tarantula wet molt

If you see your spider with one or two legs tucked under it, give it a couple of hours to finish what it's doing. Your email address will not be published. I think i failed in some point on doing the process... K, so this post might have just saved my versicolor slings life! While tarantulas don't sleep in the same way that you and I do, they still have periods of rest in which they essentially shut down for periods of time. Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. Nov 21, 2015 #3 MassExodus Well-Known Member. If your tarantula molts asymmetrically, you can be sure that it is having a hard time. It was in my sisters kitchen and I think it may have walked through a pesticide. This will allow it to feel much more comfortable and allow it to hunt for food like it’s used to. We are Team CuteMonsterCare! Just checked on him But i think its dead already :3 i tried moving him and he's hard and stiff. I put her directly over a water dish filled with wet cotton balls. This will soften the old exuvia while also providing lubrication to help your T slide out. This may make owners think that their tarantulas are about to enter a full death curl, but that's almost never the case. But you should never try to replicate this man’s action, as he is trained and experienced in doing so. Hi i've tried everything that is said. ​This tarantula, L. parahybana, isn't in a death curl. That being said, I can’t stress enough that you have to be completely certain that your tarantula is having trouble molting. After a while, you will see progress. Only use soft tools. If you think that your tarantula is entering a death curl, you need to immediately ask yourself these following questions: Below we're highlighting some of the most common behaviors that owners confuse with the dreaded death curl. ), Are Spiders Nocturnal? She has plenty of water, and has been very healthy. At times, you may need to use a tweezer, just be extra careful when you do. However, it can also have some caveats that can cause a bit of worry and stress in keepers of all experience levels. The limbs she did have free were no longer translucent but were dark blue again, which I would guess means she was hardening. Registration is free, and dedicated forums exist for the discussion of Tarantulas, True Spiders, Centipedes & Scorpions. You must log in or register to reply here. Should I be worried? Next Last. Probably Not. ​The owner of this tarantula saw a few of its legs tucked underneath it and assumed it was entering a death curl. How can you be sure that a tarantula is molting, though? Tarantulas are a species of invertebrate that has a hard exoskeleton (external skeleton) covering their bodies. If nothing happens, wet the old skin some more and wait, then try again. ​If a tarantula is on its back, it's almost guaranteed that the tarantula is molting and is not in a death curl! Tarantulas on their backs should be given about a week to fully complete their molt before you even think about interacting with them. Having a fine tip tweezwes to grip the old exo helps immensly as well. Wet molt was created by Darren. Molting is essentially when a tarantula sheds its exoskeleton in order to grow into a bigger tarantula. For larger spiders, the same principle applies but you will need to apply more pressure. This particular molt took more than three hours but is compressed into less than a minute. If you're wondering why tarantulas die in this position, there's actually a fairly interesting reason behind it. The aim of this post is to put to rest a lot of the misconceptions that owners have about the tarantula death curl. Its enclosure does not contain a hide, so it's gotten stressed out and scared, resulting in this strange behavior. But I rather read about it beforehand. i put it at the sticking point and roll it in my fingers so the cotton spins in a manner to push the old away from the new. More Info Here. 8 years 10 months ago #36559 by Darren. Just a note on what you should consider as ‘progress’ – you should visibly see your T getting out of its old skin; the random movement of legs does not count as progress. Owners will then take precautions to help "save" their tarantulas, which then stresses them out further. When a tarantula molts it usually lies on its back. As you can imagine, this requires great fine motor skills but even more importantly – confidence. If you’re a tarantula noob and you’re not sure what a healthy molt looks like, watch this video of a female Mexican Red Knee shedding its old exoskeleton. One reason behind why the death curl is such a difficult topic is that tarantulas love to pose in weird positions. It definitely is possible… Do you know what the temperature and humidity of the enclosure is right now? Ratmosphere said: Recently I've noticed some … This is when most owners observe this behavior. From here, everything should run at a constant pace and there should be visible progress. However, this action is often not enough for tarantulas that have entered this stage. However, it also happens to tarantulas that have been in the same enclosure for a good amount of time. If you can see even a little bit of progress, do not get involved. Luckily, you’re not completely helpless and there are some things you can do to help your tarantula should it get stuck. Once you notice your tarantula enter the pre-molt phase, you can consider upping the humidity levels in its enclosure since it will stop eating in preparation for the molt and food is a T’s main source of hydration. I hope you are patient because this will take time and a gentle hand. I found what appears to be a tarantula but very small, maybe a baby. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We also have Classifieds, Reviews, Bite/Sting/Breeding Reports and more! This is a painstaking procedure and you will need a lot of patience. Very interesting predicament you’re in — and very nice of you to try and save this spider! In fact, making sure that your tarantula always feels comfortable and safe is a huge part of tarantula husbandry. Although you might be ready to blame yourself for creating a sub-standard enclosure for your T, causing a bad molt, you can take comfort in the fact that free-roaming tarantulas also sometimes get stuck when molting. 3 Year Member. A tarantula getting ready for a molt will usually stop eating, sometimes for as long as a few weeks before a molt. If your T is in this position, with its legs stretched out to the sides, do not interfere. I am very sad that she is slowly dying. Seeing a small web underneath an upside-down tarantula is almost a sure-fire way of identifying a molt. As soon as the carapace pops open, the active molting process has started.

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