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The Terrifying Thugs Of India That Would Put Any Of Today's Gangs To Shame, This Was Pavel Kashin's Final Jump – And It Killed Him, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. Full disclosure: We are a participant in affiliate programs, and Worldation may receive a portion ... As if Italy couldn’t be any more beautiful and mysterious, we just found out about these wicked ... There’s no doubt that traveling is probably one of the most exciting things to do for most people. With its huge gusts of winds it created massive waves that pounded the beaches of Hawaii, although there were thankfully no casualties on the islands. Richard insisted that Tami should go below deck where she might be safer, and also so she could rest. “It wasn’t as intense as when I got to shore, the survival was over and I could see people together and everything kept reminding me of him. She said: “I think Richard was definitely with me, that he was helping guide me and being there with me because we shared such a passion for each other and for life. Richard wird von Bord gefegt, Tami erwacht Stunden später allein auf offener See. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Einsamer Überlebenskampf auf hoher See: Shailene Woodley ind der Rolle der Tami Oldham Ashcraft. I just really had a hard time. There were moments when Tami considered giving up and joining Richard in the depths of the sea, but something stopped her when she heard a voice. Es hat alles: Liebe, Abenteuer, Überleben, Tragödie und am Ende Hoffnung. “There were times I didn’t even want to live anymore because I didn’t know how I was going to go on. It may not have been much, but she felt like it would be just enough to survive off of. Trotz des Kurswechsels folgte ihnen der Sturm und zwang das Paar, 40-Fuß-Wellen und 140-Knoten-Winde zu bekämpfen Chicago Tribune . Unfortunately, on two separate occasions the other ships just couldn’t see her flares or the red flag she had made. ". Interboot-Bilanz: "Mut, der belohnt wurde" 28.09.2020. Doch schon bald nimmt die scheinbar idyllische Liebesgeschichte eine düstere Wendung. Nach wenigen Tagen gerieten sie in den Hurricane Raymond. FOR loved-up young adventurer Tami Oldham, sailing a yacht across the Pacific with her sexy fiance was meant to be 4,000 miles of sun-kissed bliss. Tami muss einen Weg finden, das Schiff flott zu halten und ihren Verlobten in Sicherheit zu bringen. ‘Hazana’ after it was towed into the harbor at Hilo. Aufgrund der Beschädigungen am Boot und der örtlichen Wind- und Strömungsverhältnisse erschien ein Fortsetzen der ursprünglich geplanten Route nach San Diego jedoch unrealistisch, sodass sie sich entschied, stattdessen Hawai'i anzulaufen. Though all the odds were against her, Tami Oldham Ashcraft managed to do it. While she was devastated by the trauma she just went through, Tami tried to push all of that down and go in to survival mode. On October 12, 1983 the full force of Hurricane Raymond came upon the Hazana. Instead they would be traveling in a 44 foot yacht called the Hazana. Finally, some Japanese sailors in the port spotted her boat and helped reel her in. Tami Oldham Ashcraft (* 1960) ist eine US-amerikanische Seglerin und Autorin. At another time, perhaps they could have. Tami once recalled: “We hugged, laughed, made love and relaxed into 20 days of paradise.”. September 2020 um 20:49 Uhr bearbeitet. She was also overlooked by a couple of airplanes that flew overhead. 27 Stunden das Bewusstsein verlor. She said: “I will never understand why Richard died and I lived, except that he saved my life by having me go below.”. In Folge der Kopfverletzung trug Oldham Ashcraft länger andauernde Schwierigkeiten beim Fokussieren von Objekten davon, sodass sie insbesondere jahrelang nicht in der Lage war, ein Buch zu lesen. Die Amerikanerin nahm im Oktober 1983 im Alter von 23 Jahren mit ihrem Freund Richard Sharp den Auftrag an, die 44 … Overall, she has been very satisfied with the final product.

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