original rei half dome tent

When I was testing this tent in Northern Pakistan, we were blessed with mostly excellent weather conditions. Weight is a little over 5lbs. If you have a good sleeping bag and the weather is stable, I strongly recommend sleeping in the tent without the rainfly on as in addition to all of the fresh air you will breathe the views from inside the tent have the potential to be epic. Perhaps the biggest selling point for me and the HD2+ (like that acronym?) When the time comes to change clothes, the verticle sidewalls provide more than enough wiggle room to change out of your hiking gear, even for people with long torsos since the height of the tent maxes out at 44 inches. Enter our 2020 Photography competition here! To put things in perspective the MSR Hubba Hubba 2p tent offers 29 square feet inside. I don’t have to do that this time. You are now in possession of everything there is to know about this truly special piece of gear. Since the HD2+ is a three-season tent it is not meant to bear the weight of lots of snow or ice build-up. Forcing a pole into the wrong spot is a recipe for damaging or even breaking the pole. Do you ever find yourself searching for an awesome backpacking tent but quickly get overwhelmed by the wallet-punishing price? Another advantage of the Half Dome 2 Plus is that it is a legit waterproof shelter. Getting the tent body staked and pitched takes only two or three minutes. Seriously, those vents are a game-changer in terms of ventilation ability. REI recently upgraded the tent pole construction to DAC Pressfit aluminum as well so that they are tougher and more reliable than previous models. There are handy mesh pockets found in every corner, as well as multiple ceiling pockets situated within arms reach. Any easy way to extend the floor life of the tent is to purchase a footprint. Ships Free! Good news! The spacious vestibule areas outside each door provides additional storage for things like your trekking boots and backpack. Already a favorite tent choice of mine for years, the new and improved Half Dome 2 Plus is bursting with cool features and crucially… it is still being offered at a reasonable price point. REI Half Dome 2 We’ve long loved the livability (and affordability) of this iconic double-wall two-person dome tent, which won our 2010 Editors’ Choice Gold Award. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. When you first climb inside the Half Dome 2 Plus, the first thing that you notice is the abundance of pockets. The one item REI seems to have skimped on is the tent stakes. For backpackers on a budget, the REI HD2+ offers a solid tent choice without compromising quality and design features… and that is why the Half Dome tent line has been a go-to backpacking tent decade after decade. For Sale Original 1992 REI Half Dome Tent in excellent condition. What helps to reduce the load of this comfy but heavy tent? There is plenty of room for two full-sized sleeping pads and then some, which is one of the main reasons why this tent is so popular; there is room to breathe. 5 oz. Close, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. Without decent airflow, condensation can build up and the dreaded tent drips can make you feel like you are being waterboarded by some cruel invisible torturer. REI knows how to create a class-leading product with all of the practical touches and none of the useless frills. The obvious drawback is simple. In fine weather, the panels upon panels of the transparent mesh provide for excellent unobstructed star and landscape viewing whilst giving stellar airflow. So the HD2+ has space, the ventilation, and the nice price tag. But what a glorious day it is! Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. One improvement from previous Half Dome designs is that the rainfly now features buckles that snap directly to the tent body. Are you tired of feeling like a caged Gore-Tex covered animal inside a claustrophobic ultralight shelter? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Let’s dive right into why REI has achieved the perfect balance of quality and affordability…. Price. If the price is your primary concern, one can find cheaper options than the HD2+. Condition is "Used". Don’t wait a decade to try to return it though. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Packing the tent into its stuff sack is made easy by the fact that the bag’s size is forgiving if you do a less than perfect pack job. The design is an answer to the demand for a tent that accommodates larger-than-average people. For ultralight backpackers, the Half Dome 2 Plus is probably not for you. If the REI Half Dome tent series has peaked your interests, all the information that you need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision is now in your trail-dust covered hands. The third tent was just as bad. Which brings us to my next point: tent ventilation. I have used the backpacking in the cascades for the last several years and it works great. What I really appreciate about REI is their long track record of producing quality products at an accessible price point. Neither of these tents can match the HD2+ in terms of livability, but make for good alternatives if you are running low on cash and just want to get the hell out into the mountains with something decent. Seasoned backpackers should always be wary of a piece of gear priced too low for obvious reasons. When I returned that tent I hear the REI Co-op associates say that they were returning the tent to store inventory -- just as was stated that they had with the other two I had returned. Namely, the rainfly just feels like it could endure more than say the MSR Hubba Hubba rainfly. If you set the tent up correctly and close the air vents (obviously), you will find that the tent sheds water with great efficiency. In order to help lessen your on-trail carry weight, I suggest dividing the tent parts between yourself and a partner. For chronic organizers like myself, having this many pockets to work with is like a dream come true. Learn more about the Half Dome 2 Plus key features, weight, pole configuration, livability and interior specs, breathability and ventilation, competitor comparison, and much more. The HD2+ is built to last and certainly provides a lot of bang for your buck. you place a footprint under the tent before your pitch it and it provides some extra protection from damp and the elements. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Something went wrong. What are your thoughts? The Half Dome plus may be cheap, but is it durable? The Zoic also weighs a bit less at 4 lbs. Here are some of the questions this Half Dome 2 Plus review will answer: At the end of the day, how a tent performs in the field is what matters most. He is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and the preservation of the world's wild places and spaces. Well friends, we have reached the final act of this Half Dome 2 Plus review. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Is the Half Dome 2 Plus complicated to setup? Quick Answer: Packaged Weight: 5 lbs. Take extra care not to drag the tent body over something sharp when setting it up or packing it away. The floor plan gives a generous 38.1 square feet of space to work with, meaning that you, a partner, and your dog can sleep together in blissful harmony. All rights reserved. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how this baby stacks up to other backpacking tents in a general sense. If any manufacturing defect occurs, REI will likely replace the tent if the issue is noticed within a reasonable time frame of purchase.

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