stevens model 77f 410 pump shotgun

Stevens Model 77e, .410 Pump Shotgun - 7664914, Selling these firearms for a gentleman who has some health problems and can no longer get out and enjoy the shooting sports. Many had been arsenal refurbished after World War II. Stevens 520, 520A, 620, 620A pump shotgun. bore should clean up nice is dirty but has a … For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. During the Tet Offensive, the 77E and other shotguns would have been invaluable in clearing VC from buildings. accepted by Money Order or a Certified Bank Check etc. I will try to answer any question. Rapid City SD 57703 Some other riot guns were acquired for issuance to the Vietnamese, including the Ithaca Model 37. Apparently, however, there were no replacement triggerguards available in the supply system. Powered by Shopify, Jack First Inc. Stevens 77-77A-77B-77C 12 & 20 ga. pump shotgun. Selling these firearms for a gentleman who has some health problems and can no longer get out and enjoy the shooting sports. Martial 77E shotguns are readily identifiable by the Parkerized receiver and barrel; the “U.S.” stamped on the right side of the receiver just behind the barrel; the “P” proof marks on top of the receiver and barrel; a 20-inch, cylinder-bored barrel with a bead sight; a black, stained stock and forearm; a rubber recoil pad; and sling swivels. By davinman in forum Vintage Savage/Stevens/Fox Firearms, By najim1958 in forum Vintage Savage/Stevens/Fox Firearms, By grillstogo in forum Vintage Savage/Stevens/Fox Firearms, By Miles2014 in forum Savage & Stevens Shotguns, By manic mechanic in forum Vintage Savage/Stevens/Fox Firearms. 14" LOP( has not been cut down for a child like most older .410s.) The Stevens Model 77E is also one of the toughest U.S. military shotguns to find. This 1955 to 1971 manuf. 6 of 8 Forgotten Warrior: Stevens’ Model 77E Shotgun This Vietnam-era box of 12-gauge, 00 buckshot from Olin Mathieson held 10 rounds of ammunition. Stevens 77M-77EM (magnum) 12 ga pump shotgun. Stevens Model 240 W/ Tennite Stock - .410 GA $500.00: 0 $500.00 ... Winchester Model 42 .410 Slide Shotgun 28in w/3in 1950s Minty - .410 GA $2,850.00: 0 $2,850.00 9d 11h 48m 17076408. OR TWO BUT DECENT. XM257 boxes and wrappers were similarly marked but with the XM257 designation and #4 buckshot. In combat, the stock proved the weakest part of the 77E, especially if used to butt-stroke an enemy. them U.P.S. [IF IT APPLIES] to ship any nice overall gun. FIRING IT Stevens 520, 521, 522, 525, 530, 535 earliest 520 pump shotgun. Some of these replacement stocks were longer than the originals, probably because repairs were being made for U.S. units with U.S.-sized troops. Unlike most U.S. GI shotguns, the 77E was fitted with a thick recoil pad. Still, the 77E could be fired very quickly, and users learned to feed additional shells whenever there was a lull in the fighting. Stevens 77 .410 ga pump shotgun. Ì=RÙÁq%�+C-…í;>C¿áJ�SÏá+�cƒñ¢¡bDÈqÉ>xÖL¦I4™ŒÓ¢|Y§ŠUÁˆF�N‰ È’fe× ¦’7«PòZe8²æhäWzdOåã–oÌààʱ$a×wP*É…Yr&â‚8dg� ş�ŠcÆ‹�?Z½–îLvp¾&/ÇehŸîC ƒ–µxB..ÜAåF8Äb>�ğèÀ9Ñ3§³ NH–C :�Z®–²�¢¬ğø‚2 SURE YOU HAVE THIS FIREARM CHECKED OUT BY A GUNSMITH BEFORE 26 inch barrel. It can be deduced that Bobo used the shotgun effectively in firing into the enemy attempting to overrun the position, as the shotgun would have been very effective at close range against a mass attack. They saw wide usage in Vietnam, especially among MPs, though with infantry and other units as well. SURE WHEN IT WAS MADE AND CAN'T FIND A SERIAL NUMBER ON IT. A shotgun that fits the target market that represents a solid cornerstone in the .410 shotgun market. Some did remain in the U.S. or return with troops redeploying, but unlike earlier martial shotguns they weren’t sold off as surplus. check out the. Though the 77E undoubtedly saw combat, I cannot remember reading any narratives of its use. I will send In his excellent Complete Guide To United States Military Shotguns, Bruce Canfield mentions that U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. John Bobo used a 77E in winning his Congressional Medal of Honor on March 30, 1967, in Quang Tri Province. The Vietnam War was the first jungle conflict fought by the U.S. armed forces since World War II in the Pacific. holder. Reportedly, 60,920 Model 77E riot guns were delivered to the U.S. Armed Forces or allies beginning in 1963. 605-343-8481 Most of those that do turn up were supplied by the Department of Defense to police departments, which later sold or traded them. The information and opinions expressed within this site are those of its contributors, and in no way should be viewed as the opinions or recommendations of Savage Arms. S tevens 315 Double Barrel Shotgun. The 77E or other shotguns would have been most useful on convoy duty when moving through villages or other areas where an attack might be launched at close range. For more information, visit GI#: 101446924. Description: Up for sale is a nice (98% overall condition) Stevens model 77F, pump action, 410 ga. (2 1/2 or 3 inch)shotgun. ... Stevens MODEL 311 DOUBLE BARREL 26 INCH BARRELS - .410 GA $650.00: 0 $650.00 12d 11h 58m 17106251. WOOD IS GOOD SOME SCRATCHES AND A SMALL BRUISE by Richard P. Smith / Those assigned to convoy duty often carried the Stevens, as did those assigned to guard communist prisoners, HQs or other installations. Both the cardboard boxes and the wrappers were marked with the designation of the shells—“10 CTGS, 12 Gage SHOTGUN PLASTIC CASE NO.

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