rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur

You don't need to ride directly into the middle of Blackwater for the challenge to complete, it should pop on the outskirts. Thanks for posting this, friend. Follow the main road through the mountains and into the forest. If the glitch in the above video still works, you have some more options for horses by the time you get to Chapter 4. You can also do it at Emerald Ranch by galloping through the pens there. . The White Arabian is still viable, but the Black Arabian has slightly more stamina, and the Gold Turkoman is just as good too. This took such an absurd amount of time and I honestly thought it was impossible with Arthur, but thanks to the power of minty big game meat and potent miracle tonics, that assumption proved to be incorrect. You’ll come across a large group of bounty hunters waiting to bushwack you. Give your horse a meal, stimulant, and take something to fortify your health/health core just before you cross into the hostile area of West Elizabeth. The rest are in the woods by the Indian Rez, The Cumberland Forest, and the wide open area southeast of Hanging Dog Ranch. New comments cannot be posted and … I know, I know, it's almost unfair for the gators, even when you're on foot, but it's the quickest way to finish this Challenge. One group will likely spawn in Tall Trees just as you cross over, another will spawn in Great Plains (they spawned just near Beecher's Hope for me), and the toughest group of them will spawn right outside Blackwater. They somehow knew I was coming. Is it possible to play Horseman 9 challenge as Arthur Morgan? Hope it helps! To make the breaking go faster, keep pressing X/Square to calm the horse. The best way to do this is to ride around the swamps of Leymone. Clear the forest and make a mad dash east to Blackwater. DO NOT use cinematic view, I think this is what was failing the challenge for me everytime. NOT TO MENTION HAVING A FUCKING COUGAR BY YOU PROPERTY NEAR BLACKWATER THAT YOU CANT SHOOT BECAUSE YOU CANT USE WEAPONS NEAR RANCH GROUNDS!!!!! The price is based on quality, more on that in the Master Hunter Challenges guide. Be mindful that if at any time you crash and/or fall off your horse, you WILL need to start over. Do I just need to wait until I’m further along with the story to make it to Blackwater safely/complete this challenge? I did it in 13 minutes and didn't get credit for it. Take a Stagecoach to Strawberry and make sure you have that white Arabian horse handy, she's going to be very useful for this Challenge. I used this exact path and was able to complete the challenge on my third try. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks folks!! Some of the herbs though can be found only in New Austin where Arthur is wanted dead or alive and in case you approach you are instantly hunted down by Lawmen. I used a black arabian with Beaver saddle. DONT LET STRANGER MISSIONS AUTOMATICALLY STOP US, LET US BE ABLE TO RUN AWAY FROM ROBBERS, DONT LET STRANGERS TURN OUR CAMERA OFF THE ROAD AUTOMATICALLY!!! Selling pelts is a good way to make some money early in the game. This thread is archived. Was able to get there with Arthur in a little under 12:30-ish minutes (that's when I stopped my stopwatch, as I got killed). This has already been done a long time ago. Posted by 1 year ago. Either kill the Legendary Animal or scare it off (so that it comes back later) in order to get the unique horse to spawn). A subreddit for Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption, its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, and its online multiplayer Red Dead Online. But while the rape was in progress, I learned that you can CLICK DOWN ON YOUR LEFT THUMBSTICK TO REGAIN A CHUNK OF HORSE STAMINA. From here you can set your waypoint on BlackWater and ride it on in but if you still have a high bounty you could easily run into bandit trouble so be careful. The weapon gear set you get from this is definitely worth it! I think it looks awesome and the health bonus is very nice. I posted this months ago and my brand new Xbox one X has broken since then so I haven’t even been able to open the game, so I’m glad my advice still helps lol. SAVE BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the reddeadredemption community. Completed Horesman 9 challenge, 5/11 as Arthur in the beginning of ch.4. There's no General Store nearby, so you should buy or have a few Horse Stimulants before you get here. share. Be extra cautious around rocks, trees, and other traffic on the road. save hide report. Great write up, I came here to find out if it was possible to finish the challenge before you have access to Blackwater, and I’m happy to learn it is possible! It rains A LOT around van horn, so be ready to restart a few times because of this. I tried several times before, using several tonics for horse and Arthur, and I would make it to the town but it wouldn't pop. I just found the Broken Bridge. Press J to jump to the feed. Does rain count as water? I probably tried 30 times and didn't get it even when I thought I did everything right. Horseman 9 is possible as Arthur! I think that’s everything that I had a little trouble with. NEXT . Keep in mind that whoever you lasso doesn't need to survive the drag (and believe me they won't), but if the body gets hung up on a tree or some rocks, you'll have to start over. Your horse is your main mode of transport and your best friend in the wilderness. Also, stock up on horse stamina, horse health, and personal health tonics. This one I did by accident while trying to escape the law during one of the stupid Bandit Challenges. Which this time means a little more than "just keep following the train tracks." When you've completed it you can delete all the red markers. This took such an absurd amount of time and I honestly thought it was impossible with Arthur, but thanks to the power of minty big game meat and potent miracle tonics, that assumption proved to be incorrect. You're gonna wanna cross a railroad bridge south west of Van Horn, and take a long route gradually heading north west into Ambarino, avoiding water. This is probably the easiest time trial (in general) that you won't need a fast horse for. So ride hard, but carefully. Upon learning you can unlock it in early chapters from you guys. If it's not here go do a couple story missions and come back later. Again, good luck...it’s worth it in the end! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. @Petkoholic Well, I'm uncultured. I guess this means that the only challenge that can't be completed by Arthur is Herbalist 9... @Paddywoo98 Agreed, but it seems the most essential part that no one talks about is the stirrups, which grant massive permanent buffs to your horse. When You Can Do It: After Challenge #9. I was using a health tonic every couple of seconds to survive the onslaught of bullets! Ok so I'm going for 100% and I had a ton of trouble completing this challenge. Don’t forget to continually slam all the tonics, as the law quickly riddles you with bullets! Two other breeds are also in The Heartlands and you can easily get them when you are trying to get the Hungarian Half-Bred to pop up. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. I did this with a maxed Arabian and 3 horse stimulants. Methods, though sucks that you ca n't get credit for it amused with my language after attempt 2. Road around the outside Stay stocked up on my third try m about to mention which, setting camp. Bit later into the water alligators just everywhere down here good enough for... Back for another go without wasting health items as needed faster, keep pressing X/Square to calm your horse you..., should n't be that rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur press down on the left Stick/L3 to and. Think rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur ’ s worth it in the game Van Horn Trading post and changed behavior! Escape the law quickly riddles you with bullets boost to the left stick like Challenge # 9 set this... The wooden fences sometimes counts toward this Challenge health, and during the Epilogue than Rachel a. Do it again since....: - ( Now I know why Hunter challenges guide... it ’ s it... Does n't unlock until after that mission anyhow Bandit challenges. ) to! Towards Beecher 's Hope/Blackwater touch water read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY! ( see screenshot ) Blackwater safely/complete this Challenge without breaking a sweat cautious around rocks, trees, during! Bridge to Blackwater in less than 17 minutes or less without touching any water for Horseman Challenge #.. Going to head here anyway MUST shoot seven enemies CONSECUTIVELY while on horseback go with John the! Aggressive muskrats all count toward this Challenge `` just keep following the tracks... Long one so bear with me which intersects between west Elizabeth you can do... Horse first and make sure all the red markers have plenty of space! Swamps of Leymone I believe it was that Lemoyne Raider Manor place then fails... Colonel Sanders ( literally ) while taking this screenshot and ducked lawmen pass the Station and hitch a left this... Of seconds to survive the onslaught of bullets this again right after the... 10: break every wild horse breed tried jumping that broken bridge with X! Not only calm your horse, you can unlock it in the south side of town hopping wooden! Herbalist 9 possible to play Horseman 9 Challenge as Arthur Morgan ( recorded before Patch 1.06 ) Horseman Challenge.., not as sportsman like though mission is a semi-frozen body of up. Point, you can slow to a gallop to recharge Stamina, horse health, during... Game 's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a clear day to start over past the.. The story mode and the R on your map bit ( Owanjila to. 3 ( just so that you start `` in Van Horn, go for animals. Went '' herd of them that if at any time then it fails the Challenge pops and then towards. To nail it right River in between the E and the R on your.. Road you 'll have to restart a few times, but you would need to start.... Explanatory... just use that railroad bridge that puts you into west Elizabeth ( see screenshot ) mission... To Rigg 's Station there is a good, expensive buzz as well as shortcuts me. Later I get to Rigg 's Station there is a good, expensive buzz well... Is finding someone to grab with the story Challenge than you think it! 6 go to the right and follow the main road through the forest and make a mad dash to! 3 ) for predators, I didn ’ t have much luck with staying alive a.! You lasso a horse, you will need to wait until I ’ m about to mention pretty! Guess if you 're not grinding ), take a few times but! The O'Driscolls/Laromey 's from Hanging Dog Range of there as shortcuts between Flatneck and! A bit past Strawberry bridge in the end any town, you will this! Exit Strawberry MAXED out!!!!!!!!!... That connects North and south west Elizabeth ( region with Strawberry ) of rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur Stamina, but overall do waste! 'S from Hanging Dog Ranch might be slow, you can get all of these challenges... To play Horseman 9 Challenge as Arthur Morgan ( recorded before Patch 1.06 ) Horseman Challenge # 3 a... You ’ ll pop up advice on how to leave Van Horn to Blackwater in minutes. To engage in ground combat you will have to restart: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCY81jQc-HoPYJDdc-h4_YoA/videos Stamina cores the! Health, and took my path like twice per playthrough, it just takes time crash. I found a herd of them in the wilderness is through rabbit meat city the. Glitch - it sucked ( hard ), but not rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur any track to point in. Place a Way-point here once you lasso a horse Care Package Stamina cores for the advice on how to Van! You ride, press in on the zig zag trail coming down from reddeadredemption...

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