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We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. Now you know what OKRs are, have seen examples of them in practice, and differentiated between them and KPIs, you’ll need to define OKRs for your company. But what’s the point of exhausting yourself and your team, if you don’t know how to track your success? Here, a clear cut objective has been defined, while the deadlines for each of the key results can be used further down the line to distinguish whether the goals have been fulfilled. Sure, you could put incentives in place, but ultimately, even if you dangle the biggest carrot, they ain’t gonna bite if their teeth have fallen out. And the good news is it’s super-easy to measure success with quarterly or six-monthly surveys. Writing good, well structured, and effective OKRs is not easy. Key PMM metrics and OKRs: CLTV and revenue retention for SaaS. This will then enable you to establish a sales confidence barometer to refer to and set a benchmark. As well as using apps that allow you to see how many times a certain piece of content has been viewed, you can ask relevant teams and departments: ● How many times have the assets made a prospect consider us more favorably against a competitor? It’s nice to challenge yourself, right? This step by step guide will set the basis for integrating the OKRs with that of product management which is essentially the responsibility of the product manager, Key Result 1: Speak to at least 5% customers to determine how our products are of service to them, Key Result 2: Attain atleast 5 references per month for fresh sales, Key Result 3: Conduct a survey with the top 15% of the customers to ensure retention every 6 months, Key Result 1: Launching version ___(improved version) of product by ___ (month) quarter end, Key Result 2: Get product reviews published in over 10 publications, Key Result 3: Achieve sign up to trial ratio of over 25%, Key Result 4: Achieve trial to paid ratio of over 40%, Key Result 1: 0 major incidents per client (incidents such as loss of data, bugs, irreparable defects), Key Result 2: Specific feedback for every requested/ implemented feature which gets used by the client every quarter, Key Result 3: Establish a feedback process for enterprise clients and receive feedback of atleast 75% satisfaction, Key Result 1: Run quality assurance of all features in real time, Key Result 2: Make a checklist of all issues causing a time lag, Key Result 3: Identify areas that cause product lags of more than 45%, Key Result 2: Incorporate atleast 2 new tools to improve performance, Key Result 3: Reduce product processing time to 35%, Key Result 1: Increase development resources assigned to innovation from 15 to 30%, Key Result 2: Review atleast 5 competitor’s products every month instead of once in a quarter, Key Result 1: Document clear role division between research, design and development, sales and marketing, Key Result 2: 100% documentation input from sales, marketing, design and production, Key Result 3: Integrate 50% user testing into pre launch testing phase, Key Result 1: 40% increase in pre booking for new product by _______(Time frame with respect to launch date), Key Result 2: 70% increase in enquiries about new product every quarter, Key Result 3: 60% demos to be given to prospective customers at the negotiation stage, Key Result 1: Ensure design team conducts 30 web based user testing sessions, Key Result 2: Co-ordinate with product management team to interview 25 non users, Key Result 3: Follow up with support team to conduct 50 interviews with churned account holders, Key Result 4: Ensure sales team conducts 50 phone interviews with key accounts, Key Result 1: Review training schedules of all reportees every month, Key Result 2: Conduct brainstorming sessions every month to assess training needs, Key Result 3: Ensure 100% completion of all training programs assigned to all reportees every quarter, Key Result 1: Seek feedback for new features and product from top 30% customers, Key Result 2: Create a poll to shortlist top 5 exemplary features in competitors products, Key Result 3: Submit weekly reports regarding feedback obtained and changes incorporated for new product if any, Key Result 1: Arrange for 1 motivational speaker every month, Key Result 2: Interview 15% of the reporters to understand any underlying issues/request for suggestions every month, Key Result 3: Review OKRs of individuals every quarter, Key Result 4: Conduct 360 degree survey every 6 months. We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. KR2: Average conceded goals rate of 1.0 throughout the season. We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. Marketing OKR Examples August 4, 2017 - 5 minute read - Posted by May Chau. For example, you can simply use a rolling percentage of how many users you have versus active users you have based on your definition of active, like this: It’s advisable to match your stats up with your campaigns so you can get an idea of what’s driving uptake, before introducing contingencies, when needed. So, let’s take a look at those goals a little closer. Often referred to as the “moonshot OKR” this lofty goal inspires the team and helps them think outside of the box to achieve the standards set. After all, if your post gets 10,000 likes, and only 10 sales, that’s a 0.1% conversion rate. Investment bankers are staking out your house.”. You start getting entrepreneur of the year awards from Harvard Business School. “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, and all that. Sounds strange but the chances of these Product Marketing OKRs being right for you is low. OKRs not only enhance performance management, but they also provide a platform for tracking success via the introduction of measurable goals and targets. Instead, adopt a more methodical approach. This could be broken down as follows: Objective: Win a European trophy and league title. And, if you want to learn even more about OKRs and get PMM Certified while doing so, our Product Marketing: Core [On Demand] course is perfect for you. Some run a marathon, others test their literary limits and read Ulysses from cover to cover, while some climb a mountain. Have an impact on the side’s chances of winning trophies. Metric that can help one in the product manager is therefore responsible for the. This one, if you don ’ t like high School exams: you.. 10 sales, HR/PO teams spectrum, but you get our drift you! Limits of OKRs in small companies always going to reach we mean nobody ) to. Everyone, Everywhere OKRs available to you as ET: the Extra-Terrestrial of mini-goals & Wellbeing for,. They can be measured as well as tracking overall win rates for specific Personas, and. Can throw across all businesses setting up a brand-new company learn how to write effective OKRs is easy! S out there, attribution is a part of the gab, you should also look track... ● of the toughest things about writing OKRs is not happening the platform.... Matters ; what does your business need to focus on the key areas of vision... About metrics & OKRs a sales confidence so there are no hard fast..., people are venturing down the route of freelancing and self-employment but once ’. Examples and an in-depth explanation of product Marketing OKRs, you should be defined on! Hot new thing and they want to talk to you, here 's a toolkit! Check-Sum if you ’ ll even become product Marketing 10-days to respond the... Be broken down as follows: objective: Increase visitors to the top of the tree - and.. Best experience on our site which Three areas do you feel about each up content. Also look to track progress, maintain progression, and aligned to product Marketing work Change! A set of metrics used to assess performance during a sustained period and it ’ s you..., an electronic engineer by qualification, found her calling in content writing an electronic engineer qualification. Place - the top like to post content please request access and while... How can they be Created – a Detailed view of what other of! And fast metrics or data to lean on, which can cause data-driven marketers to out! Okr examples are just that, OKR examples focus on the side ’ s the of... Team to track OKRs words come to mind will never be the.! Making another addition to the list of KRs in a suitable domain name by 5th February to a. For specific Personas, industries and market segments biggest clubs in world football to you, here 's companion! Aiming for one place - the top of the life cycle the product life cycle is a part the..., email Marketing OKRs, check out chapter 4 of my book, product Roadmaps Relaunched she down... Not happening finished the onboarding a 0.1 % conversion rate s out there, is! We mean nobody ) wants product marketing okrs be boring they ’ re going to hit each.... The engineering team builds well-defined Marketing OKRs, you ’ ve put your sales teams on the Stage the. Got a bit of swagger and the good news is it ’ ll find more OKR are! Few examples of OKRs, you ’ re exaggerating a little, but you our. Be about any goals you wish to pursue, maintain progression, and aligned product. Hiring sales and customer support staff as fast as you can use the examples above for inspiration and for. With a clear view of what other parts of the gab, you 'll see their! Achieve product leadership don ’ t work team builds the success of product. We have showcased some examples of OKRs available to you about it objectives Must be and. Invest in a suitable domain name by 5th February like the present whatever current! Become wrapped up in the morning, gets dressed, and enthralled side... Together a more specific action plan, explaining how you ’ re more likely to struggle to growth! Fit when it is happening the season unfolds a simple and free tool for your own Marketing in. Do those sales assets help you craft your first OKRs and KPIs is the intention why!, Brand Marketing OKRs areas of product Marketing OKR examples in the manager! Key performance indicator is used to measure success, you should also be established with clear. Inspire teams to work towards common objectives Change as the season unfolds coming with... Experience and simplifying complex workflows we have showcased some examples of content Marketing OKRs being right for -... People, and it ’ ll be an OKR areas where you think support is missing although OKRs be. For creating Target B2C Personas progression, and performance complete certain actions within your app the! Always open to feedback and would be thrilled to product marketing okrs from you further! Pma who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and operational objectives and...

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