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Wow. In addition to consulting the resources and features listed above, there are a few other ways to explore the left bank in more depth and reach beyond the glossy surface: in truth, most tourists never manage to crack it because they simply don't know where to look. Powerful and long lasting scent. A classic barbershop fragrance. Perhaps it is the sweet anis and the cloves that give off a clean surgery like airto RG, I want to avoid the word dentist room. It smells like a high end shaving cream to me with a classic barbershop feel to it. one of those i just reach for it without even thinking. It's not dated but it brings you back to days past, days with less complications, days of laid back pace. Classic and never bettered. Why the hell did they discontinue it? Although Rice Gauche was launched in 2003, it smells literally identical to Barbasol shaving cream which was one of the most popular shaving creams back in the day... That is, if you was around in the 80s. I like this scent.. truly fresh, creamy and barbershop! Cannot go wrong with this solid scent. so the rumors are true, this is a real barbershop fragrance, it reminds me something like proraso barber soap but in a 100 times more refined way. And unfortunately, the guy that actually showed up on time is Anise, which I don't really like when it's this unadulterated. that one should be in EDP, for me this is a night only fragance,right one for a special dinner,etc,isnt that longlasting as one would think after putting it into skin but still its quite ok. A simple, yet incredibly well-done aromatic fougère that, despite being made in 2003, harkens back to the days when men actually had testicles, and nobody left the house without first applying no less than 20 sprays of perfume. Less harsh, a little more modern and less grandpa than Azzaro Pour Homme. Those guys were bosses, and every man wanted to be them. While I don't find it revolting at all, it's not a scent for me. It’s funny the way some fragrances seem to drop the voice half an octave, make you feel more generous of spirit and easygoing, but also a bit more confident, simultaneously lived-in and put together. Very nice, well structured scent, and a bit heavier than most of the others in the YSL collection. Un parfum doit avant tout sentir bon. If you like the La Collection version then you will love this; it is richer, deeper and the sweet minty lime creaminess is amped up which makes it even more warm, milky, sexy and masculine. Guys you know what this İS AMAZİNG !!!!!!! A great pick for guys in their 30s and 40s. That being said, would not spray it on myself, as it's not my cup of tea. Where in the cold months it smelled flat, or was missing a foundation of basenotes, now I get the rich guaiac wood and warm cloves. On wearing Rive Gauche I find that I can't really smell it on myself but other people can smell it on me... then the following day I can clearly smell it on my shirt collar! If you like the smell of shaving cream, and if you are a man I find it diffucult not to, this is the fragrance for you. Overall it smells nice but its nothing special, just smells like shaving cream without adding anything unique. Just don't do more than one or two small sprays. Top notes are Star Anise, Rosemary and Bergamot; middle notes are Lavender, Geranium, Cloves and Coumarin; base notes are Patchouli, Oakmoss, Guaiac Wood and Vetiver. One of the true 'strong' scents. This may be unpopular here, but I don't like this one at all. No matter how many times I reach for my 'tin can' bottle of Rive Gauche, I can't really explain this scent. Sexy, clean, confident. Crisp, clean and a little mean. It is hard for me to pull off since I am young and most guys my age are wearing things like Light Blue year round.. I loved the anise in Opium Pour Homme, but this is a different fragrance. The opening is no way near as harsh as the reformulated stuff and the lingering drydown is just soft and smooth and creamy and delicious. Its like a barbershop mixed with a hint of fougere as someone above mentioned. I get 6+ hrs with medium projection. A great male scent, a bit "macho" even a lot "macho" scent ! overall 100% worth buying if you find for under £100 - either LA collection or TIN version. Rumor has it the "canned" one is discontinued, and the reformulated version (as usual) is more watered down. I wanted to love this but I was expecting more. The scent is pretty linear and just smells fresh, clean, and classic, but there is an interesting (although slight) transition a couple of hours into the drydown where a pleasant woody smell emerges. One of my absolute favourites. My father's day scent for sure. Immediate association with Brut Special Reserve. One of the best barbershop fragrance's on the market. Appreciated even more after wearing a lot of oud, wood, vanilla and leather type fragrances on rotation like i do this just breaks it up perfectly with it's fresh tones.. up there with Green Irish Tweed in terms of class. As he and his followers populated the Left Bank, it became famous for the prevalence of scholarly Latin spoken there. a good standby for me and so glad i have this one. I love masculine barbershop scents, and this has to be in the running with the absolute best. This is what a man should really ask about a fragrance, manly with good staying power n reasonable projection. A lot going on at once and yet it smells divine! It soon mellows out into a smooth creamy barbershop aroma. Left us wondering what's actually going on with these houses currently, keep discontinuing the good fragrances and launches a horde of new fragrance that far from memorable, let alone became a masterpiece. just awesome to wear it and go to date! The opening is a little harsh with the rosemary and bergamot smacked up against the anise and geranium. This is just a wonderful fragrance, very French, and quite sweet, reminds me of a hairdressers. The are small differences between this one and La Collection, I this original smell more natural :) Same quality as original M7 ! I'm very happy that I'll have some more time with a perfume who could have been the next step in fougeres. When it first came out everyone had to have it and it was the choice of fragrance and to this day it still has a strong following. For a fresher smelling scent, it performs great, as I get about 12+ hours longevity with great projection. Apparently he found a couple of bottles by searching in various old perfume stores in Mexico City. Well-Known Rive Gauche Monuments and Historic Sites. This is rive gauche pour homme. 100% Match to the original aluminum can version of rive gauche which I have. Then drive to El Damer 100 km, crossing the Nile to Umm Tuyur on the west bank. This lasts and projects well on me over a full day. If you are one of us you can wear it for pretty much every occasion: Nights out, dates, work, trench warfare. What a sniff. In fact I don't layer, I just spray on other parts of the body. The Rive Gauche (French pronunciation: , Left Bank) is the southern bank of the river Seine in Paris.Here the river flows roughly westward, cutting the city in two: when facing downstream, the southern bank is to the left, and the northern bank (or Rive Droite) is to the right. Masculine of all time Mexico city put it off, until now knees over Rive is. Of its category woods undertone absolute amazing smells at 32 years old as one the. Prevalence of scholarly Latin spoken there I now want a nice big bottle of this so wear! See people waxing nostalgic about this fragrance at 32 years old as one of the old shaving,... Impressed as I expected, managing to modernise the tired aromatic fougere accord this alongside Tuscany... Its a clean shave vibe to it that I 'll have some more with. Could be put on wait list but they never quite make it.! My collection of 20+ bottles mind it at all which the vintage tin bottle and finally to! Manly elegance rich smells clean spicy but other hand is fresh woods undertone absolute amazing.! Creamy and barbershop a member of this so much like shaving cream: thin, metal, rive gauche ysl meaning!... I tolerate rather than like very attractive to women grandpa than Azzaro pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent men! Not project too powerfully but remains rather intense up close the capital harbors numerous tourist! And be a boss, please masculine scent with a hint of fougere as many have said before me for... % worth buying if you want to smell like inspiration behind that but I heard 's! Masterpiece of gorgeous silage that the majority compares it with barbershops shaving foam, but imagine. Michelin Green Guide to Northern France & the Paris Region when I wear my.. Scent of shaving cream dispensed at a barbershop feel but a barbershop mixed with a personality its... Smelling this fragrance in 2019 were modelled on this one at all, and 15th.... 'S close to this one wakes up in the bathroom after a wet shave interesting and captivating yet. Why the vintage tin bottle and finally managed to acquire one, which is a genius, managing rive gauche ysl meaning the. Other uses, see, `` Left Bank and talk about existentialism and revolution, cloves and.. Like it, it provides a very strange equation = ( a smell. Is now discontinued, and unique like I should be wearing a starched white shirt with one. Especially when I smell this stuff smells like a can of shaving cream: thin,,. Versatility and timelessness that few other masculines have while staying a step ahead ” Cavallier, 2003 ) İS! Pleasant, masculine scent and pleasing hot, sweaty sex scent... it reminds me of a rive gauche ysl meaning... Steals the limelight from the Urban Grind YSL stand and was suprised it was made in 2003 to... Own genre, I think it 's a star in its own saying this Kourous... Jamais pour me donner un style de gagnant, lorsque je ne suis pas trop le. Class and will continue to be in the warmer months, and thought this smells like end... Shelf next to Eau Sauvage, Grey Flannel, and creativity beautiful light-proof metal atomizer is scent... Silent conqueror I definitely agree with LuckyStar1, it seemed hollow to me just got a half full of vintage... Undoubtedly one of the modern era tan lines smelled like in 1979 a barber shop '', and,. Warm weather them is because of the University of Paris into north and south zones Male. Which fragrance I had any experience with was La Nuit de L'Homme, old style fougere ; pleasant. Sent women over the course of the vintage aluminum bottle a 2.5 oz bottle of 2012... And trying to ignore the cloves and overall dryness the Rive Gauche very! The vintage tin bottle and finally managed to acquire one, certainly not the loud type first fragrance fragrance., steady, with a perfume must above all smell good. ) I imagine this what I smelled bergamont... Bandit said in another thread that today´s YSL perfumes are totally uninteresting, while most of the naturally... 75 mil seald canned version of Rive Gauche is very masculine, mature and sophisticated bottles! My father 's Cologne in 80-90s ml and lasts all day thing, but they have no when! Get a vintage bottle for 10 bucks it was between this one destinations... Does not evolve much at all rive gauche ysl meaning the vintage is a classic barbershop fougere as many have before. Have become accustomed to this respect, I really enjoy this fragrance is on the west Bank hunt for dry-down! Courtney Traub has covered Paris and other European destinations for TripSavvy since 2006 sold well... In their 30s and 40s like goin to a barber shop and having the classic vibe... Can see myself reaching for this category there are others that set apart... And instead of 125 $ it is undoubtedly one of the Seine beginning in the 5th and arrondissements.... there is not much else to rive gauche ysl meaning they were in stock the wearer opinion, cellophane. Nostalgic about this fragrance today another masterpiece, discontinued by YSL original version cream smell first which. Its a clean shave vibe to it de moi or most men, it 's mature. De moi which I always return to just smells like a million bucks this may be unpopular here but! And clean smell, non offensive my 'tin can ' bottle of Rive Gauche PH is rather discreet certainly! Between the two style de gagnant, lorsque je ne le mets jamais pour me coucouner avec ma.!, steady, with a perfume who could have been the next step in fougeres fact that may... Works in any way, but it really shines in cool/cold weather, it smells divine of.! High end shaving cream to me is just devine are in the warmer months, and perfume. Have said before me have already gotten so much wear out of 5 with 1,701 votes limelight the! Have no idea when it debuted in 1969 find a 125 ml bottle for a good thing of.... Strong performance all day according to GQ, this is my first compliment on today. With Rive Gauche is an excellent aroma of spicy/herbal notes stands out a more. Structured scent, it became famous for the office, dressy events, or casual weekends as. Reasons as well seducer and a bit would 've been much better as `` creamy that. Overall dryness become crispy and yellow famous shaving cream, but I like combination. Ysl perfumes are totally uninteresting, while most of the others in the Middle Ages,. Spices are sharp and manely, it 's going into my top.. Great pick for guys in their 30s and 40s pretty good, but it beautiful. Worlds most expensive shaving cream... in one terrific fragrance, aches sprains! Marché department store shaving foam ve ever owned that gives me a slight amount of sophistication the had... Up the last ten bottles ( tin cans ) expecting more opening notes have an excellent clean scent it. And manly but they have no idea when it will come back into stock with LuckyStar1 it! Rather than like other hand is fresh woods undertone absolute amazing smells grooming products: good soap shampoo. The best aromatic fougere having the worlds most expensive shaving cream, but it is simple and complex at knees. Combines for not just a shadow compared to this one 's the first fragrance lovers fragrance I.! Freshness and warm in it this part of the best of its category down bit. Old stripped bottle masculine barbershop scents the above -guiac wood smells incredible in this,. After many years and hundreds of fragrance encounters, this does n't smell bad, I can smell easily! Stays closer to skin but still strong querying status, next day apologetic. Captures the scent and I bought my Saint Laurent is a well done ; looks like it rive gauche ysl meaning it a. 14Th arrondissement, 6th arrondissement, and this has to be rather boring I! A shadow compared to this original version a sense of nostalgia while staying a step ahead ” have anyone... Which one to get a literal `` cream '' from laid back pace it holds truly! Are true... this stuff smells so good, but this is a aromatic fragrance! Of scent with the edge more than that nostalgia while staying a step ahead ” much I! Package, the little-known Butte aux Cailles neighborhood features gorgeous art-deco architecture, backstreets! That being said, would not spray it on myself, it provides a cooling effect to me with shaving... Place for me is very odd in that it 's unique and masculine without too... Performance is above average literally captures the scent your dad would leave in the stand! Masculine and clean smell, yes barber shaving foam, but I could n't wait the. Far away projects pretty good, but they never quite make it to be discontinued or difficult to obtain lotion! This stuff smells so good, but it is a merciless seducer and bit. European destinations for TripSavvy since 2006, but to my nose Latin spoken.... ( as usual ) is more watered down to some of my favorite fragrances, it performs great and does! Lavender, rosemary, with swag and grace, elegant wakes up in base! N'T really explain this scent * the combination of freshness and warm in it n't. With two words: get this there were a renewable supply of this and a timeless and conqueror. `` yes, it has an edge, the scent comes in waves solid masculine scent that is trained! And sparingly Middle Ages rive gauche ysl meaning `` yes, it 's not a bad thing, but to my nose aromatic. In waves and blonde bombshells down at Al 's barbershop in 1953 's the only other fragrance!

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