polemaster eq6 r

With only a few simple, easy-to-follow steps you can achieve perfect polar alignment in minutes, with an accuracy of up to 30 arc seconds! Trevor… I noticed the usb port on your PoleMaster is facing down. Also appears to be simpler to use. So why do I need a QHY PoleMaster to aid me in this process? The camera's 30 arc second resolution means the best polar alignment that can be achieved by PoleMaster, in the order of 30 arc seconds. hi Trevor "We think that QHYCCD have come up with an excellent product here which really takes the sting out of having to polar align. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend opening up the mount in hopes of tweaking performance, even if the underlying mechanics are straightforward to you. Others have found the Pyramid PS9KX 5 Amp power supply to work well with this mount. This doesn’t work with the Celestron CGX mount though does it – or have they come up with an adaptor now? The QHY PoleMaster manual (link below) was to-the-point and helpful through this process and instructed me to click the “connect” button. Polemaster + Adapter, mounted on the EQ6-R's polar scope. Report this ad The company has recently updated its site, which lead me on a bit of a wild goose chase. Rotation centers of the R.A. axis is also detectable with the QHYCCD PoleMaster. The QHY PoleMaster delivered exceptional results for me on my first night out with it. With a slew of recent technical headaches and an unforgiving winter, my appreciation for devices that make my life easier has grown. The guiding graph shows that my total RMS error is 0.63″. Smaller, ultra-portable mounts like the iOptron SkyGuider Pro do not share this quality. After a quick polar alignment routine using the QHY PoleMaster, the pointing accuracy of the mount is spot-on using just a 1-star align. Can you do a tutorial on how you would use it with the SkyGuider Pro? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The EQ6-R with a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED APO attached. All of the software and drivers needed to run the PoleMaster device were found on the QHY website. Find more about this! Then, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the Alt/Az bolts of the mount to place Polaris in the “HH:MM” position provided. PoleMaster for EQ6 / NEQ6 / AZEQ6 / Atlas EQ-G / Atlas Pro / LXD55 / LXD75 also fits EQ6Pro, HEQ6, AZ-EQ6GT, EQ6-R & Orion Atlas For information or advice call 020 8763 9953 or email bernard@modernastronomy.com Why isn’t that mentioned anywhere? QHY EQ6 PoleMaster . Even though it was not completely dark out yet, I could see a formation of stars in the display screen right off the bat. It’s really accurate and a many find it easier to use and more accurate. I made the mistake of releasing the RA clutch of the mount to perform this step when the manual clearly states that this must be done using the hand controller or mount control software such as EQMOD. Nice to see a review of this one like Alexander suggested. I used to carry my Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro SynScan around the yard with the telescope and counterweight attached. We love our customers! Using the software is very easy, a few clicks and you're done. It’s simply a joy to use and I highly recommend it. Get Polaris in the centre of view using ALT/AZ bolts, double click Polaris on screen, Template comes up for surrounding stars, move using a slider on screen to line the template dots with surrounding stars around Polaris which is smack on.

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