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What did you do in high school? No one is looking to join a sorority with members they hate. No inter/national fraternity or sorority supports activities that could be considered hazing, but it’s important to ask questions about your child’s new member period. GUARANTEED QUESTIONS SORORITY MEMBERS WILL ASK YOU, The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment, 3 Steps to getting ahead during virtual sorority recruitment. Let the connection help you ask questions to the sorority member. If you just hung out and watched Netflix all summer, that’s okay. Favorite Answer. endobj 1. If this is a house tours round you will get to see the house, I coach women as they are touring to picture how they could fit into this world and use that for conversation. During recruitment conversations are ideally supposed to get progressively deeper. The questions below are suggested by former and current sorority actives. I coach people that it is not enough to just answer a question, you have to provide fascination. It’s a small world. Well, it’s simple. You are at sorority recruitment. Ask about the costs ahead of time. This is the most important question in a job interview, and in recruitment. The whole sorority gets together to discuss the events for the week and important chapter related objectives. During recruitment conversations are ideally supposed to get progressively deeper. You've got the "what's your major?" Maybe you went to her rival high school or maybe she knows someone from your town. If you don’t care about sisterhood, don’t talk about it. Plus, the sorority member might share a story that really resonates with you. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclosure: American Made Mama is a professional company that receives compensation from the  products reviewed. You don’t want to be spitting out questions and not let the sorority member talk. It’s a question that does not have a yes or no answer. Your answer does not have to be perfect. Sororities also have direct costs for fees and materials. It’s how you are going to stand out. endobj Do you have a connection with one of the sisters? It’s how you find your dream sorority. These are prompts to start a conversation with you. 1. You could simply ask, "What academic and membership requirements do you have?" It’s time to embrace the real you! Ask if there are any professors to avoid or what classes to take/ not take or what electives to take. %PDF-1.5 Okay, so a PNM who is only interested in partying can totally lie here, but at least you'll know she can think in her feet. Now, these questions are going to be personalized. 16 Questions For Any Potential New Member To Ask During Sorority Recruitment 1. It’s going to be like you are in algebra class. Asking for information lets sorority members know that you are interested and allows you to receive information for your decision. What are some of your favorite things about volunteering? They want to walk away from the conversation and be like, “OMG she was amazing! I am breaking down the top asked questions for sorority recruitment,  A N D  I am giving you tips on how to answer them! What is your favorite thing about (College/University)? I live to spread happiness, joy, and inspiration to others. Now you have your list and the structure, it’s time to put everything together. What's your go to sorority recruitment question? Let the sorority member ask the majority of the questions. I work with high school aged women to coach them and get them ready to go through the sorority recruitment process. question, but chances are you'll learn exactly what this rush does in her spare time. They think standing out is dependent on their high GPAs, their legacy status, or what they are wearing. It could be anything. They are going to be specific to Y O U . The sorority members does not need to hear about every little detail. How do you like [the name of your school] so far? For example, “What’s your favorite TV show?” is an open ended question. This really is the first impression round. Let us know on, Sorority Lettered T-Shirt Gildan 5000 - TWILL, Sorority Sweatshirt Hooded - G18500 - TWILL, V-Neck Sorority Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters - American Apparel 2456W - TWILL, Fraternity Lettered T-Shirt Gildan 5000 - TWILL, Fraternity Sweatshirt Hooded - G18500 - TWILL, V-Neck Fraternity Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters - American Apparel 2456W - TWILL. Share what you are interested in or the majors you are considering. Your question could be: Do you have any scholarship opportunities? Here’s an example of how to answer these questions. Okay, we get it. This is typically house tours or sisterhood round. The recruitment process is a two-way street. Then when it feels right, ask a question. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University. Want to know what the sorority members are going to ask you? Thank you for visiting American Made Mama. 5 Answers. It’s like you feel the sorority member being genuine, and you can see yourself in the sorority. Is there a special Big/Little revealing? QUESTIONS TO ASK/POINTS TO MAKE TO SORORITY MEMBERS 1) Tell me about your new member program.

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