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proper reloading practices. Now, I know you may be thinking “what about 10mm Auto cases”? I’m just now getting my Pro Chucker 5 cleaned-up from factory and dialed-in, and I had already decided to go with .357 Sig — my first attempt at the caliber and my first with my new press (and I just happen to have a big stash of 9mm booollets). Worked for me, JMHO! This is great! What does .357 SIG have to do with the Glock 20 then? I’d never used a case gauge for a pistol cartridge before. I’m using the Lee dies and find it sizes the case perfectly. If you tried to form 40 into 357 Sig I think you would only worsen this "shorter" situation. The two most common problems are poor headspacing (where the rounds either won't chamber, or have inconsistent ignition) and bullet setback (where the bullet will be too easily pressed into the case when you chamber the round). Gun used: Springifled XD Service model (4″ barrel) chambered in 357 Sig Dies used: Lee Precision 3 die set for 357 Sig, Hornady 9mm bullet feed die, RCBS 40 S&W carbide sizing die, and Lee Precision FCD Press used: Lee Precision Load Master + Lee Reloading Press (the Load Master only has 5 stations so I put the FCD in the single stage) Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Your email address will not be published. Really Is there a link you can provide that categorizes and breaks down all these options? The .357 Sig has a reputation for being difficult to reload because inexperienced reloaders have problems with it. This load has a 125-gr. When I first started reloading the .357 SIG I began by making dummy rounds to check for overall length. FN bullets RCBS 357 SIG Primer Punch:Size Button.jpg, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Thanks for sharing John- the Hornady XTP 9mm bullets in 124 and 147 grains worked great, and as mentioned in the article, the LEE Factory Crimp Die works *great* for .357 SIG. John uses Speer 115- and 125-Gold Dots, Acme coated 122- and 147-gr. The Wilson case guage is good to have. I think .400 Corbon may be next! The two most JHPs as an alternative for the .357 Magnum with 158-gr. The bottleneck only has about 3/16" that grip on the boolit, so a boolit with enough of a top driving band, and a short enough nose for the mags is a necessity. They go in tight. and velocities right at the .357 Magnum at times. Email this Page. I’ve noticed you use the Hornady LNL-AP more than any others I’ve seen on your channel / blog. 124grn. Use load data at your own risk. Guess what, it works! I had a problem with my RCBS dies not bumping the shoulder back so the case would fit correctly in my case gauge., Hi Gavin: So I’ve been showing the LNL AP more recently. Bullet setback is a problem because the .357 Sig's short neck won't provide enough hold on some bullets. Most of the Wait a second, isn’t the Glock 20 chambered in 10mm Auto? *Note here that you can’t form .357 SIG from 40 S&W brass, because you’ll literally “come up short”- the 40 S&W case is not long enough to be formed into a .357 SIG case. The 357 Sig IS designed to headspace on the case mouth. I also really like the LNL AP for quick caliber changeovers and load development. For concealed carry use I prefer the lighter weight bullets, however with general outdoor use I will go with the 147-gr. Search this Thread: Advanced Search. There are two things you can do that will minimize the chances of bullet setback occurring. If you use bullets made specifically for .357 Sig, the crimp issue becomes less of a problem. The very short neck is designed to use 9mm/0.355″ bullets but this does not mean .357 SIG cases can be made from .40 S&W brass. Size and flare the neck in the second step. My journey towards reloading and shooting .357 SIG has been a familiar one: excitement, preparation, then waiting for some time to explore this new cartridge. .327 Federal 10mm Auto.32 Auto (.32 ACP).357 Magnum.357 SIG.38 Special.38 Super.380 ACP.40 S&W.44 Remington Magnum.45 ACP.45 Colt.45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol).50 AE 9mm Luger (Parabellum) 9x18mm Makarov And second, I load the 357Sig and use 10 grains of Blue Dot under a 125 grain bullet. The powder will keep the bullet from setting back. I guess I naturally gravitate to “the unusual”, so as you can imagine, I’m excited to shoot and reload .357 SIG: it’s definitely something different! There are hundreds of choices out there to overwhelm a new loader. 7 Accurate No. Here’s a high-level summary of what’s used to reload .357 SIG: I also have a glock 20 which i would reload for as well. Cases are usually Starline. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); © 2020 Copyright 2016 Ultimate Reloader LLC. The primary challenge in reloading for .357 SIG is getting through the neck tension issues and finding good boolits. 5 Accurate No. Jim has been reloading for over 30 years, and loads 1000s of rounds per year in dozens of calibers. This is an awesome setup! problem is caused by people using the wrong bullets, or belling the case mouth too much. light bullets (such as those intended for loading the .380) do not work very well in the .357 Sig. Thanks: MiKe, Looks like Midway carries the SIG manufactured barrels for this purpose, see: Soon I would be shooting .357 SIG for the first time: with my own handloads. Looks like Mr. Twoguns covered the bases on this one. reload 357 sig ammo recipes, reloading 357 sig, reloading 357 sig tips, reloading recipes, reloading the 357 sig, tips for 357 sig. Here’s the load data for the ammunition loaded for this article: Use load data at your own risk. The thickness of the 10mm case made it impossible to seat a bullet properly. My buddy saw mine at the range and wanted to buy one. Follow @UReloader I’m so glad I found this article through your you-tube video Glock 20/357 sig. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. .327 Federal 10mm Auto.32 Auto (.32 ACP).357 Magnum.357 SIG.38 Special.38 Super.380 ACP.40 S&W.44 Remington Magnum.45 ACP.45 Colt.45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol).50 AE 9mm Luger (Parabellum) 9x18mm Makarov The .357 Sig has a reputation for being difficult to reload because inexperienced reloaders have problems with it. (switched from 40s&w). Poll: Where are you finding reloading primers and powder? I reload some 357 Sig but load more 38/45 Clerke, another bottleneck pistol cartridge. Contact ultimate reloader by clicking here. The “standard” loads for this cartridge include 124 grain and 147 grain 9mm bullets, and the .357 SIG will utilizes small pistol primers (not magnum). so long that it's clear that the cartridge is going to headspace on the shoulder no matter what. Speer 357 SIG-Nickel $ 24.00 – $ 385.00. I have Unique, Bullseye and Power Pistol. Good luck! Required fields are marked *. I think this is the answer. If you can find bullets with a cannelure, you can roll crimp the cartridge (because you'll be headspacing on the shoulder). The original idea was to come up with a cartridge equivalent to the .357 Magnum but at an overall cartridge length for use in standard-sized semi-autos. I did however do quite a bit of research for this project including talking with shooting industry experts in order to optimize my .357 SIG reloads and corresponding workflow. .357 SIG - Manufacturer Loading Data. Hornady Bullet Comparator with a .416" insert. The other thing you can do is to select a powder and charge weight that requires a compressed load. There had to be a better way so I decided to try some cases that were full-length resized only and not expanded and belled. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. I have reloaded for this pistol since that time with no problems, using a Dillon 550B and Dillon dies. It had nothing to do with the primer size. They are no longer listed. Product categories . Enter To Win A Altor 9mm & .380 Pistol Package. It looks like 357 conversion barrels are no longer available for the Glock 20. I hope it will solve yours. One is to use bullets specifically designed for the. Where would you recommend I secure this item? The industry standard seems to be 1.14″ OAL, however some magazines will accept longer loaded rounds and they will also chamber properly. I'm loading for an H&K VP 40 with a .357 Sig barrel which slugs at .357. Poll: What Rifle Cartridge Do You Reload Most Often? January 20, 2017 Gavin .357 SIG, Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Videos, Reloading Blog, Uncategorized .357 SIG, 10mm auto, G20, Glock 20, Hornady Lock-n-Load AP, LEE Reloading Dies, Reloading Blog, Reloading Press, Reloading Videos, Ultimate Reloader. Thanks for the info. 380) do not work very well in the. From what I understand, .357 was *not* designed/developed to use large pistol primers, so 10mm formed cases don’t work either. It solved my problem. 357 sig reloading I have been reloading for the 357 sig for about 2 years. Glocks seem to have looser chamber tolerances so I thought there would be no problems if my Sigs( now 2x P229 and a P226 in 357 sig) were totally reliable with my reloads. Take a fired case, and measure the distance from the case head to a point about midway on the shoulder. ALL 90 gr 95 gr 115 gr 123 gr 124 gr 125 gr 147 gr. A shooting package that fits in the stock Glock 20 case, but shoots three different cartridges. I’m glad you asked! All loads will shoot into 1" for five shots at 15 yards. This usually happens when an inexperienced reloader uses the data in a manual for a bullet that is the same weight, but a If you're getting erratic cartridge ignition and a lot of 'light strikes' with your reloads but A shooting buddy got tired of my complaining and gave me a 357 Sig Factory Crimp Die as a gift. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Never had another FTF again since I started using the Lee die. far enough (this is uncommon). wrote about my experiences with the Lone Wolf 40 S&W drop in barrel, Lone Wolf 20357N .357 SIG conversion barrel, Hornady Lock-N-Load AP 5-station progressive reloading press,,,, Subscribe to Ultimate Reloader Reloading Blog by Email, 25 Creedmoor PRS Rifle Build: Start to Finish, NEW: Athlon Cronus 10×50 UHD Laser Rangefinder Binoculars, Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck Turn Tool: Unboxing/Setup/Turning, 6.5 PRC Load Development: Bergara Wilderness HMR, WARP SPEED!

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