qualitative variables examples

A person’s religious affiliation can be considered a type of qualitative variable: it only establishes one quality of a person. It is viewed as an indirect measure of a concept, like job satisfaction. Similarly, some statistical tests can only be performed on certain type of variables. And even in the case there is a mode, there will be very few observations with this value. Retrieved from"Qualitative Variable: Definition and Examples". Introductory Probability and Statistics. From a quantitative to a qualitative variable. It also helps to describe the purpose, stages, types, and methods of qualitative research. If an increase in the level of education of an individual decreases his desire for additional children, the relationship is negative or inverse. Thanks for reading. Why or why not? If we are interested in some of the causes of variation in income, the latter can be quantified in a reasonably direct way. Happiness is a property that each individual feels subjectively and there is no tool to measure the degree of happiness that a person can feel. Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. The difference is explained in the following two sections. For example, the variable sex has two distinct categories: ‘male’ and ‘female.’ Since the values of this variable are expressed in categories, we refer to this as a categorical variable. Nominal variables are those who can neither be ranked nor logically ordered, such as religion, sex, etc. Instead of seeing intelligence, love, or fear, we see indicators or manifestations of what we have agreed to call intelligence, love, or fear. It also requires the development of the research outline to organize the whole process. For example, if an increase in his wage rate accompanies one’s job experience, the relationship between job experience and the wage rate is positive. Underweight is the dependent variable because we believe that this ‘problem’ (the problem of underweight) has been caused by ‘the low intake of food’ (the factor). The following examples will help you to understand how to identify qualitative variables and determine whether they are nominal, ordinal or dichotomous. For example, a correlation can only be computed on quantitative variables, while a Chi-square test of independence is done with qualitative variables, and a Student t-test or ANOVA requires a mix of quantitative and qualitative variables. However, you only need it in the social life of the subjects. Many think that both serve the same purpose, which is not true. This is a qualitative ordinal variable, since there is a categorical classification that assigns a place within a competition. All rights reserved. Female/Male) and a large number of levels (what is your college major? Such a factor is referred to as a suppressor variable because it suppresses the actual relationship between the other two variables. Services. For example, the concepts of intelligence and motivation are used to explain phenomena in psychology, but neither is directly observable. If they are nominal, there is no natural order to the categories these variables are assigned to, such as college major or hair color. Similarly, it also helps to illustrate the cultural characteristics such as: Rather than conducting surveys and interviews, researchers experience the environment and act as an observer. In lung cancer research, it is the carcinoma that is of real interest to the researcher, not smoking behavior per se. Here, the researcher conducts in-depth interviews and reads various documents. The variable that is used to describe or measure the problem or outcome under study is called a dependent variable. We use indicators to tap concepts that are less directly quantifiable. FAQ In Psychology: Intelligence or knowledge, emotions, personality, moods. info@myperfectwords.com, Home Blog Guide to Research Paper Writing Types Of Qualitative Research - Overview & Examples. There are two main variable transformations: Let’s say we are interested in babies’ ages. If you are focusing on the relationship between the age of the trainees and work performance, you might use ‘type of training’ as a moderating variable. We use indicators to tap concepts that are less directly quantifiable.

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