stan lyrics meaning

Towards the end, Matthew reveals that he has blond hair- making him almost twice as prone to become obsessed, if not already. wise up people, if Stan was a true story then you would be able to easily find factual evidence to back it up, it would have been all over MTV, Eminem would have been plastered with questions like "don't you take this kid's suicide seriously since you wrote a song about it" or " why would you disrespect the deceased by writing that song" or "do you care about your fans, because this guy killed himself because you wouldn't answer his letters". 'We could be together' could be an attempt to reconcile the different aspects of his persona, which he fails to manage. I wanna tell people the deeper meaning because a good artist makes you think. I'm probably wrong but that's just how I see it. Even MTV’s full version of the video, which measures in This song is not real. The reason for this move is at the time Eminem was facing backlash where portions were removed from each verse as well as certain imagery they He asks for evidence that it was about Stanley Mithcell and if you watch the music video it shows Stan's "little brother" and their mom standing at a grave that says Stanley Mitchell so yes it is a true story, Man I thought that song was awesome I use to fell just like Stan I use to listing to your song all day but not the part where we should be together and I'm not gay I got a girl friend this is only my 2 letter and last see yah. But for now I'll say that Stan himself is a symbol for shady. You don't want to grow up to be just like me. yes, stan is a true story, and stan died of a car crash on march 23 1999 with his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk. Song Meanings and Facts © 2020. Awards, with openly-gay singer Elton John singing the chorus in place of I'm wondering if this could be a sort of inner monologue to himself, an allegory of sorts of how he stands to lose everything due to his alter-ego. track was done by DJ Mark the 45 King, The person who portrayed the character of Stan In the end it is simply Slim giving him advice, not realising that he is already dead, and Eminem is probably prophesising how he will know what he needs to do once it is too late, and is expressing fear at this. In 2017, the Oxford American Dictionary added the word "stan," defined as "An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity." I believe Em also said it himself in an interview or something but correct me if I'm wrong. Textbook hippie man. Stan is not a real person.

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