rich guy poor girl chinese drama 2019

Boss meets her again and tries to get revenge. Starring: Ku Hye-Sun as Geum Jan-di, Lee Min-ho as Gu Jun-Pyo, Kim Hyun-Joong as Yoon Ji-Hu, Kim Bum as So Yi-Jung, Kim Joon as Song Woo-Bin. Unrequited reunited love storyline enthusiasts, it's time to shine. Of course the attraction transforms into something more! Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2. She gets kidnapped. Despite being the rich guy poor girl, they still fell in love with each other. However, his mother wanted him to become a prosecutor to follow the path of his father. This drama shows the modern fairytale feelings where a commoner girl becomes a crown princess after marrying the crown prince. Rich guys falls in love with a poor girl or girl who has become poor. This superhero drama is about what the title suggests, Do Bong Soon essayed by Park Bo Young who has supernatural powers. One day, she meets Gong-chan, the sole heir to the L`Avenuse Hotel fortune. Then he begins to fall in love. Starring Zheng Shuang and Ray Ma as the leads, this is one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. Woman makes mistake in translating French and gets her kicked out. She initially believed that he is a parking attendant. A romance that spans years, this story falls the young love of next door neighbours that goes through trials ranging from misdiagnosed illness, long distance, breakups and makeups. Is my all time favorite jdrama! Every day she uses binoculars to stalk her crush Han Tae-Joon who lives across the street, as he goes to through his daily routine. If you haven't definitely watch the Thai versions of Itazura na Kiss called Kiss Me and Full House! Starring: Ha Ji-won as Gil Ra-im, Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won, Yoon Sang-Hyun as Choi Woo-young (Oska), Kim Sa-rang as Yoon Seul. This drama with leads Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young is a romantic comedy. Ha Won is a bright college student who had a dream to become a teacher. Oh Jin-Rak is a webtoon artist who also lives in the same apartment as Dok-Mi. Log in. ), Faith (Korean materialistic plastic surgeon is kidnapped by cold/serious royal guard captain and brought to the past. Those two are fitting my liking the best I think. Young-Jae, a Korean actor whom Ji Eun’s friends sold her house to, after deceiving her during her absence on holidays. Kim Hye-Jin used to be a beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Joon is a successful editor and Eum is a struggling writer in the drama. #4, Clover (it's not set in school is set on a working environment), Fated to Love you (also not set in school), Can Love become Money (also not set in school). CEO is against office romance. Read Why? Egos clash. Author and psychiatrist start off hating each other. Rich girl poor boy kdrama is what you are looking for like me if you are tired of the cliche rich guy poor girl kdrama. Some of them have romantic storylines similar to Cinderella’s story, and some will melt your heart with their unique storylines and charming couples. Both characters clash during spy training. Meanwhile, Oska met his first love again, Yoon Seul, who wants nothing to do with Oska, but instead, she set her eyes on Joo-won. He dislikes her personality at first. Song Wei Long plays a famous art curator who runs into a woman - played by Jelly Lin - who looks exactly like someone he loved for many years in the past. Cue the drama! They continue to clash. Your email address will not be published. Mumbai Police at Arnab Goswami's residence; Over a dozen officers; no summons, no papers, I&B Minister Javadekar condemns Arnab Goswami's assault & arrest; Slams Maharashtra govt. ), Fabulous Boys (Taiwanese ver), You're Beautiful (Korean ver), Ikemen desu ne (Japanese ver) (Girl about to become a nun has to masquerade as her incapacitated twin brother in popular idol band. This supernatural drama is one of the greatest hit in the K-drama world because of the storyline, music and excellent cinematography. 0% Watched. it do have a love triangle tho but i loved it! 9 … Woman believes in fortune tellers and man believes in only logic. Also Read | Emmy Awards 2019: 'Game Of Thrones' Takes Home Best Drama Series Award. The real compilations started when Ji-Eun and Young-Jae both begin to fall for each other. Count Your Lucky Stars. This time she stars alongside Chen Du Ling as two best friends whose relationship becomes strained when they fall in love with the same guy, played by Dylan Xiong. Starring: Park Hae-Jin as Yoo Jung, Kim Go-Eun as Hong Seol,  Seo Kang-Joon as Baek In-ho,  Lee Sung-Kyung as Baek In-ha. From hating each other to falling in love, it's a romance that'll sweep you away with its cuteness, starring Niu Jun Feng and Fair Xing.

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