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They pronounced it ‘SHEH roo’ in keeping with the local Hindi dialect; He had anglicized it to ‘SAH roo.’. This place was heaven. Suddenly, Fatima was standing with Saroo outside the airport terminal, wanting to drag him back home with her. When she returned to her cramped house after a hard day of work on a construction site, her two young sons still hadn’t arrived. She adds sternly that she would ban all girlfriends from his house. After almost six years of search, in 2011, he found a railway station, which was looking quite similar to the memories he had from his past life; the name of this small station was Burhanpur. Speaking in an unfamiliar tongue. Follow us on our social media channels to stay connected. They pronounced it `SHEH roo’ in keeping with the local Hindi dialect; He had anglicized it to `SAH roo.’. The Best Vodafone Ghana Bundles and Broadband Packages For You. They all returned to this strange, frightening place. “With my heart and my soul I prayed to the almighty, I went walking barefoot for your sake. She seems to want him to care for his mother as a good Indian boy should, seeing to her every need, following her commands and revering her above any job, girlfriend or wife. He has finally brought my Saroo back.”. No one cared. He was unfamiliar in other ways as well. Saroo stared at the house in front of him in shock. “What? She never speaks, he says, frustrated. Saroo’s questions about his family’s fate were answered, but new ones about how to deal with the future took their place. The staff hunted for his family, using the scraps of information Saroo remembered. Enough to satisfy a mother who never gave up on finding him? Was his family dead? His girlfriend, Lisa Williams, watched him hunch over his computer night after night, scrolling and searching. In the beginning, though, all Saroo knew was that nothing was as it should be. No one spoke Hindi. In a whirlwind romance rare in tradition-bound India, they fell in love and got married. Saroo had done it: He had found his family. If they were, what would they say? Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. At the age of 10, she was sentenced to one of the most miserable of fates in rural India: That of an orphan girl, with no family to offer support or protection, nobody to arrange her marriage or pay her dowry. The train reached Burhanpur; Guddu told Saroo to wait and assured to come back shortly, but he didn’t. Saroo broke away to call his girlfriend. They visited cities three or four times, talking to anyone who might have seen her missing son. This place was heaven. He said goodbye, then walked inside to check in. The worldwide release of this movie brought international fame to Saroo. He went back to work at his family's hose supply business, and hunted for a house with his girlfriend. Fatima blamed black magic. Market data provided by Factset. Only the woman in the middle seemed remotely familiar. As a result of that, he was put up for adoption and ended up with the Brierley family who lived in Hobart, the capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. The story of Saroo Brierley is one that has touched many people around the world and rightly so because of the moving tragedies he experienced in his childhood which later turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him. Fatima fainted. "Your Saroo is back," a neighbor screamed, running toward her. He turned off his phone at night to silence the relentless ringing. After all this time, would his family still be here? When he got on the train and didn’t see his brother, he went to sleep waiting for his brother to come for him as he promised. He struggled to think. He pleaded for help. That’s what many sons are brought up to do in India. The 5-year-old’s tiny body was still curled up on the hard wooden seat of the Indian train, just as it was when he’d drifted off to sleep. Fatima walked down her alley and saw a mob of people walking up the road as if in a procession. i cried for hours after watching the movie. She had pledged not to do nice things for herself, not to enjoy life, until Saroo returned. “There are no longer two flowers,” he said. Lisa Williams: Family: Wife/Spouse: Not Known: Parents: Biological Parents: Father– Munshi Mother– Fatima (a Labourer) [ads2] Some Lesser Known Facts About Saroo Brierley. “I’ve got to be very careful with everything, you see. Don’t bother coming. Don’t bother coming. She was born to landless Hindu peasants who worked as near-slaves in others’ fields until her father was killed by a heart attack and her mother died a few months later in childbirth. In a whirlwind romance rare in tradition-bound India, they fell in love and got married. In Tasmania, Saroo faced more changes. Tears slid down his face. Fatima is in such a fury, the translator stops interpreting her words. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Saroo. "This is where I live," he says. But Guddu was not there. To his mother. “GUDDU!”. To Guddu. The administrator’s response was vague. At the age of 5, he started begging for money and food with his elder brothers Guddu and Kalloo. His house ... he had recently used Google’s satellite feature to get a bird’s eye view of his Australian house. “I’m not able to talk to them all the time, it’s just hard for me,” he says. Sensing his loneliness, they adopted another Indian boy. Saroo could feel it. She had heard he wasn't tall like her other children, but she decided she would find him in the next day or two just to be sure. She asks if he is eating. Are they still alive?’ I know in my head now I can let those questions rest.”. She had pledged not to do nice things for herself, not to enjoy life, until Saroo returned. Her happy son, who would accompany her to work sites and build little roads out of rock. It might as well have been Mars. "My Saroo is back," she said. When night fell and her boys still weren’t home, Fatima panicked. “Come with me,” he said. During an interview, Brierley recalled about the time he realized that he was lost: The journey eventually ended at the railway station in Kolkata, nearly 1500 km from his hometown. She frets that her poverty might embarrass Saroo or his Australian parents. The conversation, through a translator, begins like so many other mother-son calls. He had a comfortable bed, fresh clothes, plenty of food. It looped back to Calcutta. FILE -In this May 10, 2012 file photo, Fatima Munshi collects water for domestic consumption from a community faucet outside her home in Khandwa, India. Saroo broke away to call his girlfriend. Saroo Brierley’s life changed forever on a certain day when his older brother, Guddu decided to go to the city of Burhanpur in India by train from their hometown, Khandwa, in order to find a better job. Often, he prayed: If there is anything magical in the world, he pleaded silently, could you help me find my family? 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