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1x1 Shortname Generally, they offer very low armour penetration but deal decent flesh damage per shot. Lockdown magic – how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering. Only two guns use this Escape from Tarkov ammo type: the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. La 23x75 mm Star (Star) est un type de cartouche de 23x75 mm dans Escape from Tarkov. Accuracy Accuracy Specifically manufactured for the 5-7 pistol and P90 SMG, this round was built with penetration in mind. Note: The ingame item name is 12/70 HP Slug "SuperFormance". 0.1 If you’re using an SMG with a large capacity and high rate of fire, the Luger CCI rounds can overwhelm opponents with a hail of gunfire, while dealing reasonable damage and taking out mid-level armour through sheer volume. With nearly 80 Escape from Tarkov ammo types for players to wrap their heads around, it’s not hard to see how tricky it is for new players to figure out what ammo to buy for each magazine, let alone what ammo is best suited for certain scenarios. If you’re planning on taking your target down with chest shots then you’ll want to use the highest armour penetration rounds where possible – the SNB does a job on all but the toughest armours. You’ll find this round in most of the AK variants, including the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR, and AK-103. Icon 1 In-game description 2 Trades 3 Tasks 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Patch Changes 7 See also 8 References "20x70 Hollow Point Slug shell for 20ga shotguns." Damage Item size The difference between the SP10 and SP13 is negligible, but the armour pen drops off a cliff when using the SP11 and SP12 rounds. If you don’t mind dropping your penetration to basically nothing, the aptly named Devastator Slug will deal impressive damage to unarmoured body parts. AP 20 Slug 164 37 65 3% 6 6 6 5 3 1 20 Gauge 5.6mm Buckshot 26 1 12 0% 3 3 3 3 3 3 8 Pellets 6.2mm Buckshot 22 2 13 0% 3 3 3 3 3 3 8 Pellets 7.5mm Buckshot 25 3 14 0% 3 3 3 3 3 3 8 Pellets 7.3mm Buckshot 23 3 13 0% 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 Pellets Devastator Slug 198 5 13 100% 1 0 0 0 0 0 Slug "Poleva-3" 120 14 35 20% 6 2 0 0 0 0 Star Slug 154 16 42 10% 6 5 Projectile speed Base information 2 Guides editor. 12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot. In most cases, you’ll want magazine’s stacked with BP rounds as they will punch through practically any body armour and still dish out plenty of flesh damage. Shortname Note: The ingame item name is 20/70 Devastator Slug. 1 Here is the best Escape from Tarkov ammo to use for every ammo type: The PMM rounds are great too, but are not compatible with Kedr SMGs. We recommend taking the TT with GZH rounds as a high penetration backup should you run out of ammo for your primary. 0.029 kg If you thought the AK’s 7.62x39mm rounds could tear through armour then you’ll really get a kick out of its bigger brother. 1 Stack size 1x1 Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Click here for weapon parts & mods featured in,, First mentioned on social media with a spreadsheet. 405 m/s Ricochet chance Fragmentation chance 20/70 Slug shell for 20ga shotguns In general all 9x18mm are useless against armour, but they have decent damage stats. Jordan prides himself on one thing alone: being better than you at Rainbow Six Siege. Razer DeathAdder Essential - a high-precision secret weapon, Asus TUF FX505DT - AMD and Nvidia combine to make a great gaming laptop. The AP 6.3 will make the 9x19mm viable against medium armour, but is pricey so the PST GZH is a solid alternative if you’re on a budget. Base information Online price monitoring, charts, price history for 20/70 Star Slug on Escape From Tarkov flea market These chunky twenty gauge shells are only used in the TOZ-106 currently, but if you’re going for a budget run then taking some good ammo can make this gun perform very well. Likewise, if you’re thinking about picking the game up then we’ve got a quick roundup of everything we know about the promised Escape from Tarkov Steam release. The LRNPC rounds will dish out higher flesh damage if you prefer that. 20g Recoil First mentioned on social media with a spreadsheet1 27 October 2019 - Patch Introduced to the game. If you aren’t fielding the TOZ shotgun, then you’re going to be using these 12 gauge shells. Note: The ingame item name is 20/70 Devastator Slug. Stack size 12g 20 Those with little experience using real firearms already have plenty of hurdles to overcome in Escape from Tarkov, with most guns boasting over ten different components, so struggling to choose between all the different ammo types being sold across the several vendors is understandable. Because of this, you’ll likely want to stock up on these, so making the right call here is vital. Item size The Magnum Buckshot rounds will deal good damage, and if two of the nine projectiles hit an unarmoured body part it will be immediately destroyed. Note: The ingame item name is 12/70 HP Slug "SuperFormance". Hraje velkou roli při přestřelkách a často určuje výsledky boje. We’re not including weapons that can only take one type of ammo like the TOZ-106, as there’s really no other option. 115 % If you’re a firm believer in the leg meta then you’ll likely prefer the 55 HP, Warmage, and MK 255 Mod 0 rounds that deal an eye-watering amount of flesh damage – the Warmage wins out here, but its armour penetration values are among the lowest in the game. 140 % Beschreibung [Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] 20/70 Flintenlaufgeschoss für 20 ga Schrotflinten These rounds are much better against armour than the other options in this category, but you’ll need to rank Prapor up to level 4 to buy them. If you’re fresh to the game then check out our how to escape from Tarkov guide. Jordan Forward 0.034 kg Die 20/70 Star Flintenlaufgeschoss (20/70 Slug) ist eine 20 x 70 mm‎ Munition in Escape from Tarkov. 12 %, 12x70 "Poleva-3" Slug • 12x70 "Poleva-6u" Slug • 12x70 5.25 mm Buckshot • 12x70 6.5 mm "Express" Buckshot • 12x70 7 mm Buckshot • 12x70 8.5 mm "Magnum" Buckshot • 12x70 AP-20 Slug • 12x70 Dual Sabot Slug • 12x70 FTX Custom Lite Slug • 12x70 Flechette • 12x70 Grizzly 40 Slug • 12x70 HP Slug "SuperFormance" • 12x70 HP Slug Copper Sabot Premier • 12x70 Led slug • 12x70 RIP • 12x70 shell with .50 BMG bullet •, 20x70 5.6 mm Buckshot • 20x70 6.2 mm Buckshot • 20x70 7.3 mm Buckshot • 20x70 7.5mm Buckshot • 20x70 Devastator Slug • 20x70 Slug "Poleva-3" • 20x70 Slug Poleva-6u • 20x70 Star Slug •, .366 AP • .366 TKM EKO • .366 TKM FMJ • .366 TKM Geksa •, 4.6x30 mm AP SX • 4.6x30 mm FMJ SX • 4.6x30 mm Subsonic SX • 4.6x30mm Action SX •, .45 ACP AP • .45 ACP FMJ • .45 ACP Hydra-Shok • .45 ACP Lasermatch FMJ • .45 RIP •, 5.45x39 mm 7N39 "Igolnik" • 5.45x39 mm BP • 5.45x39 mm BS • 5.45x39 mm BT • 5.45x39 mm FMJ • 5.45x39 mm HP • 5.45x39 mm PP • 5.45x39 mm PRS • 5.45x39 mm PS • 5.45x39 mm SP • 5.45x39 mm T • 5.45x39 mm US •, 5.56x45 mm 55 FMJ • 5.56x45 mm 55 HP • 5.56x45 mm M855 • 5.56x45 mm M855A1 • 5.56x45 mm M856 • 5.56x45 mm M856A1 • 5.56x45 mm M995 • 5.56x45 mm Mk 255 Mod 0 • 5.56x45 mm Warmage •, 5.7x28 mm L191 • 5.7x28 mm R37.F • 5.7x28 mm R37.X • 5.7x28 mm SB193 • 5.7x28 mm SS190 • 5.7x28 mm SS197SR • 5.7x28 mm SS198LF •, 7.62x25 mm TT LRN • 7.62x25 mm TT LRNPC • 7.62x25 mm TT P gl • 7.62x25 mm TT PT gzh • 7.62x25 mm TT Pst gzh • 7.62x25mm TT AKBS • 7.62x25mm TT FMJ43 •, 7.62x39 mm BP • 7.62x39 mm HP • 7.62x39 mm PS • 7.62x39 mm T45M • 7.62x39 mm US •, 7.62x51 mm BPZ FMJ • 7.62x51 mm M61 • 7.62x51 mm M62 • 7.62x51 mm M80 • 7.62x51 mm M993 • 7.62x51 mm TPZ SP • 7.62x51 mm Ultra Nosler •, 7.62x54R 7BT1 • 7.62x54R 7N1 Sniper cartridge • 7.62x54R 7N37 • 7.62x54R LPS Gzh • 7.62x54R SNB • 7.62x54R T-46M •, 12.7x55 mm PS12 • 12.7x55 mm PS12A • 12.7x55 mm PS12B •, 9x18 mm PM 9 BZT gzh • 9x18 mm PM 9 P gzh • 9x18 mm PM PBM • 9x18 mm PM PMM • 9x18 mm PM PPT gzh • 9x18 mm PM PPe gzh • 9x18 mm PM PRS gs • 9x18 mm PM PS gs PPO • 9x18 mm PM PSV • 9x18 mm PM Pst gzh • 9x18 mm PM RG028 gzh • 9x18 mm PM SP7 gzh • 9x18 mm PM SP8 gzh •, 9x19 mm 7N31 • 9x19 mm AP 6.3 • 9x19 mm Green Tracer • 9x19 mm Luger CCI • 9x19 mm PSO gzh • 9x19 mm Pst gzh • 9x19 mm QuakeMaker • 9x19 mm RIP •, 9x21 mm SP10 • 9x21 mm SP11 • 9x21 mm SP12 • 9x21 mm SP13 •, 9x39 mm 7N12 BP • 9x39 mm 7N9 SPP • 9x39 mm SP-5 • 9x39 mm SP-6 •, 40x46 mm M381 (HE) • 40x46 mm M386(HE) • 40x46 mm M406 (HE) • 40x46 mm M433 (HEDP) • 40x46 mm M441(HE) • 40x46 mm M576(MP-APERS) •.

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