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She was a great girl, we got along well, I just had different priorities at that point in my life. They’ve been posting stuff suggesting their talking and hanging out daily. I had told him I love him that weekend (it just came out). Then reach out after that. But it's not all bad. But you can pay attention to their actions. Finally with Jonas (man three) it was having to see his ex every day that probably reinforced his realization that he could have been having fun with her when he wasn’t. We both had a very stressful year last year and we both lost ourselves in the process and became down and sad towards the end of the year as we were isolated from friends and family. I really, really loved her. Apply this to yourself while completing a No Contact of 45 days and then start reaching out to him following the being there method. The past month has been reckless and he kept being cold to me when I tried to he the best girlfriend ever. I really believe she left me for her when she knew she was single, and she decided she wasn’t happy enough with me and she wanted to take the chance. Hey Mariam, so by the sounds of things your ex is looking for something different in a relationship to what you were, as he thinks its acceptable to flirt online with other girls and you do not think that is acceptable in a relationship. The final piece of advice that I am going to give you is to keep your ex guessing. We only would have had six years together, as she came down with cancer that eventually killed her. My question is, did I ruin the chances of the 30 day no contact working in my favor? I forced her hand by just not being around. He came to visit me and it was such an amazing time and then later again he asked for real time apart. I read all about it and I know for sure that i am a 10/10 girlfriend probably the best he ever had. Holding your own and staying silent is going to make him respect you and in time this will draw him back to you. Then months passed. My friends were all bums. I … And I already regret it. Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help! That is the goal of the Holy Trinity and Becoming Ungettable. Ok so I’ve just read both of your posts and you seem very insecure. A lot of women make the mistake of becoming the “crazy” ex girlfriend. I liked her. Specifically how to make an ex regret his decision to break up with you. There were three big takeaways I took from this little study. I really love him a lot and want him back. We had a great relationship. Will he be regretting it? How does that connect to a dumper regretting his decision to break up with you? Regretted it ever since. One minute your ex may seem cold and the next the pendulum will swing to hot. Now, normally when I film these videos I jot down a few things that I’d like to cover and just talk organically about them. Good and bad. I can’t believe she’d want another girl instead of me after everything we’ve been through, I know I don’t. Nope. We've been married for 11 years now :) - mercurialchemister. However in many cases the dumper will have already gone through a period of detatchment and the similar feelings a person gets when they are given the boot. So my ex and I were in a fight and in the heat of the moment he broke up with me and disrespected me in front of my neighbors and family members. So, what has years of internal research yielded when it comes to signs that an ex regrets their decision to break up with you? After No Contact, if he asks you about things that you did or people you met after the breakup give vague answers that will make his imagination run wild. Its been 10 months now. Aside from the stress we have never broken up before, no cheating etc. However, No Contact is highly effective against men. I can’t handle myself from being angry and at the same time regretting that I never loved him enough for him to stay. She had needs I was not paying attention to. Constantly says what a mistake he made leaving his wife. It can mean getting a new job, it can mean asking for a raise, or it can mean going back to school. It kind of popped out of the blue for me and I am devastated. He had been in denial that he'd made a mistake before then, but really broke down after he finally did the act. My S.O, quite rightly, refused to take me back. It didn't change how I felt; I'd take those six years in exchange for all the years I have left. That the mental stress of uni and the relationship was too much. After a breakup, women have little to no interest in dating. This guy dates lots of women, but still finds the sex unsatisfactory. I’m not even sure I would want him back but I would like to have the opportunity to chose. But it didn't work and might have been even more painful cause it seemed like she had someone else already. We were on a break cause I was being a dick. What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back? He told me he loved me constantly but surely if he did he would refrain from liking a picture (not of a friend) and think of how it’d make me feel considering he hated me liking pictures of men. Two days later he knocked on my door to return my hydro flask, then he asked me if I still want to be with him.

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