 5.10 Dragon), I was a bit skeptical as to how the IATI would perform for hard or steep bouldering and sport climbing. The Tenaya Iati is available here at Sender Gear: I bought a pair of Tenaya’s from Nick and Sharon this week, not only are they the most comfortable aggressive shoe I’ve ever tried on the customer service from these guys are incredible! These fit a bit more like Sportivas than other Tenaya models, they are also narrower than some shoes which is good for medium/lower volume feet. With endorsements from the likes of Alex Megos and Ethan Pringle, our interest was piqued, and we decided to check out their latest high-performance shoe, the IATI. this was the first time I try this shoe.. Sizes 1 down from my street shoe. But the narrow width is what makes the Iati such an exceptional face climber. On the Oasi, the two strap closure had two independent Velcro tabs that weren’t always adequate for staying put. On steep terrain, the Iati gets a solid A-. Tenaya is a Spanish company that has recently been gaining more traction in the United States. I've come to these shoes after wearing Sportiva Mythos's, Scarpa Vapor V's and Instinct VS's. Because they are soft and sensitive, these shoes require strong feet to unlock their full potential. It has an amazingly comfortable yet aggressive fit, perfect when climbing casually or for long periods of time. Shoes like the Solution are specialists, in that where they excel is on the steepest of the steep, the most aggressive and technical terrain. I wnat to buy the tenaya oasi 2 uk size.

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