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These endearing little dogs became the breed favorite among citizens from Normandy to Paris when lace-making emigrants with their “miniature bulldogs”, formerly called the Boule Dog Francais, set up shop in Northern France during the Industrial Revolution (FBDCA, 2013b). Ch. Bella Ridge El Torro Imperiale's Caroline, "ETIENNE" ADN-98087 Our French Bulldogs are bred from Confirmation Champion Bloodlines towards doing our best to leave the breed better than when we found it. All of our frenchies and danes live in our home with us as part of our family. Proud members of the Bulldog Club of America, Bulldog Club of New England, Bulldog Club of Connecticut & French Bulldog Club of America. Ch. DNA: V817213. We are fortunate to have the acreage, where our dogs walk off lead with us to enjoy the smells and sounds of the great outdoors. El Torro Bella Ridge Bijoux Et Lacet, "ROCH & BIJOU" All of our dogs are x-rayed towards verifying that they do not have spinal problems, such as a Hemi-Vertebrae (i.e., abnormalities in the spinal bones that can cause eventual pain, hind limb ability, and/or incontinence) or other skeletal issues. (2013c). The focus and intended function and purpose of the French Bulldog from the historical perspective was to lovingly sit on the wealthy laps of French, English, and American Aristocrats while looking adorable (FBDCA, 2013b). White, White and Black, White and Black with no trace of Brindle carry the deaf gene, have eye problems, and can be blue eyed (MFBA, 2013). GCH Adore Shady Harbor Starbuck x CH Lionhearts Famous by Fortune. We love to talk about our dogs. Imperiale Bella Ridge's Leslie Caron, "GISÈLE" DOB: 7/16/2015. Our French Bulldog Family; Puppies; Stud; Recommended Products; Accessories ; Shop All; Info Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Call us at 8018607835 Subscribe to our newsletter. Gradon El Torro Rochelle "GIGI" Am / Can. Although French Bulldogs are one of the healthiest of the bulldog breeds, due to unhealthy breeding and care practices, French Bulldogs can have some breed-related health problems, such as spine issues and allergies. We do not have a kennel. Ava is a FULL SISTER to Westminster's 2014 RBIS (Reserve Best In Show), AOW (Award of Merit), GCH. Torro's Roch Voisine (2013). We love our 10 acre home where our dogs run freely on our property. Lionheart's Fabelhaft Fortune Teller "Annie." The AKC DOES NOT recognize or register these colors of dogs. We are Dave and Sue Misch. Dam: Rippling Water's Kimberley. Marno French Bulldogs, Massachussetts, Olga Frey, Frenchies, French Bulldogs, dogs, dog breeds, MarNo is a responsible breeder of AKC registerd French Bulldogs Imperiale Bella Ridge's Leslie Caron "GISÈLE" Am / Can. Bobby is also the RIS of Eukanuba 2013 and has too many awards to name here! Ch. Frenchies were not bred to pull carts, hunt water foul, herd cattle, or guard castles. This lovable, hilarious, companion breed is a non-working, non-sporting dog described by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the “clown in the cloak of the philosopher” (AKC, 2013c, para. about Frenchies: American Kennel Club. These are some of the finest dogs in the country. etc. Gender: Male. Also, the Southeast French Bulldog Club’s FAQs page has responses to several frequently asked questions about Frenchies, such as: Do Frenchies bark a lot? Tribute to Doris Cox of Cox’s Goodtime lines, one of the most influential American French Bulldog lines to date (Our Louis is predominately Cox’s Goodtime lines in his champions), The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetics, and Disease Control, Interview with Luis Sosa - The Sosa’s have raised and successfully shown AKC champions since the 1970s and judge French Bulldogs internationally. Pending successful health testing, Sophie Claire will have a litter of puppies late 2020 or early 2021. Cavalleria's Frenchies compete in the American Kennel Club Conformation Dog Show Circuit. El Torro's Capteur de Rêves "ELLE" Am / Can. The Westminster Dog show featured a brindle Frenchie on the cover of its 1897 catalog although the AKC did not recognize the breed until 1898 (AKC, 2013d). Sophie won Winners Bitch at Westminster after placing Third in the Ohio French Bulldog Specialty in October 2018. on April 2nd, 2014 - the one and only - Wilson!!! AKC CH. Welcome to Valpo French Bulldogs. Cavalleria's French Bulldogs are only registered with the American Kennel Club. For over two decades now, I have studied with passion this extraordinary breed. Ch. Sire: GCH Bella Ridge Imperiale Shady Harbor Baciare E Dire - … Quality isn’t expensive, it is priceless as many say. Companion-hood is not to be looked down upon, in fact companion-hood is the most respectable accomplishment for a French Bulldog can achieve, and therefore, advocates should actively move to heighten awareness towards companion-hood being admired and embraced, but most importantly loved and appreciated. Sire: GCH CH Adore's Shady Harbor Starbuck. joined the family. Campcovo, AKC Perm. We admire their hard work and their contributions to our learning. (2013b). First time in the Puppy Class at the Augusta Kennel Club Dog Show, Sophie won Best of Breed Beginning Puppy and then went on to win the Non-Sporting Group Beginning Puppy!

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