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Two other “game” species of Cichlids native to the Amazon basin are the oscar/palometa real (now also common throughout the south Florida canal system and commonly found in Bolivia)) and the jacundá / mataguaro (most common in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia) which is a smaller close cousin of the peacock bass species in the genus. They strike baits at high speed and continue moving right through the drag. FishingBooker is the world’s largest online service that enables you to find and book fishing trips. Sign up to receive news right to your inbox every day, Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida: A Short Guide, How Contact Tracing Has Evolved And Ways To Get Through The Next COVID-19 Wave (Video), Loaded Slow Cooker Potatoes (Video Recipe), Diabetes: Coffee And Green Tea Might Reduce Death Risk, 8 Bank Moves To Make As Soon As You’re Unemployed, Why Online Gaming Has Seen a Strong Surge in 2020, Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Work Tables, Windy And Cooler Today; Florida Is Watching The Tropics. The parents chase off any would-be predators, but when they are guarding the fry, one may instantly intercept any lure in the google_alternate_color = "0000FF"; Most species, belong to the genus Mylossoma. Like many other cichlids, male peacock bass grow faster and larger than females. There are somewhere around 15 different species of Peacock Bass. The smallest species is the Royal Peacock Bass, and they can grow to a maximum length of 10 inches. google_color_link = "0000FF"; Although not feeding during this period, this defensive action makes the fish susceptible to some fishing pressure. For more information: Jungle Bass. The order Siluriformes (catfish) is the second most diverse and probably the most spectacular group of Amazon species. The bait,  panicked by the slashing attack of a school of sardinata sound like a rainstorm moving across the river. Acestrorhyncus species make short work of fancy flies. Today, they are an iconic part of South Florida’s fishing scene. Sardinata are a schooling fish and once one is hooked, more strikes are sure to follow. natural river habitat, which is seldom larger than 9.5 pounds. NEW! Sardinata look a lot like a small tarpon, except they have a brilliant golden holographic coloration, reminiscent of the freshwater dorado. Peacock Bass come from the family of cichlids, the same as Tilapia. . var dc_isBoldActive= 'no'; "Once the fingerlings are three inches in length or so, They are an extremely wary fish and must be approached with extreme caution. Rainwater gradually freshened the system and the rays, dolphins and marine fish evolved into today’s Amazonian saltwater transplants. You’ll also find some really good fishing grounds in Broward and Dade counties. habitat. The parents guard the young for extended periods of time, sometimes up to 10 weeks, and that assures a Most veterans now use 30-50-pound braided lines. This makes them a relatively easy target for patient, harpoon wielding hunters who bring their flesh to market. They are a beautiful and brutally strong freshwater game fish. The fry will remain in the shallow cover for about five to six months before moving into more open-water Trophy peacocks require stout tackle. They are obligatory air-breathers — and they must come to the surface in order to breathe. Like its larger, fast-water cousin, it’s a fast, fierce predator. The royal’s distinguishing features include a narrow, serrated, horizontal black ‘band’ that runs from just behind the gill plate, past the soft part of the dorsal fin (this ‘band’ is often broken up, but the fish’s coloration remains quite distinctive from the ‘butterfly.’)  Unlike the other three species, ‘royal’ peacocks prefer fast moving water and act very much like our smallmouth bass. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; They are a schooling fish that in rare cases can reach a maximum weight of about 15-pounds. One of the few remaining examples of fish surviving from the Jurassic period, they give observers a peek into an ancient prehistoric world. When the Andes mountains pushed their way toward the sky, the Basin and its waters were permanently cut off from the Pacific. They move into shallow With patience and persistence, pirarucú can be taken on tarpon-sized conventional tackle, especially using 7-inch jerk baits (CD-14-18 Rapalas), although a large live baitfish (7/0 circle hook) dropped under a heavy cork is the best bet. Members of the sub-family Colossoma of the Characidae,  tambaqui (, Tambaqui, the largest of all the characins, are creatures of the Amazon’s flooded forest. The Sardinata/apapá (Amazon pellona), a clupeid fish,  is an exceptional, yet little-known migratory gamefish that fights like, and is related to tarpon. The most common species, the Butterfly Peacock Bass… For example, the Speckled Peacock Bass is the largest one, and it can grow to size over 36 inches. google_color_url = "008000"; Within seconds they’re out of the water and flying through the air. . google_ad_height = 90; The butterfly peacock bass grow about an inch a month during the first year of life, so they are 12 Although not a particularly powerful fish, they are highly prized as a gamefish in Brazil. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the association. . They would drown, just like us,  if they couldn’t periodically gulp air. The most common and widespread peacock species, the butterfly peacock Anglers often learn much about the species they pursue by studying what they eat. The huge pectoral fins aid in propelling these fish rapidly upward when attacking their prey. Anglers  pursue giant species of the Family Pimelodidae. The smallest species is the Royal Peacock Bass, and they can grow to a maximum length of 10 inches. Sardinata are the largest and are entirely predatory. The fish averages about 8-pounds, but commonly grows upwards of 20-pounds. It is important to note that these catfish are nothing like our local ‘cats’ which tend to be bottom-feeding and rather lethargic. For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit, Executive Director: Larry Larsen;   Editor: Lilliam Larsen. Migratory in nature, Sardinata move in medium to large schools close on the heels of huge baitfish migrations. Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the Amazon basin. inhaling it and then closing the gate. The fish have quickly adapted to their new surroundings and they started eating up their invasive relatives, without threatening other native populations. This fish is considered an ‘incidental’ species that is sometimes taken on deep-diving crank baits, jigs and/or streamers fished deep for other fast water species. Yatorana can grow upwards of 15-pounds. The Peacock Bass originates from South America, specifically the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. Preys are stabbed by the canines and then swallowed hole. A third species, the ‘gray bar’ or ‘fire belly (Cichla monoculus)’ exhibits three black triangular-shaped markings along the back, with a distinct inkblot pattern above the belly. var dc_AdLinkColor = 'blue'; The freshwater Amazonian gamefish in this article, as organized by ichthyologists, are all members of the Class. continuing population for years. //-->, For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit, Peacock  Bass Executive Director: Larry Larsen;   Editor: Lilliam Larsen. they usually separate. There are many amazing Peacock Bass fishing spots in Florida, especially in the southern parts. We firmly believe in catch and release fishing and we do everything in our power to preserve and protect the remarkable natural wonders that it is our privilege to enjoy. These highlights fade and ultimately disappear in older specimens. The fingerlings form schools and become very aggressive while google_ad_width = 120; Although they look awfully similar to their razor-toothed brethren, they have a reputation for placidity. And Cichla temensis , the giant Amazon peacock, will continue to be the ultimate quarry for trophy peacock seekers. For larger fish, a stiff 9-10-weight rod and both floating and sink tip lines are commonly used depending upon existing fishing conditions (an 8-weight is perfect for the smaller ‘butterflies’ and ‘grey bars.’  Heavy leaders (I use a straight 8-foot section of 50-pound monofilament) are essential to keep from breaking fish off. Growth of butterfly and royal peacock bass continues to be rapid to sizes of 2 to 3 pounds after which it may slow. var dc_adprod='ADL'; Home                                             Contact Us                                  Mission & Privacy Policy. Biologists have described color pattern changes occurring at this time, from a foraging. With 14 families, including about 1000 species, the Amazon accounts for almost half of all the catfish species in the world. Predator species typically base their movements, behavior and even life cycles on the habits of their prey. It’s an incredible sight to witness a wave, made entirely of fleeing silvery baitfish bodies, form itself in perfectly still water. few select places, monsters over 15 pounds can be caught occasionally. A stout offshore rod/reel combo spooled with 130-pound braid is recommended as these monsters can literally tow a 16-foot bass boat upstream! google_ad_channel =""; When hooked, aruanã repeatedly jump like a baby tarpon. Our world-class customer support is available 7 days a week, and will make sure that planning your next fishing trip is quick, fun and hassle-free. fishery biologist report you happen to be reading. Pirarucú have both gills and an modified air bladder that acts as a lung, which they use to gulp in air. The arapima fans a large circle free of debris in areas of sandy bottoms.

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