pros and cons of laser spaying

Although lasers may cause less pain than scalpels, laser surgery definitely has the potential to be painful. Dog Health Care – The Sensible Way. You must log in or register to reply here. However, it also has the downside of developing certain cancers, hypothyroidism etc. To help you train and care for your dog ➨Increases complexity and duration of the treatment based on laser devices or equipments. Can be invisible if using infra-red (IR) beam; Will not be detected with typical radio frequency (RF) finders; Can be turned on/off at will - avoiding further detections; Cons. Just as for other veterinary medical and surgical procedures, veterinarians should use their best medical judgment in deciding at what age spay/neuter should be performed on individual animals.”. Make sure you get pain medicine afterwards and if you think your dog will mess with the stitches, get an El-collar before you leave the vets office. If we waited until puberty (at about six months of age) to sterilize all puppies and kittens, they correctly reasoned, some pets would doubtless slip through the cracks, thereby compounding the crisis we’ve worked so hard to combat since the near-dawn of US pet keeping. As a referral surgeon, Hirshenson always encourages pet owners to discuss the pros and cons of each spay procedure with their primary veterinarian. ➨It is less damaging compare to X-rays and hence Scalpels are cheap and universally available. Your vet still should send you home with proper pain medication. According to a 2001 paper on the subject, “Early-age neutering does not stunt growth in dogs or cats (a once-held belief), but may alter metabolic rates in cats. I am considering the laser spaying/neutering for my female and male cat. consisting of one wavelength. admin Paige. Homemade Dog Food Delivered To Your House. Incredibly, some vets overlook this important fact. Home | Now that I better understand the two options for surgery I’ll be able to move on to other considerations for the health of my dog. They are a mainstay of surgery. good luck:). We were here, serving the savannah cat community before Facebook and Instagram! The Cons: Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics. February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, a perfect time to consider the overall impact of altering your pet. Coverage is subject to policy terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, underwriting review, and approval, and may not be available for all risks or in all states. Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site in some of the forums by adding your own topics and posts. For this purpose neodymium and carbon dioxide laser types are used. It seems that waiting until puberty –– the traditional approach –– has a downside they sought to circumvent by getting the deed out of the way early on. Laser Microphones like any other eavesdropping equipment has pros and cons. •  Monochromatic i.e. Low cost spay and neuter clinics also have some negatives to consider that are relative to being low cost. Image: Sharks with lasers, by Brian Ward. Due to this fact, laser is being used in laser CDs and DVDs for data storage In my experience laser surgery offers more hype than true advantage when it comes to spays. My basic question is: Other than higher cost, what are the Disadvantages of Laser Surgery in concerns to Spaying? But I would stick with the old fashion way traditional spaying. to fill cavities between teeth etc. Laser term stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. I think they charge $225 or so for a cat. Hence it is possible to use laser

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