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He would be her best student if it weren't for his tendency to freak out whenever he steps inside of a boat. Despite being in a relationship, Mr. Krabs invades Mrs. Puff the "most important" character to the show's history, saying that she "saved" the show from not being greenlit. Puffy Fluffy sheds his skin during the night and turns into his fully grown monstrous form, resulting in Gary battling him throughout the house the entire night. If a student misbehaves, she takes one of their stars away. Puff. In 2012, the standard plush was re-released but without her wig or nose. Puff has become notorious and infamous among the police force. Attempted murderArsonDestructionFrameup Without a job, she took up full-time bank robbery using a ski mask as a disguise (as seen in the comic Puff's Pageant). Puff family In "My Two Krabses," it is revealed that Mrs. An activity book about Mrs. Later, Mr. Krabs' lovestruck instincts get the best of him and he orders SpongeBob to buy Mrs. The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: However, he does show that he knows how to drive, thus leading to SpongeBob's jealous side taking control of himself. She only gets upset when Krabs and Plankton argue. Puffy Fluffy is a character in the animated TV series SpongeBob Squarepants. During the comic Puff's Pageant, it's revealed that Mrs. Full Name SpongeBob SquarePants She has a blonde wig with an orange outline. All of her known relatives are no longer alive, but it is known that her family lineage has lived in and around Bikini Bottom since the days of the old west. Flying Dutchman | Man Ray | Sinister Slug | Jumbo Shrimp | Atomic Flounder | Dirty Bubble | Bubble Bass | Plankton Family | DoodleBob, Movie Villains They actually wanted to make 'Arnold under the sea' and make SpongeBob a child. [3] He chose the pufferfish as her species so that viewers would recall car airbags whenever she crashes and inflates, and designed the boating school with a heavy nautical theme centered around a sunken lighthouse. Puff, on the other hand, tends to find SpongeBob exasperating but tries to be patient and acts friendly around him. In the book Once Upon a SpongeBob, Mrs. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. SpongeBob has attended her school ever since its opening, yet has failed his final driving exam countless times, often injuring Mrs. Puff is a very patient and friendly fish. Puff is revealed to have had a husband in the episode "Krusty Love." Mrs. She is a paranoid pufferfish who wears a sailor uniform. Some episodes show that how much she puffs up depends on the severity of the crash. However, Puffy Fluffy turned out to be a ferocious monster and attacked Gary several times (while SpongeBob was oblivious to the entire situation). [4] He created her as a new main character in 1997, shortly after he pitched SpongeBob to Nickelodeon. Pufferfish In "Doing Time," she explains to SpongeBob and Patrick: "I like it here. Mrs. [5][6] Hillenburg was ready to "walk out" on Nickelodeon because writing SpongeBob as a school-age child went against his creative vision. Type of Villain Main Villains Since she was designed late in production, Mrs. Employer: Puff's name without crying. She always says, "good grades only follow diligent notes."[11]. The students have to keep watch of the egg, named Roger, and make sure it stays warm under a light bulb. However, Mrs. Gender: Gary saves his owner's life by tangling up Puffy Fluffy's extra mouths with his own leash, preventing him from eating and sending the monster running out of the house in a sobbing panic. Stephen Hillenburg called Mrs. Puff awards to students for good behavior. The two were married until fishermen from the surface captured Mr. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: However, she puffs up again at the end of the episode. Occupation I put him in school – but it would be a [boat] driving school. Eating.Destroying things She is the most unique criminal you will ever meet."[15]. Puff, You're Fired"). is a popular source for. Puff dolls (beanie and mini keychain), Current employees: SpongeBob SquarePants • Squidward Tentacles, Former employees: Jim • Patrick Star • Sandy Cheeks • Pearl Krabs • Sheldon J. Plankton • Karen Plankton • Mrs. Due to this, she and Squidward are on very good terms for good or evil since SpongeBob is also Squidward's bane of existence, so she has someone to relate to. Puff's best student and occasionally becomes depressed over his helplessness behind the wheel. Puff's appearance incorporates some elements of the earlier characters' designs: she has the same rounded teeth as Squidward and the same skirt model as Pearl. In the episode "Demolition Doofus," it is shown that Mrs. Puff for stealing a boat when she was trying to free a student trapped in it. Mrs. In "A Cabin in the Kelp," the Gal Pals go on a camping trip together. Residence: However, she is falsely accused and sent to prison for it. The exact location of Mrs. SpongeBob, Mrs. Theme parks Puff did not grow up in Bikini Bottom as a kid. Mrs. The course at Mrs. He often brings her apples as a courtesy, and she even has a whole crate of them below her desk. Mrs. She is even shown to like steamed coral in "Krusty Love," although it is shown in other episodes to be a very unappetizing and tasteless food. Mrs. The episode reveals that Karen, Sandy, and Mrs. Some aspects of Mrs. Even so, SpongeBob still scolds Gary for chasing Puffy Fluffy away, even though Gary ended up saving his life and the house. Her list of common annoyances in "Doing Time" includes phone solicitors, company potlucks, insurance payments, and especially road rage. He is a relentlessly obedient and well-intentioned student who knows the answer to every question, aces the oral exam every time he takes it, and obsesses over earning the Good Noodle stars that Mrs. Each student's name is written on the board and one star is added if they answer a question correctly or have outstanding classwork. Puff's school varies within the series, but according to The Essential Guide, it is in the center of Bikini Bottom between Mrs. Puff and Mr. Krabs go on a date behind a dumpster. Puff enters the derby in a huge truck and tries to murder SpongeBob herself, only to crash into her boating school and regain her ability to puff up. Puff to the hospital and causing immense property damage in the process. Mr. Krabs | Plankton | Karen Plankton | Mrs. Series information Mrs. Descendants: Also, she has even acted nice to SpongeBob on some occasions, though these moments tend not to last very long. Puff and/or damaging the school and other people in the process. She is talented at both, having successfully taught every student other than SpongeBob how to drive. In "Feral Friends," they almost kiss before they are turned into feral creatures. Like most teachers, Mrs. Her normal attire is a blue sailor's outfit with a yellow string necktie, a blue sailor cap, a red skirt, and dark red shoes. This is the defining trait that makes her a pufferfish. Plankton | Mr. Krabs | Karen Plankton | King Poseidon, Other Villains Mrs. Mary Jo Catlett has appeared at a limited amount of SpongeBob events due to her old age. Catlett was a stage performer in the 1964 Broadway musical Hello, Dolly! Puff lived in New Kelp City until she made a getaway, as stated in New Kelp Post. Despite Plankton's intense rivalry with Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff have been together in their group for many years, showing the strength and longevity of their friendship. She has an entire drawer full of mean drawings made by rebel students, such as Patrick's sketch of her as a "Big Fat Meanie." [4] The network gave him a strict order: they would only produce the show if SpongeBob was a kid who went to school. In 2002, NickJr.com (the website for Nickelodeon's preschool block) published a recipe for ", It is known that Mrs. Puff helps to organize Plankton's surprise party for Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob SquarePants has attended Mrs. Puff have been dating secretly for at least sixteen years. Color: Destructive Monster Mrs. In 2008, there was a normal beanie-sized plush, a jumbo plush pillow, and a mini keychain. Mrs. Puff's likeness. At this point, Mrs. To account for her absence, a sketch was captioned "The gang's all here (almost!). Puff arms herself with a crowbar but never finds out who broke into her house. Sometimes, such as in "Teacher's Pests," Mrs. Family However, in comparison to Squidward, Mrs. I guess not eating for two days has affected your memory. Puff is absent at school. Origin Maritime objects for décor, like buoys and anchors, make up the fence that surrounds the area. "[16] They also share a common dislike of SpongeBob, as he is always getting both of them into trouble for things that sometimes aren't even their fault.

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