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On the takeaway, keep your arm swing to a minimum, and hinge your wrists only slightly. Your chip shot is best played within a few yards of the green. different web browser. Why? And Blakemore should know - he's a Class A PGA Professional with more than 20 years teaching experience. sometimes you need to be able to hit a lower lofted club and still use the bounce of the club, if you forward press a 56 SW and turn it into a 9 iron you will encourage digging of the leading edge. Thanks for the help. So I also stand by my statement that better players can use one club if they feel it’s best. Knowing which club to select for which shot can get you a top shot in golf games that lie in your future, so why not take a spin around the green and test out our suggestions? Maybe that’s why we are so divided on the subject. I did not want to hit a bunch of shots with each club, as I would “get the feel” and the results would be skewed. If you have excess movement, tilt, or sway while doing this drill you will likely miss the ball. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. It’s what I practiced as a kid, and no one ever taught me any different. This is critical to performing on the golf course. Reason being is that a higher hdcp will only be somewhat or not at all comfortable hitting the majority of the different shots. They must be hit precisely and too many mishits. Note the structure of the trail arm. Hitting better shots from the fairways, particularly from tight lies, can be learned, but I’m going to be honest: The change required will NOT be easy. Compared to a chip or pitch shot with a sand, gap or pitching wedge, the LW requires a longer swing (greater opportunity for error) and a more accurate strike on the clubface in order to get the ball going on the exact trajectory (and with the right amount of spin) that you were hoping for. A player cannot hit a ball consistently from the turf until he/she learns this and how to accomplish it. In fact, if players did not learn how to “save” a shot by bailing out on the downswing (chicken wing, pull up, raise the handle, or come over the top, (yes over the top is a fat shot avoidance technique) they would hit the ground behind the golf ball almost every time! Different lies, different carry requirements, different roll-out, different green speeds, etc. Your best options are going to be the higher-lofted wedge, an 8-iron, or a 9-iron. For every golfer I teach who gets into this position, I might teach 50 who do not. Instruction reinforces many things and refreshes the memory. They simply do not hit the ground before the golf ball. From this new angle, you may find a swing fault or matchup needed in your golf swing to produce your desired ball flight. For every golfer I teach who gets into this position, I might teach 50 who do not. I had a lot of green back to the pin but had a “hog’s back” part way there. Use your putting grip, put the toe of the club into the ground, stand closer, bend your lead arm as you would when putting, and make your putting stroke with a PW, 9-iron or 8-iron. Take a short, crisp backswing, hinging your wrists but limiting your arm swing (above). Forget the fancy shots. He has competed Professionally on the Gateway Tour, was Captain of the University of Maryland Golf Team, and was ranked as one of the Top 50 Junior Golfers in the United States. However, this glute movement can enable the upper body to get loaded behind the ball. Golfers will use pitch shots when the ball needs to get up and stay in the air for a longer amount of time. Remember that when launch changes, dynamic loft tends to change as well. So the first instincts are to throw the club head at the ball and swing, to get the ball in the air; in other words, it makes perfect sense. Then they will go out and the first short sided, shady lie chip they have they’ll grab that nine iron and either chunk the chip, or thin it across the green because they don’t have a feel for how to play the shot and the club they chose is not based on a reliable expectation derived through practice. Ok, so how is this accomplished? I think it’s easier to get use to one club so you know how it feels and reacts. Prime, I’m sorry but you haven’t made a “.1/2cent” (your words) in any of the posts, regarding your days when you were caddying for Seve……or whatever tour pro’s you work with. Remember, the clubhead stays below your hands (2). I only hit five shots with each club to see what the differences would be between my 9 iron and my lob wedge (56 degrees). In fact, they, or the fear of them, dominate most golf games. The ball will come off low without much backspin and will roll like a putt. To figure out which one will be best for your scenario, think about how far the ball needs to go to land on the green and what kind of stop landing does it need to have once it hits the ground. The other day, a student asked me if they should use the same club around the green or change clubs depending on the shot. The answer to all these the same: Because the vast majority of golfers do not have a bottom of the swing arc safely in front of the golf ball consistently. Tom, Are you gaming or SCOR wedges per the picture? Graduate School: Babson College, MBA To hit a low shot that lands short of the slope and runs to the hole, align your sand wedge squarely at the target, and position the ball in the middle of your stance. Red Zone Chipping – Do You Struggle With This Shot? When viewed at full speed, the simplicity of Elk’s swing is made clear. Since the shot was only a few yards, the side-to-side dispersion was tight with both clubs; however, this would not be the case as the carry distance became longer. It is a trial and error proposition, a learn-from-the-mistakes kind of thing achieved only through repetition with a thorough understanding of what needs to be done. The longer swing combined with the forward ball position means a higher, fuller follow-through (inset). Golfers often ask, “what is the difference between a chip and a pitch?”. You probably aren’t going to use your 60 when you miss the green by 2 yards and have 20 yards of roll-out to the pin. 60°, 52° &… awww, just use what feels right slackers! Your email address will not be published. Awesome article per usual. While many players are looking for a magic bullet or a training aid which might help one miraculously get into a good impact position, I dare say there is not one. And please practice with the type of ball that you will be playing to get a better feel. In fact, it is totally counterintuitive. Shhhhhhh. In fact, they, or the fear of them, dominate most golf games. You may hit a longer pitch with a 9-iron, but you’ll more frequently use one of your wedges, all of which contain more loft than a 9-iron. Have always thought that higher hdcp should only practice with one wedge for most pitch/chip shots. The rule that if I can putt it, then I putt it even if off the green. Again ignore the outcome, look only at the divot. Tom – you’ve previously written articles using launch monitor data to support pretty clear conclusions that “serious” golfers SHOULD be using premium balls and new wedges. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. College: University of Maryland, Captain Men's Golf Team I just hope you don’t read 99% of the ridiculous commentary offered by the amazing short game gurus that couldn’t wait to throw in their 1/2¢’s. This drill forces your upper body to coil in the proper direction and maintain your spine angle. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. As launch angle changes, so does landing angle. Here you seem to have comparable evidence for an equally strong recommendation, but this time the conclusion is all about personal choice, preference and confidence. Don't let your right elbow jut behind you; that would mean you're moving the club with your arms only. When Elk is playing his best, he never loses feel or awareness to the shaft or the clubface throughout the swing. For very short chips, sometimes I will raise the heel off the ground, stand very close to the ball with the shaft more vertical. Want a short game to make your buddies jealous? The pitching wedge is your best choice if there is plenty of green without obstacles. Can You Use a Club Other Than the Putter on the Putting Green? It has been my experience that that hitting fat shots is the number one flaw in most golf swings. The hardest thing to do is IGNORE the outcome when learning a new motor skill, but you must do it. 3. Swing the club back with your arms and shoulders, feeling the upper part of your arms riding on your chest as you make a little turn back. Required fields are marked *, https://www.facebook.com/Your-Short-Game-1220107338121732/, https://www.pinterest.com/yourshortgame/pins/. Using a short iron or wedge, play the ball just behind center, and open your stance so your lower body is pre-rotated toward the target. Selecting a Club for a Pitch Shot According to Golf Digest, your best choices are the pitching wedge, gap wedge, or lob wedge . Coming down, rotate your body through, feeling as if you maintain the hinge you created in your left wrist. Whenever it is possible I prefer to run the ball most of the way to the pin, anything from a six iron down to the nine iron. Be careful here, especially you “shankers”, Technique can be used from just off the green to approx. Good article Tom. So what’s the best way to get the feel of this motion? 30 yards from the green, Can be played with a Sand Wedge or a less lofted iron (e.g. On a lob, the clubhead goes above your hands on both sides of the swing--because you rehinge the club through impact to create more speed and loft. Of course, that’s not true for everyone, but there is one thing golfers who use one club around the greens have in common — they practice their short games A LOT. He is the 2010 PGA Teacher of the Year. Expect extra loft and more backspin. Of course it can be done, but with my average skill skill level (index 17) it requires more talent and practice than I have available. Yes, if you are at St.Andrews most chips are done with flatter faced clubs, not at the average U.S. club. Keep in touch with us to learn more ways to up your golf game! I agree! Pitching or gap wedge for almost everything except maybe using a 9-iron for a run out. However, this glute movement can enable the upper body to get loaded behind the ball. Hi Charlie and Anti-method team, This is particularly true when the grass is one of the tough / wiry creeping grass like kikuyu. Pitch shots will also stop faster on the green than a chip shot. Ignoring the different types of strokes (discussed throughout the article), if you have a basic level lie to a basic level pin, try hitting a few shots with a swing that you are comfortable with. I tend to chip with every club in my bag short of the D/3W because it allows me to use more of a compact putting stroke with less moving parts. When seeing the swing from the rearview, we can easily see how the glutes work. A chip shot, or chipping, can be defined as a shot that is played from a place that is closer to the green, and is close to the putting green, too. Because the chipping swing is so short, set up with your hands and the club where you want them to be at impact. An easy mental tip I have used is that I try to land the PW halfway to the hole, it will generally roll out. Your simply wasting space.

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