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We have just had the other sounds machine much longer than the Rest so we kept using it at night because it was what she was used to/more comfortable with. Guide in a nutshell – just few pages to read and few nights to go through and you’re done. Thanks for sharing your experience with sleep patterns! What activities did you do with her during a wake time? Wish I could answer that for you! I was told too early to sleep train but sounds like maybe not. And how many pounds? They are short videos that you can watch while you are feeding. Make your baby's crib the last thing to be packed in the old house and the first thing to be unpacked in your new home. Sorry for the overload of questions! What worked for her the first time didnt work the second time. Meaning, as soon as I stopped pumping I would gradually be able to go longer without needing to. I can’t really remember when I stopped feeding on demand. 7:15 – pjs, paci, lovey, sleep sack; book, prayers, snuggles Every baby is different and what works for Miller may not work for someone else! I breastfed for over 2 years and learned that dips happen but that as long as I let my little use me as a pacifier (within reason) when he needed to during those dips, it brought my supply to what he needed. If we go past that she’s waking up through the night. I don’t think I could do it without it. But after a couple of days it didn’t hurt so bad and now I can go until around 6 am before they wake me up or start hurting. I am wondering if I want to focus on dropping the dream feed and allowing my baby to still get up at 5:30am, then back down so I have some free time in the morning (this morning she’s slept until 9am). I would do it towards the end of awake time and then put her down when you get home.xox A. Ah love this! Thanks! Being able to control it from my phone is fantastic! Be consistent. We laugh about that now! We started using the Halo Sleep Swaddle when she was a week old and she immediately started sleeping longer. Does this mean no going in to soothe her at all no matter how much she cries for??? How many weeks was Miller when she started STTN? So weird, but the very first time we put Miller down by 7:30 she slept 11 hours! We may have done it sooner but it was Christmas and New Years and we were out of town. xox A. Send Us an Email Love this and yes, sounds so similar! You can also try supplements or lactation cookies. I pump before I go to sleep and then again after I feed her in the morning! About 6 months ago I was struggling to get my baby to sleep and after visits to the doctor, sleepless night countless hours spent online looking for something to help my child nothing worked.

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