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Indiana That had to be the most intense Sasquatch encounter attack that I had ever heard of. It's also a two parter, The episode "my uncles killed a dogman" is pretty cool. and check this out. What do you think... What are people seeing on back roads and in the forests of Michigan? New Jersey Another was a man working on power lines in a lift bucket who was trapped by several dogman. We continue our 10 days of dogman with 7 more hair raising encounters! They also discuss the truth ab... A 24 year old Vermont woman shares her frightening encounter with what she can only describe as a "real-life werewolf". Just his narration of a subscribers encounter so it's hard to gauge validity cause its a fantastical story but still good. THIS WEBCAST IS UNCENSORED. Well here's your chance to find out if they do or not..... What do you think? There are some really frightening encounters I have come across in the many years of my searching and reading and listening on the internet. Two men experience a loss of time after an encounter with the Michigan Dogman in Sparta 1987. It reminds me of Frank Franzetta’s work…one of my favorite artists! What does this creature have in common with werewolves? I may contact Wes about it. Late Fall 1997 ... Morris County It's located Outside of Cougar and is ... Preston County Massachusetts We heard 3 long vocalizations or howls... Grays Harbor County If you’ve had a Dogman encounter of your own, please click the link below and report it. He was messed up and that was a mile and a half from Tishomingo High school, Just east southeast of Burnsville, Mississippi. You decide. If you’ve had a Dogman encounter of your own, please click the link below and report it. BFRO. Heres 5 true scary terrifying stories of the legendary dog man.” Dogman Narratives writes “This channel is about eye witness reports of dogman sightings and other scary stories. I have been doing this nightly for close to a decade now. My wife had asked me to re-tell my story to her this morning and that is what prompted us to stumble across this web site. (Class A) THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. Beyond Creepy looks at an alien encounter story from Tennessee and a werewolf encounter from Brighton, Ontario, Canada. One really scary episode was a man in a loud muscle car had a dogman run up on him and try to get in the car. Ya the Taylor Mississippi encounter. 7 SCARY TRUE DOGMAN ENCOUNTERS (Werewolf, Dogman) - What Lurks Beneath Share on Facebook Posted by What Lurks Beneath Monday, August 26, 2019 We continue our 10 days of dogman with 7 more hair raising encounters!?? It was upon Sasquatch Chronicles and BFRO both where a man who was driving a delivery whiteout van as he delivered magazines across the state of Mississippi and his Dodge Sprinter Billy Ray Van broke an alternator belt in the dark during a thunderstorm. It's hard to remember the most scary, they are only catagoried by number. Dogman Captured On Camera Big Rapids, Michigan 1961? (Class B) I'm reporting this approximately 10 years after the fact. This may take a while, I don't type very fast. What do you think? Here are 10 Places in Dombivli that are definitely Haunted. BFRO. So he had a nature call, slides the passenger side cargo loading door open, un zips and starts whizzing, and he hears a snort, he thought maybe is was a deer snorting, This van is eight foot tall, I stick my head out and am 12 inches away from this ugly bug eyes primitive Creature, I fell backwards in the van and pulls his .45 caliber. Or Mysterious Wild Animals? I just ignore the Skeptics as I am not here to deal with them. They even started throwing rocks at the man. I live north of Traverse City Michigan! Website by PMG Media Group. Check out these stories of the Dogman and decide for yourself. (Class B) BFRO. All rights reserved. BFRO. I be getting a bigger gun out of the safe:) I have not seen a dogman thank God, but I may have seen a Bigfoot. and check out our show from... Do werewolves really exist? It was a beautiful morning. and check out... Every so often we will personally hear about a report or incident which seems more unusual that the average unexplained encounter. Most recent episode has a guy getting chased while riding dirtbikes. Phil Poling of Parabreakdown takes a look at this possessed maid caught on CCTV video and gives us his thoughts. DOGMAN BIGFOOT OR WEREWOLF you decide THE HOWLING IN THE WOODS, Boos & Bourbon Episode #96: The Bridgewater Triangle with Matty Blake, Lost Lineages - Ancient Primates, Chimpanzees, and Bigfoot, Bigfoot: Sightings and Experiences in The 1800s, Peepin' Tom-Squatches - Two Stories of Creepy Bigfoots from Canada, YOWIE: Finding Australia's Sasquatch || Ep #3 - 'The Elusive Beast'. Vic Cundiff did an amazing job covering this topic as well. One really scary episode was a man in a loud muscle car had a dogman run up on him and try to get in the car. Dogman Encounter Causes Two Men To Have A Loss Of Time, Hauntings, Black Eyed Kids, Dogmen & Bigfoot With Dark Waters, Real Dogman Encounter Bendon Michigan 2007, Werewolves, Reptilians and Missing Time - Strange Things 2, Dogman Grabs Cooler Off Of Moving ATV - Real Encounter, Young Girl Encounters The Dogman While Rollerblading, 5 True Scary Dogman Encounter Horror Stories By Witnesses, 4 Real Cases of Scary Poltergeist Activity, Dogman Encounter Big Rapids, Michigan 1961, Hubble Telescope Takes 1.5 Billion Pixel Image Of The Andromeda Galaxy, New England Ghost Still Searching For Her Lover, Possessed Maid Caught On CCTV (commentary). It's about 900 acres plus 10 lakes to choose from for fishing and a area with walking trails.... Cowlitz County My name is Vic Cundiff and I help Dogman eyewitnesses deal with the trauma of their Dogman encounters. Was so real though. The creature(s) entered the campsite late at night growling, throwing rocks and surrounded their campsite. In this case, there. What are people seeing ... Down The Rabbit Hole With David Batdorf Episode 1 Life After People The Rise Of The Dogman. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I don't want to spoil it, and he is active on this sub so I'd reach out to him for the specific episode. In five seconds or less, keep track of the most important Bigfoot news of the day. We thought this was strange so we opened ... Ventura County Franzetta was the best!! Newberry County Missouri Hello! Washington And his follow up episode 266. Or a real creature or monster that lives in the darkness of the woods. The YouTuber writes “The Michigan Dogman…a supposed urban legend? Those reports get taken down petty quickly but they do get posted. (Class A) and check ... Melissa and Cari George discuss their personal haunting and other hauntings they became involved in. To read about eyewitness submitted Dogman encounters/sightings, click on a state that’s highlighted in red and then click on any of the listed counties in that state.

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