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And the solution of course is easily located via a simple internet search. I don't know if it was done outside the pokemon VC games, but things they did in those ROMS show they can do such things. Article text: Use this easily to google code so you don't need a manual after all. The USA definition of a millennial is totally wrong though. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @retro_player_22 Japan gets the SP versions too. Even just sending an intern through the game once would be enough to catch this one, so either they didn't do that or someone caught it and nobody cared. The game is filled with puzzles. If I get stuck in a game, I'm not going to automatically hop onto Google. How is click bait still a thing in 2019? Nintendo's too focused on making SP versions, and online modes, and badly designed, distracting borders for the NES games, so there's no time left to develop an authentic experience for players anymore. Unrelated to how any of us feel about old NES games, most of these games from the 8-bit era should be celebrated as pieces of gaming history at the very least, and treated with some form of digital respect. If I remember correctly the letter was to punish renters. Everyone playing the game has access to the internet so it's not really a problem and it's also easy to see why such a thing could be missed. @Baker1000 They don't make instruction manuals for games anymore cause a lot of modern games nowadays already came with tutorial options in-game either with tutorial modes, tutorial levels, or tutorials quest, etc., that already teaches the player what to do or expect once they start the game. Again, it's about the level of quality of the product and the image being put forth by it, and I am definitely of the philosophy if that the most you're going to do something is halfway at best then don't even bother presenting it to me. Everyone has access to Google and can simply find it online. Just Google the answer. Oh well. Smells like no effort was put into this, aside from the online play available on some of them (didn't try it though). not always 12 hours of course but this is one I wanted to play on a plane. Disrespecting the original games! I will not believe it. @Strumpan if you can watch some guy play the game on YouTube or twitch why bother playing games? Anything. On the bright side, all you have to do is make a Japanese NNID and log into the Japanese eShop on your Switch and you can download the Japanese NSO app and play their exclusives with your regular western NSO sub. You’re just pulling straw men out of your butt. None of the NES games have manuals and Tetris 99 doesn't bother to explain itself at all. Players had to physically dip the paper in water at home to be presented with a three-digit code. Get over it, snowflake. "“Evil aliens from a distant planet ... tell my nephew to use Code 1776. Unfortunately, these new players are finding themselves unable to complete the game thanks to what can only be described as a bizarre oversight from Nintendo itself. This is way to funny. Just another reason the Virtual Console is superior to this subscription service. Matthew is a moderator, so please try to listen to him next time. Unless the letter contain differently unique code (a download code) for every version of the game, I don't see this as an issue. If they had realised their mistake you would literally just open the digital manual to see the answer. Try achieving something in real life. @LunarFlame17 Sure just Google it, unless you're using it portable somewhere without internet, such as 30k feet in the air or other situations you might want to play a game but don't have internet access at that exact moment. Now make your way to the second switch, and that will destroy the next orb. So saying that the US definition "Is totally wrong" without offering any sort of counter argument/source is not overly beneficial. It’s possible that Nintendo might patch something like the Wii U’s workaround in at some point, or that the company just assumes players will search the internet for the answer when they hit upon the puzzle. "Roughly speaking, action games and puzzlers are easy to make, while you have to check a lot of spots in RPGs, which takes a lot of time.". Wondered how they would handle it. I seriously doubt Nintendo “forgot”, or it was a huge “oversight”. @DarknyhtI know most people are happy with the classic editions, and I agree with most people when considering the "game" aspect alone, but to me, and to many others I'm sure, those games were much more than that. This is a game I would say Nintendo is better off remaking so a problem like this gets solve. Apart from the Mario games, who still plays these NES games now anyway? @TheGerudoKing And still you try to make awkward changes to the subject by throwing claims about things such as being a shut-in and in-game achievements or trophies to distract away from the topic of discussion, further cementing yourself into a position in which it is clear you have nothing worthwhile to retort with. Nintendo games in particular had great artwork in them particularly for the Mario games, it's a shame we don't get such things anymore. You're offending me right now so what's the difference? The code is basically the same for every version of the game. @CoastersPaul well if it is a max, you will have bigger problems I guess. I'm glad some sites have picked up the story because it gets the information to more people who might otherwise give up on a great game. @Moroboshi876 It's in the NES Mini manual: Not everyone played the original, and having to google it is not a good way to go. @TheGerudoKing Nope, you can't just go around offending people, even if you think they deserve it. Edit: I'm referring to the "oh no, how can people possibly solve this problem" tone of the article, not the discussion about whether games should come with manuals. "Dad? @UmbreonsPapa Eh... so, if you encounter a puzzle in a game, how can you decide this particular one is insolvable without googling? @Tirza Except that he (And I) falls directly in the widely accepted definition of the Millennial generation - which the US did not define. Now that I think off, it would be great to include notes for vintage games, kind of audio commentary that comes with dvd's movies. Simply out of curiosity, what country is that? It must be so hard being so fragile. I loved how they did that with the GBA games on Wii U. And this time she plans to do away with &qu... An NES game based on these two bodacious dudes of movie fame? At one point Mike has to use his uncle’s submarine, but it won’t work without a secret code. @Realnoize as I said, the NES/SNES Classic line had the entire manuals available for download. @carlos82 so you don't play puzzle games? To do this, you must find your way through a series of rooms. Lol, @Strumpan Who's asking to Google the answers to all puzzles? So, what's the problem with the Switch Online version? Complaints and critiques are completely valid and, in this case, quite justifiable. I think the Wii VC version sent the letter to the Wii messages. Well, it doesn't have the Wii U fix included, and instead simply tells players to dip the letter into the water, waiting for the code. This of course would've made it difficult for those renting the game over a weekend to finish it, and quite possibly could've led to Nintendo making some money off the rental (Such as if the player contacted Nintendo's gameplay support line for a fee to get the solution needed to progress). Very telling on how little Nintendo really knows or cares about their old IP. Suggesting just this particular one. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him. The game came out at the end of the NES’s life-cycle, just a couple weeks after the SNES had already come out in Japan. I guess players have now found another difference between buying a game vs. "borrowing" it. They even had a QR code (along with the url) on the screen to assist people there. @carlos82 not really.... the original idea is that You must "deduce" the answer is in the phisical letter, and not in some ingame letter.... The other upside to this is that if a game has an English version we're likely to get it at the same time as Japan, no matter how obscure or niche the game is. You can reach him at If you see Smoke walking by at 4th screen then you got it.". And the fact that this had accommodations made for it in all previous digital releases only adds to the feeling that the NES service has no curation or effort being put in whatsoever. History has been all screwed up and only t... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. @Tirza What does millennial have to do with it? StarTropics Walkthrough Videos Total number of 10 videos by suraht … :/. Rather than the simple scan as seen on the Wii U, you actually virtually dip a letter in water on the Wii version. @roadrunner343 Not really. Put it right up there with the drip feed, and unplayability of the online two player. While not huge on its own, it adds fuel to the fires of frustration that are had with the online service, and the NES library in particular. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. Maybe they'll release an SP version of the game that puts you just past that point. Going to the internet for the solution is the last resort for me. I always think these compilations or services offering old games should be more like virtual museums. I was born in '99. Guess they just didn't! While I think Nintendo should include the manuals digitally with every game, this isn't the end of the world. Is that fun? Of course, I already heard the code from the people online recommending it. Even if player do have the letter they'll still be scratching for answers anyways whether with the physical letter or through outside source. 's and and Nav-Com's appearance are not 100% identical, you could tell by looking at their features that this was intended to be a direct cameo. On the back of it is a letter from Mike’s uncle asking him to visit the island. Some fresh air will do you some good. Why bother when everyone just googles when they get stuck anyway? Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... SNK Apologises For "Offensive Ad" Featuring Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard, Spiritual Successor To "Underrated And Misunderstood" Zelda II Could Be Switch-Bound, "Our goal is to keep the features people love and alter the ones they didn't", Random: Wow, The PS5 Really Does Dwarf The Switch, Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes, How to get all eight of Ash's Pikachu in Sword and Shield, Rumour: 'Switch Pro' Could Feature A Mini-LED Display, According To A New Report, Nintendo's looking to improve screen performance and battery life. And to try to equate basic, crucial, information with cheat codes is inane. (Robotic Operating Buddy, aka ROB the robot) was Nintendo's first mascot so to speak during the their early years and he made an indirect appearance in StarTropics for those paying attention.

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