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Ryder is now an adult and with the help of his pups Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Rubble, the Paw Patrol is a success. Otherwise you wouldn't be watching this. "Oh you're from the Paw Patrol!" "Easy for you to say, Max, sir. So please keep an eye on my grandson, he's going to need it. When it says 'look to the golden-gate', it's talking about the Golden-Gate Bridge. The former suffered more often than the latter. The plane exited the cavern, but remained hovering above the grass. But maybe his best friend can pull him out. You'll be the first to know of any updates." The german shepherd ran to catch up. The mayor sat up out of his chair, and made it look like he was opening the door. Paw patrol next generation Fanfiction. Since apparently this wasn't clear when i made my blog: Ace is very ticklish on his tummy and behind his ears, even as an adult. What makes you think the elevator will work?" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oneshot, ZumaxRocky, hinted others. Max looked at his dog. Your review has been posted. She loves taking her kids on trails and finding new things for them to discover, Even though the seem like one version of their parents, they're both Cockapoo/German Shepherd mixes. PAW Patrol: New Generation Ecofinisher. The pup whimpered slightly as a particularly large splinter worked its way through the sole of one of her boots, but it was ignored. Max shook his head. She was one of the top students in the academy, showing an immense understanding of firefighting. His owner fell onto one of the cleaned bean bag chairs. Side: Chase x Marshall. The stone building remained largely unchanged, having been built by skilled artisans. came from the metallic creature. She grabbed a spare mask from her pack and placed it on the child's face. Adventure Bay is in trouble. Paw Patrol Academy 17. Mayor Goodman was sitting behind a desk, and two chairs were opposite him. Through ash and smoke, you can rely on this bloke. he asked. This team ran with backing from the mayor of Adventure Bay, but eventually collapsed. When do you think you'll start?". She prevented herself from crying out at the surprise. They call their cousins' pups "Nieces" and "Nephews" just because it's easier than saying "second cousin" and stuff like that. Without giving time for Ranger to answer, Max turned down a hall. They glided open like two birds flying away from one another, allowing entry to Max and Ranger. Reaching the truck, she jumped off to the side, mindful of the child. Looking at the back of the desktop, he found a USB port. In its place it said "Request….Granted!" "W- well b-b-by all means! Can you put it on?" "This is for a fire pup. 2 Comments. The boy and his pup were walking across an old bridge, oblivious to the electric cars that were whirring past. "Everyone says that. Ace was born first, and Lani followed about 15 minutes afterwards. They had the scores prepared almost the moment they finished. Or will it be too late? Depending on how well received it is, I might make this my main story. Max smiled. It moved with a groan, old metal grinding against itself. "See? If you don't have one of them, I entitle you to ownership of the one of your choice. Axe!" One of the doors had a star on a blue background. The door slid open of its own free will, allowing the boy and his dog to enter. For those of you eagle-eyed viewers, I'm not going to say what it is, but Ryder messed something up. Ever so carefully, she eased the body of the child onto her back. "You get my point." It's hard to believe dogs couldn't be called as witnesses nearly sixty years ago. Chapter 8. The boy waved his pup's concern away with his hand. It wasn't unheard of, but it was unusual. So if you are watching this, I know what I am asking of you may sound like a lot. "Download...Complete!" In my collection of shorts (Havin' A One-shottin' Good Time), thi sis the fifth chapter. We're no closer to the suspects, but we have an idea on who it is." I told you it wou- woah!" Next Generation: ChaseXSkye. The building the boy mentioned was straight ahead, on a small section of the bay. The pair looked at each door as they walked past, looking into one that had the door opened slightly. "While you think about what I said, how about some lunch?" And who are these new members. ", The boy looked his pup in the eye. But that doesn't mean that they don't love the other parent any less. He's also scared of octopuses(octopi? "Fine, it works," Ranger mumbled, "you don't have to be so darn smug about it though.". The engines started roaring, and the plane started to lift. He's absolutely terrified of losing anyone he holds close to him, and sometimes has panic attacks when he thinks of the possibilities of those situations. He had a square jaw, and prominent cheekbones. "Hello again, young one. It is one of the fastest rescue planes in the world, although that will probably change in the future. -Marshall Max stared intently at the screen. Be strong. It also has a claw, but also has a few other features, like a giant spotlight on the underside so she can light up her pathway on night rescues, Ace: a smaller and darker red version of Marshall's ambulance, but with his badge on the side instead of Marshall's, and it can morph out to a make-shift doctor's office so he can do mobile checkups. Cutting off the discussion, Max walked back towards the main entrance, Ranger obediently following. She finds his freckles and kind personality super cute and she is head over tail for him. "That's right. A light blue tag hung off the collar, with a paw on it that wasn't unlike the one on the PAW Patrol logo. Repairs were something that was still on the "To-do" list. Ace tends to spend most of his time with Winter; due to his huge crush on her; playing Pup Pup Boogie with her and watching their Aunts and Uncles and parents work and save Adventure Bay. But she only needed one. I hope you can succeed where I have failed, getting the PAW Patrol started again. "Ranger, you've said that so often in the past, it's not news anymore. "It's property of the government now. She gritted her teeth in pain as her legs struggled to keep a hold of the ladder. All Sweetie wants to do is take her rightful place as the Queen of Barkingburg. #chasexskye #drama #fanfic #myocs #nextgeneration #pawpatrol #rockyxtundra #romance "Good afternoon, Mayor Goodman," Max replied. I have some families of pups for you to go to, so as to hopefully make your duty easier. Max scrolled through the information on the screen. What're we having?". Just look to the sky, where there is smoke on-the-fly. Fantasy-verse. Changed, it's a full story now with lots of cute moments :3. I know I won't be around much longer, and I gave this to you because I believed in you. PAW Patrol: New Generation Ecofinisher. He looked carefully at the floor, then slowly tested it with a paw. As he investigates what the hay is going on, weird things begins to happen and Ryder and the now dogs, finds themselves in a pickle of a thing. 17 deviations. He didn't realize it, but he had buckled the seat that had the police star. Just be cautious, who knows how old it is." It is up to you if he should be your second member, apart from the pup you have now. Depending on their duties, he probably would've made them different. Nothing happened for a moment, until a little robot appeared. A wave of cold air punched her in the face. Almost no one was at City Hall, which was unusual. As soon as we get found out though, it's all on you. It was still a few feet away from the window when the dalmatian jumped. His grandfather had been close-mouthed about what he had done when he was Max's age, and so his grandson was finally see what he had done. A row of computers graced the far wall from the entrance, inviting people to try and get a meeting with the mayor.

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