remington versa max sportsman review

Take a closer look at the Remington Versa Max Sportsman by watching this video: Its affordable price and quality specs are quite hard not to consider in getting this beauty. Because it’s so versatile, the shotgun is very much the thinking man’s gun. The Versa Max Tactical comes with a bright-green fiber-optic front sight and a brass mid-bead. Works the same as a Benelli or my, Adjustable length of pull, drop, and cast, Different cheek height inserts are available. The Remington Versa Max Sportsman is made lightweight to ease the user in shooting. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. The only loads I had trouble were the “less lethal” rounds that don’t have enough power cycle the action. Maybe I should get some two inch shells; surely the Versa Max wouldn’t feed them. You probably have, too. The Versa Max uses Remington’s ProBore choke tube system. Heard the gun didn’t cycle 2-3/4 well. Capacity: 8 (2 3/4-inch shells), 7 (3-inch shells), Stock: Synthetic stock, w/overmolded grips, MSRP: $1,456 (easily found for 70% of MSRP and less.). Uses Pro Bore chokes. out. If they offer those rebates again this year, I will be picking up at least one more of these shotguns. This isn’t an inertia action like a Benelli M2. Whatever you do, DON’T pick up a brand new Versa Max, light target loads (7/8 oz), and head out to a 3 gun match. This is simple, if anyone has a gun that runs stick with it, regardless of brand. It’s the drop and cast adjustment that’s the new interesting part. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything out there. $1,087.74, Used Price: By using the gas, especially with various numbers of ports blocked by different length shells, you can get a much more controlled and consistent push on the both, especially since the limited travel of the tappets inherently limits the maximum velocity even when there’s still gas pouring into the system. Most three inch guns won’t cycle with a one ounce standard shell much less a light 7/8. In which case, why isn’t there a hue and cry about using .22 short and/or .22 long — NOT .22 LR for those of you who don’t know that there was (is?) I then spent some time putting together the familiar 1100s, the now-familiar V3s, and several different versions of the Versa Max. Unfortunately, semi-autos are rarely as reliable as pump guns. The Remington Versa Max is everything a shotgun is supposed to be. Also the Lifetime Warranty is next to none . Great gun for the price. The good news is that the MSRP is grossly more than what the gun is actually being sold for. Bulk Win white box from Wally World is the typical junk I throw in it. Be advised, that combination of shotgun, choke, and ammunition will shoot tiny groups far away, but even with this reduced-recoil gun, you will surely know when you pulled the trigger. Second, I hate that you can’t get an 18in barrel on the “tactical” gun. It can also take birds, something rifles can’t do. The photo of the bolt reminded me of the bolt in my M-1 Super 90. Happy to report the gun cycled 2-3/4 with no issues.. And yet, over a very short period of time, I was shooting better with the Versa Max than I did with the shotgun through which I’d shot thousands and thousands of shells. Since I had the chance to shoot several models, both borrowed guns from friends or from Remington, I had the opportunity to pick what my first semi-auto would be. (FN has the worst customer service in the world btw), Nick did a direct comparison in his review. legal disclaimer, Remington Versa Max Sportsman | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews. Lastly, JW, I enjoyed the review, but “cheep” is a sound a small bird makes, and in your ‘Customization’ review section, you reference Remington’s “rifles” instead of shotguns. Otherwise mine has run well for as long as I had it, much better than my 870 which is a pile. I plan on using them to shoot trap, the FTE will mean I don’t need to bend over to retrieve shells and will no longer pelt my neighbor on the line with empties. The first three major dealers I checked online sold this same model for right around a grand. Nine months into shooting them, I ordered a Remington Versa Max Tactical for myself. I added the Northern Flight extended choke tube for hunting waterfowl as well as a "clip on". Now, Remington has brought out a tactical version of the VersaMax. I have a Remington 870 with But by not fighting the gun, by making fewer movements to get the muzzle where it needs to be, I was hitting those cross-flying clays at a much higher percentage. All Rights Reserved Technically, the Versa Max uses 2 small pistons just below the magazine tube. I don’t know how many rounds I’ve put through the gun, but it’s well over 500. And it’s the Remington Versa Max Tactical. It has gas ports, like the Benelli M4. Beretta Pintail. I am supremely suspicious of this entire review, and it’s lovely to run them in the desert but they should also be run in blinding rain, snow, and ice. The Versa Max also updates some of the ergonomics of the 1100 to more modern standards. Not until you’re ready to shell out the coin for the shotgun and the optic. The mossburg 930 is startlingly cheap for what you get. The Versa Max fits me out of the box … kinda … a little. It has a lot of the features I want that the hunter-specific versions don’t have, like an extended magazine tube and the enlarged loading gate.

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