riders of icarus awakened torkai

Soul crystal is destroyed when removed". - New Extreme Dungeon „Dragon God Hideout“ In TurimanValley- New Mythical equipment: Bloodless Weapons & Sub Weapons- Bloodless Weapon Awakening, Increased Transcendence Level Limit on Bloodless & Yatuman items from 7 to 9 New maximum Temper level for Mythical Weapons: Zelnaris +14 / Bloodless +15Added new Mythical Items: Transcendence Materials & Stones, Reverse Tempering Stone, Ultimate Mythical Tempering Stone (for +11 and above)- Completely New Mythical Familiar Equipement & Recipes- Added Mythical Armor Refining / Honing Stone Recipes- significantly improved Yatuman Jewelry Set- Added Red Revolutionaries 9th and final Boss: Croctus – Revolutionary Leader- Exarahn Badlands Droptables have been cleaned up - Karoneh now drops 25 mining tools to match the 25 spawning Giant Exarium Ores- Several Droptables have been improved to match the new Content (Yatuman (Hard Mode), Adelik, Shady Warrens & Braghin Mine, Stronghold Mines)- Worldboss Adelik stats have been reworked- Assassins „Purple Poison“ has been added back and rebalanced for PVP and PVE, Legendary Dungeons Loot Rework (40, 50, 60 and 65), Ellora's Spire (Tower of Challenge and Hastan's Secret Retreat), Extreme Dungeon Loot Rework (Red Revolutionary Base), Let's just show you some spoilers instead:World Bosses (Awakened Sandstorm), NPC ChangesDungeon Shop NPC (Eldreaa):The overall layout of the shop has been improved to be more easily readable and convenient. + Three different tiers of starter packages for new players/characters: A set of Starter Buff Items 10x +5/ 5x +6 Extractors and Familiar Full Growth Potions Mount: Divine Alkanin + a full Adrian Mount Equip Set 1 Designer Bag A set of 7-Day Premium/Familiar Bags, Auto-Loot Emblem and Talismans 7- Days Premium Service A 6-Slot Bracelet for Gems 10.000 Gold 300 Ellun 10 Premium Coins Two EXP Boost Items to make leveling MUCH easier (+300% EXP total), A set of Starter Buff Items 10x +5/ 5x +6 Extractors and Familiar Full Growth Potions Mount: Divine Alkanin + a full Adrian Mount Equip Set Pet: Radan's Eye 2 Designer Bags A set of 14-Day Premium/Familiar Bags, Auto-Loot Emblem and Talismans 14- Days Premium Service A 6-Slot Bracelet for Gems 20,000 Gold 1000 Ellun 15 Premium Coins An Instant Level 70 Potion. You're welcome. The look of this thing is impressive, from its cracked skin to the fire burning inside of its mouth. (19 hour respawn time), The Gold Coin NPC and Dungeon Shop NPCs has been reworked visually as well. A sandpark MMORPG from the mastermind behind Lineage. This one gets a nod because it just has a neat shape to it. The amount of options seemed pretty vast, but then the developers of Riders of Icarus very kindly gave us a sneak peek at several of the choices and I’ve been amazed. This thing makes one heck of an impression, even if it looks more uncomfortable to ride than a Range Rover with solid wood for suspension. One piece of Adrian gear has a 100% chance of dropping, One Torkai Mark has a 100% chance of dropping, Zelnaris Mounted Weapon Crafting Packages have been added to the drop table, The drop rate of Mythical Tempering Stones has been buffed, A fixed number of Zelnaris Soul Stones, Premium Coins, Legendary Reverse Stones and Redeemers have been added to the loot, A fixed number of Ancient Slates, Secret Amethyst Shards and Belhira's Journals have been added to the loot, The RNG from Attaius' Box has been removed by having a fixed number of Attack and Defense Elixirs dropping with a 100% chance, There is a high chance of getting a Relic Honing Stone, (These were previously only obtainable via Ellun! This is just a sample of the variety that this game has to offer. I can’t help it, though. What’s more awesome than a wolf? There is a rare chance to obtain a Baltrow Mark! 58 Skill Potions) have been added, essentially for free. It’s one of those silly mount choices that has no business being in a “serious” game, but it’s just too cute and too fun to pass up. You may also be lucky enough to get a "GFriend's Tonic" which gives 50% Rare Drop Chance for 3 Hours and works together with the current Rare Drop Elixir (3 Hours). World Bosses (Awakened Sandstorm) Awakened Sandstorm has been completely reworked and has a 100% chance of spawning 19 hours from when he is killed; He drops 3 chests to the 3 highest DPS parties provided they have done a minimum of 5% damage; His drops include: (At least one) Vinisar's Ocean Pearl +6 Legendary Extractor OR +7 Legendary Extractor a) Edit server buffs “Extra Buffs” - Drop Rate and Rare Drop Rate have been changed from 200% to 100% again - removed +20% tempering chance, +10% Crafting Chance and +20% triumphant crafting Chance from the buff b) Removed the Event daily quests from Yuri “3rd Anniversary Event” NPC: - Quest 1: “Clear lvl 40 Legendary Dungeons” - Quest 2: “Clear lvl 50 Legendary Dungeons” - Quest 3: “Clear lvl 60 & lvl 65 Legendary Dungeons” - Quest 4: “Defeat Vice Captain Shakis in the RRB” - Quest 5: “Defeat Pirate Leader Karrad in the RRB” - Quest 6: “Defeat Lucid Elpher in the RRB” - Quest 7: “Defeat Khapir Leader in the RRB” c) Removed “Sunshine Token” from all legendary dungeon End Boss and all RRB Boss Drops. Shining materials no longer drop in boxes but as individual items.

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