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Kirstie Alley ridiculed after voicing support for Trump. A reader writes: “On Friday night I had the misfortune of attending the A&E department at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. Is there any employer matching associated with the 403b? I once asked a nurse what sort of patients she treated in A&E at the weekend. Sillius = Homer. It's a small step from the Roman Empire to present day Italy. Not really, there ARE Stifflers, in Ohio and Pennsylvania at least, possibly Amish, probably from a German root. I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus. lawrence567. French: bougre m; Russian: пидор m (pidor) A person, usually male; often qualified with an adjective. Congratulations, but may I ask what cloak is the hunter wearing it looks amazing with the set that you are running. What does she think is a fair balance of work, and how does that compare to what you think is fair? We produce independent short films and videos specialising in offbeat, zero to minimal budget movies and animation, in S-VHS format. What do you mean? to be specific, I was playing as england and the game crashed just before I took a city on a foreign continent, i guess it's got to do with england's leader bonus that gives your a free unit with a city on a foreign continent. All rights reserved. Got some trivia yourselves, fellow Sillius's? i just had a -5 streak because relic think it's totally fair to match me against pros like cruzz and milk please and the like.....y u do this to me relic? This is broken thinking. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Are people avoiding hospitals for fear of catching the virus? Know what her name is? This one comes from a girl I used to work with: "I wish I had a tapeworm so I could get skinny. It's not a passive income when renters break leases and move out. Maybe be more clear about yourself - do you do these things because you want to do the things, or do you do them because you want to be recognized and loved for doing them? It'd need to be mature (not gratuitous sex and violence mature either), as cleverly written as the comic books and visually stunning. GUARD #4: [chuckling] PILATE: What's so... funny about 'Biggus Dickus'? Those of you who seriously believe the present day clan of Sillius's can be traced back to this origin are likely to believe anything, for instance that ... ... Sillius Soddus was a well known Roman citizen. Below you'll find your test result. Grownups can appreciate attractive people without making it noticeable or creepy. ", […] “I Think It’s A Joke, Sir, Like ‘Sillius Soddus’ or ‘Biggus Dickus’, Sir.” […]. You mean old sod! Therefore, it's completely unreasonable to argue that they are not entitled to a portion of the lifestyle they helped create. Sodomite; bugger. And that, I guess, is what has happened in this case. Is it really so ♥♥♥♥ing hard to fix the damn late-game AI. We have progressed from humble beginnings where we would borrow a cheap handycam of a weekend, to our current inventory, including an array of domestic video & sound editing equipment as well as access to Betacam SP and high level professional 3D computer graphics & effects systems". Legally, it comes down to what the regional laws are - in many (most?) cases it doesn't matter if you hold them separately or not, they're marital assets. the propagandacast on youtube is a good place to start. Incontinentia. No mention yet of Sillius Soddus or Biggus Dickus but I'm only half-way through. Sillius Soddus is a fake name used by the character Pontius Pilate in the movie The Life of Brian made by the Monty Pythons Flying Circus team. Since we have some librarians in our Sillius Webring, I'll do the wise thing and give a full citation of the source of this text: Edited from British Museum Ms. Cotton Caligula A.IX and British Museum in the Roman Empire. The website says: This is the actual line in the encycplopaedia where 'Sillius' is mentioned: Wow! hello all, newcomer to this forum thank you very much for the great music, I'll try to upload some of my some as soon as I can. Ms. Cotton Otho C.XIII by: G.L. One of the Government's scientific advisers breaks ranks to say there has never been a scientific basis for two-metre spacing between people, as recommended by the NHS during lockdown. Yeah, no way. i still want it back in coh2, anyone else? Received the Wholesome Award and more in the past 30 days, Press J to jump to the feed. By chance, as Johnson was quoting Cicero, I was ploughing through Cicero's life story as told by Robert Harris in his novel, Lustrum. He claims it was “conjured out of nowhere.” But there is, he says, “a certain amount of scientific evidence for a one-metre distance.” Behold the gulf between laboratory science and real life. Sillius Soddus Incontentia Buttocks. All for the better, because their artistical independence would be at risk and video productions like Cassius Sillius could not be made anymore! It wasn't so much the play on words, as the way it was portrayed by the great Michael Palin. Late to the party so I doubt anyone will actually see the post but I had to share. :). Filed Under: Politics & Current Events Tagged With: War on Drugs. Keeping an eye on the tribulations and trivia of a fast-changing world. Being hours apart physically for a short period of time puts some stress on your relationship - you'll start to see what the weaknesses are and how you handle them. Google's Ad PolicyWebsite Design by CGD, "I'm only an abstract imaginary foil written to sound like an idiot and even I know that's really stupid" ~ Kenfoilhat (. There are two kinds of types in C#: reference types and value types. This is a selection of entries from the Byzantine encyclopaedia known as the, Sciano(Scià) : deriva dal tedesco "see" (laghetto), oppure dal nome o aggettivo gentilizio, "Sciano (Scià)" leitet sich von dem deutschen Wort für "See" (in der Bedeutung kleiner See) beziehungsweise dem Adelszusatz. The source of humor stems from the double meaning behind the phrase, although use of the name without prior knowledge of the joke could also be funny. For some reason it is nicknamed Spodus. ; 23 "He has a wife, you know. ? The move outraged many parents who claimed that the policy disregarded the rights of girls. Or maybe it's more to do with the pubs being closed and the drunks not having to stagger home or start fights. , you're now logged in! There is absolutely no merit in making one or two pupils feel “comfortable” if it makes thousands of other pupils deeply uncomfortable. When someone is being so silly it makes all of us silly Willius is being so sillius he sends pictures of flowers and shishkabobs #silly #shishkabobs #flowers #sillier #shake by Annieus February 22, 2008 METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN General Discussions, Game crashes after taking a city as england, Endless Space® 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition General Discussions. I don’t care a sod. I have a vewy gweat fweind in wome called Biggus Dickus. Maybe a bug. Better still: send in a bottle! Here you can access the edited and annotated results on querying the Internet for the name 'Sillius' (last updated: 2006-12-08). When appliances break. "Well, it started out as a cover of the Mario theme, but i couldnt get the notes right, so it evolved into this Aphex Twin-ish thing. It's a joke name, like Sillius Soddus or Biggus Dickus. Press London ; New York 1963-1978 Early English Text Society ; no. Boris Johnson quoted the Roman statesman Cicero: “Salus populi suprema lex esto” which has been widely translated as “the health of the people shall be the supreme law.” This is seen as the PM committing himself to a strict lockdown for the foreseeable future. Variables of reference types store references to their data (objects), while … he doesn't respect insta models and it's just entertaining for him to watch "how dumb they are". YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????????????????????????? Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Guest Post: The New York Times War On Drugs. ", Santiago-Italia-Liverpool-Liverpool-Italia-Uppsala-Santiago, Simon-Izaak-Lodewijk-Lodewijk-Izaak-Utrecht-Simon, Susan-Isabel-Liverpool-Liverpool-Isabel-Ulysses-Susan, Samuel-Ida-Ludwig-Ludwig-Ida-Ulrich-Samuel, Suzanne-Irina-Louis-Louis-Irina-Ursule-Suzanne, Suzanne-Isidore-Léopold-Léopold-Isidore-Ursule-Suzanne, Siera-India-Lima-Lima-India-Uniform-Siera. To offer zero, they are taking their end from giving you a higher interest rate than you could otherwise get. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we're about. You will find Cicero's word “salus” translated not only as health but also as welfare, good, salvation, felicity or security. Here is a short song description: This is what Roostarr says about this song: We Sillius's even have our own beer: Sillius Soddus (well, sort of, at least). When feeding internet search engines with the name 'Sillius' you will definitely come accross the name of Sillius Domitius, living in the ... century b.c. More and more libraries are publishing ancient and medieval text sources on their internet sites. If it's fun for you I guess? And guess what: This is one of them (the text is in Middle English): It's just a small step from Middle English to the English of William Shakespeare. In one of his drama's entitled Anthony and Cleopatra we come across the following passage in Act 3, scene 1: For those of you eager to do some genealogical research on the name 'Sillius': be prepared for confusion on the spelling of our surname. STOP MATCHING ME AGAINST THE PROS RELIC!!!!!! By the way, Aussies: the Sydney Olympic Games were great and so is Kylie. If someone has a screenshot available of the title screen of this game, do send it in! Morally, if you decide that one partner should be a stay at home parent for the good of the family, that's the same thing as agreeing that their stay-at-home contribution is equivalent in value to their working potential contribution. : Published for the Early English Text Society by the Oxford University If there is a match, try and see if you can fit at least that much contribution into your budget. 7,507 posts. I mean a behind enemy lines unit that has panzerfausts, grenades and great anti-inf ability. Or maybe it's more to do with the pubs being closed and the drunks not having to stagger home or start fights. Þurh alle Þing; ne makede heo noh[t] ærst Ælured king. I : a classically scholared person - to help me out with a translation. What do you mean? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. the number of women he follows... That's what single people do right? For those of you who are interested in a full transcription of that hilarious scene, please click here. Voices. That means they shouldn't be discussed outside of the relationship except for serious circumstances and with people that can be trusted for their confidentiality. But the great thing about Latin is that if you invite two scholars to translate anything, you'll get at least three versions. I know that terme means something like a 'natural hot water pool', but - once again - it was Manuela Sillius who provided us with a translation of the Italian source text into German: We don't have to pay for this translation, do we, Manuela? Both your custom class, NewClass, and List are reference types. … How does one have a tongue of such stature? There are definitely exceptions to the rule though ;). I recommend moving back out and moving on. I CRASH when I try to take over a city !!!! Incontinentiabuttocks. Meanwhile, amid the mayhem, some common sense. I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus. A one-man band called Roostarr (based in Northlake, Illinois) has choosen to name one of his songs Sillius Dopamine. I don't know where to start with this one but the level of entitlement is rich. And I love all those ...gong words: although I'm from Holland I know what a wobbegong is and back in the seventies I favoured tennis player Yvonne Goolagong far more than that stuckup tart Chris Evert.

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