smash mu chart

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cosmos is widely regarded as the best Inkling player in Smash Ultimate. ):, Rizeasu:, kameme:, KingArc:, Morpheus:, Plup:, ScAtt:, BONK! By combining every single MU chart I came to the conclusion that Pikachu wins, Here’s a Corrin matchup chart from Lycopis (fairly notable Japanese Corrin player), Here’s Cosmos’s tweet: Early meta INKLING match up chart Once you finish your ranking your Smash Ultimate tier list, an image will be hosted on our site so there is no need to upload to imgur or other hosting site. Not sure if that was a mistake or not since there's only one other chart for that character. It’s generally because Pikachu is a top-tier character with a very steep learning curve that requires a slightly different mindset to play than other top-tier characters, which is primarily why people that used Pikachu in previous games like ESAM, Cosmos, and DM are the only top players using Pikachu in this game. Below Ike, above Inkling? :, Yei:, Zenkai:, Rizeasu:, Aikota (NovaPixl):, Katakiri:, Pokecheese:, Pokecheese:, Maister:, BestNess:, PeW:, S1:, Dabuz:, Gomakenpi:, Greward:, Klaatu (Soulimar):, Tsubotsubo (and Shuton):, Sinji:, Tea (and Ginko et. They also disagree regarding Lucina, which Cosmos has as +1 and Armada believes is Even. As far as I know, no notable Yoshi player has posted any MU chart. I did it. Brood:, Luis (Dragonite):, CaptainZack:, Geist:, Lima:, MuteAce:, Rage:, tamim:, Frosty:, Nen:, T3 DOM (T3 DOME):, Leon:, Lunamado:, NickRiddle:, Ketchup:, PiXL:, Tra$h Koopa God:, Cloudy (Blade/Captain Levi):, Lycopis:, MkLeo:, Pink Fresh:, Fatality:, Ogey:, Goblin:, Lancelot:, Mr. R:, Rivers:, Blacktwins:, Cheeks:, Kola (Salt One):, Masashi:, Sparg0:, YOC:, Cosmos:, SHADIC:, Aaron (dyr):, Dakpo:, JJROCKETS:, Legit:, Player-1:, DKwill:, HIKARU:, Runes:, Ketchup:, Oryon:, Tsumusuto:, Ozone:, Sekai Doggo:, Jaxter:, Juice:, Larry Lurr:, Lui$:, Litany:, Ray Kalm:, Rickles:, Vermanubis:, Jw:, Stroder:, Tarik:, +HOPE+ (SirShyGuy):, Big D:, Joint Ike MU chart:, Rango:, Ravenking:, Ryuga:, Pokepen:, Sharpy (Sharpyzard):, Cosmos:, ProtoBanham:, Space:, B-Rice:, BassMage:, Hungrybox:, Blank:, Cloudy (Blade/Captain Levi):, MkLeo:, Wishes:, Zan:, Nito:, Peli:, ZAKI:, Ben Gold:, Ketchup:, KirbyKid:, Muk:, Onua:, Vermillion (Von):, Jesuischoq:, SuperGirlKels:, T:, Kwaz:, Sol:, Jeda:, Aikota (NovaPixl):, Laid (Koolaid):, MkLeo:, Mr. E:, Silver:, Vermllion (Von):, Elegant:, Ron:, SMB (Scot!

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