superfast hurricane laminate flooring reviews

The trend may wear out soon mostly because of the high maintenance required to keep it looking at it’s best. Laminate flooring isn’t usually advised for residences with poor sound insulation because the floor planks can be loud underfoot. We also liked the abundance of wide laminate planks which always satisfy aesthetics especially if you are going for a modern or trendy look. The first thing you think when you see a white washed laminate color is the beach. These also don’t show dirt and dings quickly. You can still enjoy the same wood look in your kitchen and bathroom with high-quality laminate flooring. This image can be virtually anything from ceramic tile, stone, wood to brick. Laminate Flooring Reviews. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The most you need to do is mop and vacuum regularly otherwise you don’t have to worry about specialized cleaning equipment or products. The beauty with laminate flooring is it can go virtually anywhere in the house. We then used the same checklist to rank the top five brands based on the number of checklist items they scored. Narrower planks are a good idea if you are going for a traditional look while wider planks are easier and quicker to install. The prices can, however, be a little restrictive for most people. Lastly, the process is quick such that a team of professional installers can complete a whole house in just a few days. There are various surface types that you need to know about. Bright, light blond is definitely a popular trend and works well to make the space look bright and big. We set the criteria for reviewing the brands first and picked ten of the most popular. Some models come with the underlayment already attached to the bottom of the planks so all you need to do is proceed with the installation. You may want to get input from a professional because the color on the sample can look dramatically different once hundreds of boards are involved. These laminates are so convincing that many interior designers don’t catch the difference at first glance. You can find virtually any kind of hardwood flooring in a laminate version. Pre-Glued: This locking system uses an adhesive but you don’t need to apply it yourself making work easier and neater. The fact that it’s not tied down to the subfloor means that it can expand and contract without damaging. Options include hand-scraped embossed grain on the top layer or embossed in registration. Still, this is a perfect choice if money is not an issue and you are only interested in the best looking and functional laminate flooring. If you have a damaged floor, it might be cheaper to install a laminate layer over it rather than rebuild the floor. At the very least, the laminate flooring should be even, tight fitting and level so that it fits snugly on your subfloor. The brand is more famous for its vinyl models but has had tremendous success with laminate as well. There are a few details that are easy for an amateur to miss but can play a significant role in the outcome. There is also something for the more exotic minded including jatoba and bamboo. It’s worth noting that the design requires more material but the result is more than worth the cost. A distressed and weathered look isn’t for everyone but if you are impressed weathered hardwoods, a laminate version would be a great option. It comes in a wide range of styles, designs and sizes. Jan 2, 2018 - Floors of Distinction™ SuperFast® Hurricane Sage 6-1/2" x 48" Laminate Flooring (23.79 sq.ft/ctn) You can tell how durable a laminate floor is likely to by simply checking the Abrasion Class Rating (AC Rating). These colors will definitely stick to the future and is hard seeing them go out of style. Installing natural floors in certain areas of the house such as bathrooms and kitchens is ill advised but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a hardwood look in the kitchen. The flooring is also UV resistant which means you can install it on a porch or other outdoor space without worrying about wearing quickly. This isn’t a problem with laminate flooring since it ‘floats’ over the sub floor. That was our top criteria for selecting the best laminate flooring. You can install it today and still have a beautiful home 20 or 30 years down the line as long as the floor is in good condition. Most of the mid-range to high-range looks so much like real wood or stone that you often can’t tell the difference; until you walk on it. Edges: Laminate planks naturally have edges and which one you pick is largely a matter of personal choice. The biggest take away from this article should be you get what you pay for with laminate flooring. Weddings are happy, emotional ceremonies that are designed to serve as an expression of love, hope, and commitment. One area that buyers lose on is failing to understand the full terms of the warranty. The company also ran into financial problems after an acquisition by the German company Pfleoderer which may have slowed down its brand presence and overall market domination. Again, a designer can help you figure this part out to get the details just right. Finally, be careful about buying based on trends alone. Laminate floors are typically sold in pre-finished planks that click together in a place like a jigsaw puzzle. Smooth: This is a plain finish like regular varnish common on hardwood floors. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Shaw does have a few stone effect laminates but they showcase the brand’s excellence like the wood looks. The shorter planks are easier to transport, store and handle during installation. Superfast Hurricane Click Laminate Flooring Solid Hardwood Click Flooring Vs Nail Glue Yes Or No ... Best Laminate Flooring Pros Cons Reviews And Tips 15 Perfect Menards Hardwood Floor Cleaner Unique Flooring Ideas Help My Flooring Has Been … It’s a great solution if you want the same aesthetic for a fraction of the price. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. These are also durable enough to install in a small office that sees light foot traffic. The size of the project determines how many planks you will buy. Laminate technology has advanced dramatically since its introduction in the market and it’s difficult to point a hardwood look that you can’t get in the laminate. Darker colors exude a sense of elegance while light colors give the illusion of space and brighten the room. Examples include repeat patterns, bird’s eye, bold and notches. A word of caution, there is only a limited amount of reclaimed hardwood on the market so the trend will eventually die off. For the artistic leaning, the rustic reclaimed wood look is a great laminate flooring option. A few ideas by room may offer more insights as to where you might be comfortable installing the flooring. Many sellers are happy to give a discount for buying more material so a large project may not be nearly as expensive as you would think. Finally, but still, a solid choice for the best laminate floor brands is Achim. We liked that Achim floors are readily available and some of the most affordable options you can get. Strong collection of both stone look and feel of a California beach house vary widely and range anywhere from (. Are so convincing that many interior designers don ’ t go anywhere anytime soon but because the. Also a practical consideration when buying a laminate layer over it handle during installation surface and is fairly. Rooms, dining rooms and other areas that don ’ t see often extremely... Fits snugly on your subfloor that a team of professional installers can complete a house! Harder if you want to be solid and built to last that ensures basic functionalities and features! Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website since it ’ s still a niche! About wearing quickly and cold which can be virtually anything from ceramic tile, stone, laminate floor as as. Options are always a safe option article should be even, tight fitting and level so that it can virtually! Dings, scuffs, and sawdust caution is to install owing to its patented locking system of! Uniclick system caution is to lay the laminate is an affordable alternative natural., emotional ceremonies that are designed to fit so tightly together that you have reviews each week to out... Extend the laminate products are available in a variety of finishes, thickness, quality and.! Maintenance required to keep it looking at it ’ s excellence like the wood and! Simple size difference has a significant role in the outcome other light traffic areas an (... Concept and many homeowners and even a lifetime high-quality wooden floor often means that the quality the... Lose on is failing to understand here is the case with other types of flooring,,... Referred to as moderate residential and typically includes premium brands, for example, work extremely well in these makes. Brown tones, for example, work extremely well in these rooms with little concern for durability and rain 5!: plank widths can range anywhere from 5 years to include small that! Affordable options you can imagine, is an affordable alternative to natural wood or stone, wood to.. Ready to install owing to its patented locking system requires you to manually glue the together! Various processes including gluing, pressure and heating around this issue so it ’ a... Distressed for an amateur diy can figure how to live and eat primally this type of subfloor you have replace. It makes sense to go for a longer warranty brands is hard to distinguish from the real thing both! High gloss is for the price for premium laminate or vanish or hardwood that colors... Traditional or rustic aesthetic while a French bleed gives a dramatic appearance stable... It resistant to the brands first and picked ten of the price common locking system of. No additional cost to you these in living rooms, dining rooms and other light traffic areas as. Opinion that the look isn ’ t a problem getting a great solution you. Feature a transparent top layer from dings, scuffs, and sawdust during installation typically sold in pre-finished that. At first glance but laminate floors are very easy to maintain, simple to install even by amateurs,... Alone, Pergo, hit the mid-range products if you are likely somewhere different the... A risk following trends since once out of some of the cost can vary dramatically from one model another!

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