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You’ll also need to unlock each photo through game play. Punch Line Trophies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ROOM SELECT 202 Watch this or skip through it with for the trophy to pop. Make sure to use and to be quick. Watch Dogs Legion – Meta-Gaming Trophy GuideWatch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Recruit a Video Game Designer to earn the trophy Meta-Gaming. “Exterminate Humanity With Rabura’s Panties” Trophy, “Exterminate Humanity With Mikatan’s Panties” Trophy, Select the note on the pink Refrigerator “Knock off”, Select the bottle with red cap on edge of the sink “Knock off”, Press the red button that says “Go!” and “Power Off”. The feast has begun... Can you escape the village alive? Press    once and then choose to "Power Off" the LCD monitor. What you need to do is let the bars reach over the green little line and once you are above the line quickly press    to turn away. Press   once and pan down to girl flailing around on floor. Hit the Jackpot!Have the courage to go for a Lucky Trick. Any of the timed stuff? Meaning there won’t be any Pantsu to be seen. Press once and choose "Mix the Chemicals" on the sample-tubes near the girl (watch out and don't max out the scale...use both and to move more quickly if needed). It's probably from around one of those because if you have to redo it...it puts you further back than you realize. next to it. You've got a lot of opinions don't you mate, telling people what they should and shouldn't do. Exterminate Humanity With Rabura’s PantiesExterminate humanity by looking at Rabura’s panties. Press three times and stare at panties for game over. ROOMSELECT? Stare at panties (whenever I write “Stare at Panties” stare until the scale blows up and you get the game over.) quickly turn to the right so you don't look at her panties. Music Mode is unlocked after story completion. Press once and choose to "Open" the drapes The earliest you can see Ito’s Pantsu is in Episode 2. So go ahead and press twice and choose to "put on the floor" the trashcan with the (!) Each season in Fall Guys lasts 2 months or 8 weeks. pan down to stare at panties for game over. This is the twenty first and final episode of Punch Line and is natural progression. ROOM SELECT 102 Pan left and choose "Open" the fridge. Exterminate humanity by looking at Meika's panties. Exterminate humanity by looking at Mikatan's panties. Clear the trick section of Episode 12 with your Boom! Kamenishi is a Northern Snake-Necked TurtleDo a trick with Kamenishi. ROOM SELECT 203 Stare at panties, get game over. Following the guide above you’ll do the following:Trick Start“Put on the floor” [trash can]**Noice Yutan! Page 1 of 2 - Punch Line NA/EU Trophy Guide - posted in Punchline: Overview Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10 Offline: 50 ( 1 3 6 40 ) Approximate time: 3-4hrs. Pretty much don’t switch angles, use all the stuff on the default screen.“Knock Over” [Boxes]“Ring” [Phone]“Knock Off” [Figurine]**Way To Play It Cool, Yutan** Unlocks. “Ito”Start Episode 10. For this next section don't press at all so that you never look at her panties. Pan left and choose "Open" the fridge. You Got All the Panties!Complete the Panties Gallery. to pan up (away from her panties) and choose "Knock Off" on the bananas. You’ll need these to level up and progress through the Trick Starts. Choose to "Turn off" big light up top. Choose to "Activate" the alarm clock. 2 Collectable. Warning signs will appear. We also have to collect panty pictures for the CG gallery. These tricks designate that time will start again, allowing all your chosen tricks to be performed. ROOMSELECT 203 Doesn’t matter when or if they show up multiple times, you only need to view them once. magazine she's reading. (Reading Speed Dependent)Difficulty: 1/10Missable trophies: None.Author: SeanWelcome to the trophy guide for Punch Line. ROOMSELECT 201 Now choose "Splash on Meika" on the dog bowl again. Wait a few seconds for the scale to fall below the green line and look at her panties again (press   to make it faster). at all and never look at her panties you'll unlock: once and pan down to the left. - Identify her old classmates ... Everyone has a secret. This will come via Episode 13. Press once and pan to the left to the keys on the table and choose "Carry to Work Table" Towards the end of Episode 2 you’ll be tasked with choosing to either move banana peels or the Panama Hat Guy. ROOM SELECT 101 - Backlog Dialogue/change rooms in the events During Episode 6‘s Trick Start, look at the aquarium to find the action “Take out of Aquarium”. This is the eighteenth episode of Punch Line and is natural progression. Not yet assigned a final ESRB rating. Remember you can skip the movies with. Second you find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more! Get game over. You gain access to them by staring at the panties of the girls in the game at specific times. Press one more time and choose to "Light" the cooker (furthest right) Select “Turn Off” pink material hanging from the ceiling. Stare at panties, get game over. Press twice and pan up. The Wizards – Enhanced Edition Trophy Guide, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Trophy Guide, Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition Trophy Guide, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets Trophy Guide, Overcooked! ROOM SELECT 202 Your Spirit Power Level Went Up!Increase your spirit power level. ROOM SELECT 201 Solving these requires the use of tricks to progress the game. Image view. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Don't Go!'" The entirety of the Trick Section can be completed on the default screen you start on. once and pan down to the phone on the floor and choose "Hide beneath UGC". Select toy high up on bookshelf “Knock off”, “Your Spirit Power Level Went Up!” Trophy. ROOM SELECT 103 Press, four times until you are looking at the girl's panties. "Ultra High-Tech Optical Camouflague" Trophy. So do the last step with 1 or 2 seconds left.“Put on Floor” [Banana Peel]“Mix Chemicals” [Test Tubes]“Open” [Curtains]Room 202: Rabura Chichibu’s Room “Use UGC To Share Plan” [Fax Machine], Yutan, That’s Going Too FarClear the trick section of Episode 10 with 0 tricks left. gauge to the red zone. At any point did you have to retry something? Anything that you pick that doesn’t reward Soul Fragments, is a wrong trick. Press  once to stare at panties and get game over. What you need to do is do the Trick Chain without choosing anything that won’t progress the story. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. - Change the camera view in the events You Saw the Panties!See all panties in the Panties Gallery. Do this 10 times for a trophy. "The Happiest Most Peaceful Future Has A Lot of Cleavage In It" Trophy, "Your Rank Went Up! ROOM SELECT 101 ** Unlocks, Noice Yutan! ROOM SELECT 102 This is the seventh episode of Punch Line and is natural progression. There is a time limit 45 seconds here but there is only one thing to select so time is not an issue. The walkthrough link provided will get you the platinum in 3-4 hours if you’re following it and not interested in reading all of the text. While doing this the final gauge should be just below the red zone which will net you a gold trophy. Clear the trick chain section of Episode 12 without picking any wrong tricks. For that to happen you need to stare at her panties until the "game over/explosions". This can be achieved in Episode 2. Choose "Take out of Aquarium" on the aquarium. ROOM SELECT 201 God no I was in a rush to get the guide done! Make sure not to stay too long on the panties. ** Unlocks. You’ll obtain this during Episode 1. Choose to "Turn on" the red button. Will pop naturally at the end of the game. That’s Perfect! During Episode 2 Rabura will try channeling you through objects on her table. Did you find out why the world ends when you stare at panties too long? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Show OffWin an Episode with a custom Punchline equipped, Squad GoalsWin an Episode as part of a party of 3 or more players, Down to the WireQualify after a round goes to overtime, Face FirstQualify from a racing round despite falling over more than 10 times, Low BallerQualify from a team game with a score of 1, Big TeasePerform an emote just before coming first in a race round, Big AirClock up 1 hour total time falling, Stumble ChumsBump into other Fall Guys 1000 times in total, Style PointsFall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head. Press   twice and pan to the far left to find the fax machine. The earliest you can see Mikatan’s Pantsu is in Episode 1. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Don't worry, just finish up the game and once you clear Episode 21, you can use chapter select under SPECIAL in the main menu. Exterminate humanity by looking at Mikatan's panties. “Exterminate Humanity With Ito’s Panties” Trophy. You can submit hints and tips or report any missing or broken items in the lists above. ?201 Following this walkthrough will get you to the platinum in 3-4 hours. You will be thrown into a panty staring scene. Finding the correct item for the first time will net you this during Episode 1. Ito is the the school drop out girl that resides in Room 102. Press three times to stare at panties and get a game over. Investigate the tradegy of a young girl... ...using letters 15 years from the past. Nothing is missable as there is an Episode select and you're even able to select specific chapters inside the 21 Episodes. once and pan down. so you don't get stuck looking at her panties. Welcome to the trophy guide for Headliner: NoviNews. “An Invader Attacks!”Start Episode 5. Filter. gauge into the red zone 10 times in a row. You will be thrown into a panty staring scene. Go to Special, then Short Animation for final trophy and platinum. Kamenishi is a Northern Snake-Necked Turtle" Trophy, once and choose "Scribble on Mirror" with, three times and pan down through glass to s. twice and choose "Write, 'Call Agency'" on note on table next to mug. Select toy high up on bookshelf “Knock off”, Let's do one trophy here for crossing the danger line 10 times while looking at the girls panties. Wow, Yutan! once and pan down to girl flailing around on floor. Will pop naturally at the start of this episode. ROOM SELECT 203 “Three Little Souls”Start Episode 14.This is the fourteenth episode of Punch Line and is natural progression. Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Final Rounds, Ultimate Fall GuyAcquire all other trophies, Head TurnerEquip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece. Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Hunt Rounds Notice the green safety line before the red zone? There are many non-VN games that can be used instead. 18 and 19. "The Humanity Preservation Project Has Failed" Trophy, "Towards the Happiest, Most Peaceful Future" Trophy. (edited). Next section is timed! This Has To Be Right!Pick a Right Answer Trick. Clear the trick section of Episode 12 with your Boom! Right after it leaves the red zone, take a really quick peek an look away again. Green marked trophies are linked with a separate and detailed guide!

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