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After being induced at six months, Sinead gave birth to a healthy boy and went on to marry Daniel properly once her cancer went into remission. ", READ: Coronation Street star denies she's signed up to I'm a Celebrity, She also opened up about the shocking reveal that Daniel has kissed Bethany during Sinead's illness, and how Sinead reacts when he comes clean. However, Joseph began to act out and cause trouble but eventually settled into his new life. Throughout her childhood Sinead had always been close to her auntie Beth and, when things would get too crazy at home, she would often visit her. However, when Chesney promised not to mess her around again, Sinead gave him a second chance. The young mum's final days were a tough watch - because they had to be, says Johnathon Hughes. After bonding with his father over the baby and deciding to put their troubles behind them, Daniel suggested to Sinead that they name their child "Albert" ("Bertie" for short) after his middle name and Ken's first wife Valerie's uncle Albert Tatlock. Coronation Street viewers were left utterly heartbroken tonight over Ken Barlow's harrowing monologue about Sinead Tinker. Daniel's nephew Adam Barlow discovered the pair's liaison and wasted no time informing Chesney, who confronted the pair individually and kicked Sinead out of No.5. I didn't realise what a big impact this storyline would have but I'm really grateful and glad it's making a difference to people. After Ken's attacker was revealed to be Daniel, who blamed his father for Sinead's termination, Ken apologised to her and she accepted. Sally Dynevor and Alison King, also known as Sally Metcalfe and Carla Connor, wore black boots when they arrived for filming. The pair were desperate to be left alone, but when Daniel told her that Beth had arranged to celebrate Bertie's first birthday at the Rovers, she was incredibly touched and wanted to attend. In the Channel Four soap Hollyoaks she played struggling mum Maxine Minniver's ruthless landlady who took away her furniture after she failed to pay her debts. Sinead is sister to actress Grainne Keenan. Get a daily email direct to your inbox with our newsletter. While Corrie legend Bill Roache covered up with the hood of his puffa jacket while arriving in the downpour. In January 2017, Sinead was introduced to Daniel Osbourne, who was immediately attracted to her. Pausing all other storylines so viewers were literally around Sinead’s deathbed was a brave, if risky, move for a genre more akin to switching quickly between short, snappy scenes full of fast-moving plot. There were points, it has to be said, where it seemed almost too much, but in real life it certainly is too much, and Corrie deserves plaudits for having the courage of its convictions and seeing this through to a hard-hitting, unflinching conclusion. Fortunately, he was able to stop himself, but Sinead noticed the pair sharing a look and questioned Bethany. To give her baby a fighting chance, Sinead decided not to undergo treatement or even tell Daniel. Sinead's relationship with her father-in-law was never a straight-forward one right from the start. Why the new series of Educating Greater Manchester was filmed two years ago - and almost never aired, "At the start of this year I was excited, I had really high hopes, I thought it was going to be our best year ever", Greater Manchester Police to step up patrols after UK terror alert level raised to severe - meaning attack is 'highly likely', The alert level means an attack is 'highly likely', Donald Trump accuses opponents of trying 'to steal the election' - and is slapped with warning from Twitter, The President surpassed himself in his Twitter rant.

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